Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Question: when you have a plate of food in front of you that has several items on it, do you eat the item you like best first, the item you like least first, or eat each item equally?

9.  I am always a little surprised when people tell me not to be so hard on myself.  I think it's because I don't see it as being hard on myself.  As I tend to be quite direct, blunt, honest, whatever you want to call it, I feel I'm being truthful on myself.

8.  Lately I've been wishing that something would happen to shake me out of the ho-hum-ness that is my life.  But I don't want it to be anything bad. Please. I just want something to light my fire and make me feel zesty about life again.

7.  Do you know what inactivity breeds besides fat cells?  Inactivity.  That's why it's bad to be idle for too long.  Because then you get to where you don't want to do anything.  Ever.  I think all the inactivity is one of the reasons I'm so not a fan of winter.

6.  I'm still not back to running what with the calf muscle tear and all.   But I've been walking like a mad woman (see #7), trying to make the minimum time I walk at 45 minutes.  Over the weekend I managed an hour on both days.  It doesn't feel like exercise but I still have sweaty bits when I get done so it must be.

5.  I need to walk because I am employed in a job where I sit so much I have to remind myself to get up and walk around every once in a while.  'Secretary Spread' doesn't even begin to describe it.

4.  I had a little uptick in my weight last November after I got injured. Ever since, I have been in maintenance mode and I'm tired of it. Evidently not tired enough as I can't seem to find the magic pill to make me snap to. A bit ironic as well, considering what I'm about to tell you.

3. The weather has officially reached the point where my closet constantly looks like a bomb went off in it.  I have a huge closet under an eave of our house.  The whole left side is a rail and rack for hanging clothes and my many pairs of shoes.  The right side is storage bins.  This time of year it's not quite warm enough to completely put away some things but warm enough that I need a few summery pieces out.  Between digging and flinging to get dressed in the morning, it's a good thing there's a door on that closet is all I can say.

2.  Trying on clothes from a previous season can either be depressing or joyful. Joyful when things are too big, right? I know that feeling because I've experienced it.  Unfortunately,  I'm on the depressed side this year.  Only some things fit - other things that I was wearing at the beginning of last summer are too tight.  Evidently my plan to stay off the scale and go by how my clothes fit is either a major fail, or a smashing success depending on how I look at it.

1.  The two year old in me is having a major tantrum every morning as I get dressed.  I know what I need to do and don't want to do it.  Yet, I do not have the money to spend on a wardrobe overhaul. You may picture me in a hissy fit because that's what I'm having each and every day right now. I'm in a complete tug of war that 'I' created.  I hate dieting.  HAAAAAATE it! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.


  1. I always save the thing I like the best till the last or make sure the last bite is of that.

    I get you about wanting life to be zesty again, lately I'm in the same position as you, nothing seems really fun anymore, it's all about work, sleep, exercise. Glad that I have a movie date with my best friend tomorrow.

    I have a desk job too. I try to walk to my co-workers as much as possible when I have to ask them something instead of picking up the phone.

    I hate dieting too but I know I have to make some adjustments as I'm tired of how I feel in my body right now. I hope you find the spark to take some action again soon and hope that for myself too.

    Take care Helen, eventually the sun will always shine again, also for you.

    Big hug!

  2. I'm going to answer the question because I really don't think you need advice and whatnot regarding the clothes and scale and nutrition because YOU KNOW!

    I always eat the least fav first and save the favorite for last. And even as I type this I can see that I need to eat my favs first and NOT eat the least favs AT ALL.

  3. I had to think about the plate of food. I eat all the items so that it's all gone at the same time. Never thought about it before!

  4. Hey sweety,

    Thanks for the running tips, totally makes sense. I will get back to that in a short eamil as i've read it on my phone, will respond later today but as always you've helped me a lot.

  5. I save what I like best for last and eat what I like the least first. Get it out of the way then savor the meal. ;-)

    So very sorry that you are in a slump. I've noticed my pattern over the years is gain through the summer, lose through fall and winter. My caarefree and lazy side shows up in the summer. Sometimes it's not whether we *feel* like doing what we're supposed to do, it's just *doing* it. You can hate it, but you have to do it. Then when you see results you want to continue. (I'm trying to give myself a pep talk here too)

    For what it's worth, I think you look great. :) Hope you find that mojo soon.

  6. #2 and #1--right there with you in the closet. Seems like quite a few of us are. We need to get together and have an intervention on each other LOL.

  7. I hate dieting too...and getting dressed. However, ... if we don't diet...we'll hate getting dressed even more. Right?

    Chin up, babe! The weather is getting nicer which leads to more time moving outdoors! Win-win!

  8. I ALWAYS save what I like best on my plate for last. Wish I could wave a magic wand and could make you feel more inspired again. But hang in there, it WILL happen. Life is a roller coaster - on so many levels - and all you can do is hang on and ride. (and throw your arms up in the air and yell weeeee every now and then!) Take care Helen!!!!!!!!

  9. I eat my favorite as a first bite, then work around, and finish with the favorite as the last bite. But I also don't eat what I don't really like. No more polite eating for me! ;)

    I hear you on the clothes. And I wanna just slap myself.

  10. I always look forward to your Tuesday 10! If I have a plate of lots of little things (like my lunch yesterday!) I tend to eat one of each and go around my plate - I think Hannah eats one group at a time. :D

    My goal for the summer is to wear a skirt to work by the end of the summer - I haven't worn a skirt or dress for years because my "middle" is the only thing I see.

    Hang in there - we can do it! If I lived near you we would be the best walking buddies :D

  11. Injuries almost always cause an uptick - or at least a plateau!
    Give that little hissy-fit throwing
    2 year old a hug from me (and mine - they are twins, ya know!)

  12. I eat in a very particular manner. Veggies always first, then the protein, then the fruit. I like to get the veggies out of the way.

    Even when it is a one pot meal like a stew, I eat the veggies out first and save the meat. Yeah- I am weird.

    This in between weather is hard to have clothes for. Mornings 40 degrees, afternoons mid 60s! Although I am really not complaining at all as the snow memories are still too fresh.

  13. it sounds like we both are having rough patches, aren't we? We're always harder on ourselves than we are on others.

  14. I hope that the spring and summer with its bright sunshine will renew your zest.

  15. It sounds like you have a serious case of Spring Fever! I get it every year myself.

  16. I just don't even put my clothes away anymore. They are in several piles at the foot of the bed. The tornado I leave every morning just makes putting them a way pointless. Yesterday was 90 degrees. Today? 60.

  17. I, too, used to be surprised when people told me not to be so hard on myself...now that I am not so hard on myself, I can see the difference.

  18. I eat them all equally, but I do have a bite of the one I like best first, and last.

    Between seasons dressing, especially when your weight is fluctuating, is the most frustrating thing in the world! Here is a tip: buy ONE new piece to invigorate your wardrobe. What is the thing you are missing that is frustrating you the most? Is it that you don't have a single easy, no-brainer outfit to wear on the days you don't want to think about getting dressed? Buy a cute dress; Target has a fabulous collection of them right now.
    Or is it that the pants that look the best on you right now don't quite gel with anything? Get a cute top, or a new pair of shiny flats.

    So sayeth the shopaholic. :)