Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Photo Op

1.  The album my wedding photos are in. Made from my wedding dress.

2. Every spring I buy Fuschia for the front porch hangers. They bloom until fall!

3. The Topsy Turvey - Patio Style.  Holds 3 tomato plants. That's basil in the background - to go with the tomatoes & fresh mozzarella!

4. I'm trying a green pepper for the first time this year.

5. Started buying flowers for the other part of the patio. Mr. Helen is having sticker shock as he usually leaves the flower shopping up to me. Keeps saying he wants me to grow things from seeds.  I told him he'd need to build me a greenhouse...

6. Gerbera Daisies make me smile.  The colors remind me of sherbet.

7. Another attempt at a belted shirt outfit.  The belt cannot be moved. This time I took Kristen's suggestion and wore heels with the wider leg pants to try and add my height to my stumpy chubby legs.  I still don't love it though. I just want my waist back - for real.  Sigh.

8. With 10 straight days of gloom and rain in the forecast, I was craving summer so I made my Chop Salad.  Takes a bit of time to do the chopping but it's worth it - a summertime explosion for the mouth!
2 cups English cucumber, chopped
1 cup red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup green bell pepper, chopped
1 cup plum tomato, chopped
1/2 cup red onion, chopped
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
2 T red wine vinegar
1 T extra virgin olive oil
    Makes six servings, approximately 3/4 cup
    44 calories, 2.5g fat, 5.6g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 1g protein

    9.  Got outside to run for the first time since I injured my calf.  I took it slow because around here hills are hard to avoid and I didn't want to absent mindedly push off and reinjure myself.  So glad to not be on the treadmill... because I will be all this week since it's raining until Saturday - again.

    10.  Surprise package of swag arrived in the mail.  Reviews forthcoming.


    1. Chop salad looks yummy! I'd forgotten about fushcia. They were so popular in Washington - and gorgeous! Your's looks great.

    2. I bought my summer fuchsia last Thursday. It's not summer to be until it's hanging on the porch. I think you look terrific!

    3. Wow that salad looks delish - I've printed it off and going to make it this weekend! I tried to grow some stuff by seeds this year but just didn't have the right environment for it. Going to keep on trying though until I get it right because it is very expensive to buy flowers all the time. Love the pictures!

    4. AWESOME! I love the wedding album. That is super cute and creative.

      Also, my fave flower are Gerberas. I think it's because they do look like a sweet, sugary confection's color...but I can't eat them. LOL!

      Lookin' GREAT, girl!!!

    5. Loved the outfit on you. Very pretty color that compliments your complexion and hair.

      I've never thought twice about Gerber daisies but yours were soo pretty. I think I need to head to the home depot and see if we have some pretty ones like yours.

    6. First off, I love your outfit - I haven't worn a belt in years and I like the wider leg with the high heals - fancy! :D

      And sans the red onion, I love your salad - I have a romaine apple salad for part of my lunch today.

      And I tried for years to start plants from seed, including herbs, and it was a dismal failure - while it is more expensive to buy plants, you are rewarded with something that actually grows!

      Yippee for running outside - sad for your rain though - its another sunny cool day here in Chicagoland. :D

    7. What a nice way for the Tuesday 10.

      Your salad looks like the chop salad I sometimes make, mine has a bit of feta cheese in it.

      The outfit looks great on you!

      And I love the idea for your wedding album, never heart of that and think it's very original.

      And I'm happy for you you could go running outside again.

    8. Yay flowers! I love gerberas as well. They are just happy flowers, like pansies.

    9. Love Tuesday tens!!! Your deck is lovely! And home grown tomatoes? Doesn't get better than that. REALLY like the outfit! That's a keeper!!!! Have a great day Helen!!!

    10. The salad looks really yummy and worth the effort.
      I don't like that you referred to your legs as stumpy and chubby. I think that's a very nice photo of you. Love the color.
      Stumpy, chubby legs are much shorter, stumpier and chubbier than yours.

    11. Getting an album made out of your wedding dress is SUCH a good idea!! TOO CUTE!!!

    12. Wedding album cover, awesome.
      YOU look even more awesome than the cover in that outfit.
      I LOVE Gerber Daisies.
      Have Mr. H start from seeds and then when they are little plants, you can take over.

    13. I think your legs rock in those jeans with the heels - I see no stumpiness there.

      Love all of your flowers, and how can Mr. Helen begrudge you them when your outdoor season is so short?

      Your wedding dress as album cover is genius. Love it!

      And woohoo for the swag! The purple shirt is so pretty - can't wait to read what you have to say about it!

    14. Well, I just felt all spring-y looking at your photos, Helen, it was a huge treat. Especially that Chop Salad, yum, and those beautiful fuchsias.

      My waist is also disappearing ... I feel for you ... though of course as outsider, I have to say you're really one beautiful woman!

    15. The flowers are gorgeous but I really love the shirt and jeans with the heels... very summery and cute!

    16. The heels definitely made a difference in the outfit, as did going with a bootcut instead of a wider leg. Be kinder to yourself, Helen!

      Mmmm, chopped salad. I usually go with those once summer is here in full: cucumbers and peppers and onions, mmmm.