Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Very Random

10.  My azalea finally bloomed this week, even with all the rain.  It makes me happy!

9.  I read this tip in a recent Runner's World magazine and thought it is a great idea if you're the type who needs to track your food.  If you have a hard time remembering what you eat during the day, take a picture of your meals and snacks with your phone so you can record everything later.  It may also shame you into not eating the cupcake if you're on the fence. Submitted by Kerry Adam, Springfield, Virginia.

8.  Fran asked me what my opinion was on someone taking 10 hours to finish a marathon.  Fran, I'm going to give you a whole post about it OK?  Hang in there.

7.  I've been working very, very hard over the last couple of days to not complain about the weather.  Because even though we've had rain almost non-stop for going on 2 weeks, our whole town hasn't been wiped out by flooding or an F4 tornado.  Still, I have two words for you: Groundhog Day. (That's not complaining. It's just stating a fact.)

6. This past weekend Little Helen got the chance of a lifetime to go to the Preakness Stakes as a VIP.  She and some friends got the full treatment - the race, cocktails, entertainment and food tent (the entertainment was Bruno Mars!). She said they placed a few bets based on the horses names.  Perfect. Look how gorgeous these women are:

5.  Did you know the Arkansas School of the Deaf's mascot is a leopard? Which makes them the Deaf Leopards. Guffaw! (Thank you for that tidbit, Ben Davis.)

4.  I'm not kidding.  These are in my local Macy's and I used to have some just like them.  Hello 1976.

3. Shelley, who is my BIF, is having her Three Year Bloggiversary.  You should go look, even if just to see the photos which will make you want to straighten up and fly right.  Plus she's so daggone funny and real and is giving us maintenance like it really is: hard.  Go look if you haven't already - because there's a giveaway up in there!

2. Good lord. Who knew a $20 dress from Tar-jay would get ya'll so excited? I think that was the most comments ever on a Friday post. (I have to admit that I was tickled that I "killed" Kristen though. Because she is the Queen of Low Fat Dressing.)

1.  Also having a three year bloggiversary (it was a very good year), Debby shared shared that her BIF Jill referred to them as the "Navy Seals of Weight Loss"  I love that! So much so that I decided I'm going to start thinking of myself as a Navy Seal and my extra weight as a terrorist (Osama Fat Blobbin'?) and I'm gonna hunt it down and KILL it!


  1. Your plant is gorgeous Helen - plants come to my house to die - my Easter lily? Been dead for 3 weeks already!

    Your daughter looks beautiful - what a wondeful event!

    Happy Tuesday - Tony and I are off to the doctor - he's agreed to see us without insurance and hopefully I'll get some free insulin! :D

  2. I look forward to your opinion on that marathon Helen.

    The girls look gorgeous!

    I should have kept all my clothes and shoes from the 70's and 80's because in the end it all comes back :)

    I love Shelley's blog but you and she already know that. Love you both.

  3. You are so sweet. Thanks for the shout out. I'm so glad we're friends. Have I mentioned that lately? :)

    Little Helen looks gorgeous - what a fun thing to do (and Bruno Mars??? I die.)

    Deaf Leopards? ROFLOL. That is the kind of humor I appreciate!

  4. Hal--you made me LOL with your comment about hunting your fat down! I need to put my sealsuit on today and do some serious hunting. Had a little skirmish yesterday and the fat won...

    I always look forward to your Tuesday Ten. Love your daughter and friends in their hats!

  5. I love your Tuesday Tens!!!! So excited for Little Helen! How fun!!! The Deaf Leopards? LOL!!! And your azalia is lovely! Have a great day Helen!!!

  6. Love the Tuesday Tens.

    LOL at Deaf Leopards. XD

    Little Helen looks so pretty. Love that she got that experience.

  7. So, I wore those shoes to my Bat Mitzvah in 1978. Is it mandatory to wear hats at the Preakness? All I would have would be a baseball/running cap.

  8. "5. Did you know the Arkansas School of the Deaf's mascot is a leopard? Which makes them the Deaf Leopards. Guffaw! (Thank you for that tidbit, Ben Davis.)"

    And, again, for the record: you looked damn great in that dress!!! Can't wait to feel confident enough to get a new dress, pic myself, and post it! YOU ROCK!!!!

  9. Hmmmm.... there is no shame in eating a cupcake, is there?

    The weather? I am trying also not to complain about it. I go back and look at the big snow banks we had and figure rain isn't so bad.

  10. I love the Tuesday Ten Helen! I have those same flowers in bloom right now and they make me smile every time I look at them.

    Taking photos of your food is a good idea. Sometimes at dinner time I can't remember what I ate for breakfast. Senior moments at age 51!

    Little Miss Helen looks so cute - what fun!

    Maintenance is hard! I am battling a slight weight gain on maintenance and it has forced me to start a challenge. I need some bloggy friends to join with me and make some changes! Perhaps I should think of myself as a navy seal too!

  11. This was such a fun post! Those Preakness girls are so charming.

  12. hitting refresh and waiting for that marathon entry.


    a very very slow gazelle

  13. Oh Lord, the chilly rain followed me from CT back to IL so I hear your pain. Complain away, my friend!

    How fabulous does Little Helen look with her friends! What a great time I bet they had.

    Hee, that Target dress was SPECTACULAR on you. I am still dead. *g* (And thanks for the hat tip back!)