Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach Blanket Bingo!

All last week prior to the munchkins coming to stay, our weather forecast for Saturday was rain.  Mr. Helen and I kept trying to figure out what the heck we would do with the kids if it did rain because I am firmly against children sitting in front of a TV all day long.  Fortunately, the bit of rain we were getting arrived on Friday and by Saturday morning it was sunny with a forecast high of 78 - which meant our first beach day of the season!

Mr. Helen and Jacob took off and went fishing for a couple of hours while Princess Grace and I went grocery shopping.  Her preferred menu for the beach picnic was peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Cheetos, and baby carrots with ranch dip. YUM.  (The rest of us had ham sandwiches.)  When the fellas came back from fishing, we took off for the beach.  But not before Jacob gave me these beautiful water lilies that he picked right off the lily pads at the lake.

When we got to the beach there was fog rolling in and out.  Crazy.  But eventually it rolled all the way out and stayed gone which meant a glorious four hours of picnic, sand and surf!

Three hours in, a purchase of clam fritters was necessary!

It really was a glorious day.  To top it all off, I discovered what might be the perfect bathing suit to hide my belly & behind, if only I could find one in my size... although I don't think I'd look as cute as she does:

We got home and got everyone cleaned up and began working on dinner... the menu chosen again by Princess Grace:  chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato fries, carrots and cucumbers with ranch dip.

Since we were making everything homemade, we decided to set up the Fry Daddy outside on the patio which made for much easier cleanup later.  While I was making the chicken, Uncle Mr. Helen got the idea that we should have a campout movie night - i.e., roll the treadmill out of the way and set up chairs and TV trays in the garage to watch a movie while we ate dinner.  The kids, of course, thought that was brilliant!  As Jacob said to me, "Uncle Mr. Helen is very kid friendly." LOL! (I have to admit, that idea was house friendly too - it kept the house clean!)

(Disregard garage crap which still has not been cleaned up.)

Once again, we I suuuuuuuucked at getting Gracie to go to bed.  Her mama said she would probably need to be in bed by 8 because she had popped wide awake that morning at 6 saying, "Is it time to go to Auntie Helen's house yet?"  I figured she'd go easy since we'd worn her little behind out running her at the beach.  But not a chance.   I finally gave up and took her back outside to her uncle wherein he promptly put her in his lap let her stay up until we all went to bed at 10.  Sigh.   There is a reason she is referred to as the Princess.

Sunday was Father's Day and the kids had told me they wanted to make their uncle cards.  So I gave them paper and let them go at it.  He loved them of course!

If you look closely at the crappy garage photo above the red thing behind Mr. Helen's head is the bag Jacob drew here.

Grace said rainbows were her best thing so I told her to go for it

She also informed me that she didn't know how to spell Uncle Mr. Helen's name so she was just going to write her name 2 times:

And a heart because she loves him (and now you know why she gets to stay up until 10 pm!)

When the kids left Sunday afternoon, we sort of collapsed.  Spent so much time trying to wear them out, we wore ourselves out.  Yep, in bed by 8:30 with no apologies.  But more memories were made to last a lifetime and a grand time was had by all.


  1. Every single bit of this makes me happy this morning. What a good Aunt and Uncle you are - and those kids are all kinds of adorable!

    Now I want clam fritters and it's not even 9am!

  2. Loved reading this post Helen!! Such a wonderful weekend, even though you were exhausted! :D

  3. I still think we could rock that tutu swimsuit!

    What a fun weekend - glad you were able to get some beach time, and I think the garage dinner idea was genius - Uncle Mr. Helen is very wise. Also? I shall refer to him as "Uncle Mr. Helen" from now on. :)

  4. Awww...I love this post. It made my usually non existent maternal instinct creep to the surface!!! (adorable kids!!!!) Have a wonderful week Helen!

  5. Oh Helen what a fantastic weekend. If I would still be a kid I defnitely would have a suger uncle and auntie like you and Mr. Helen.

    What a lot of fun you guys had.

  6. Being the Auntie and Uncle is the best, second only to being Grandma and Grandpa.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, and those homemade cards are so sweet!

  8. What a fun time. It was exhausting doing that stuff with my nieces when I was 30!

    And I was laughing even before I saw the whole swimsuit. that is so funny. If you develop a line of them, I will be your first customer.

  9. So much fun with the little ones. You had me smiling ear to ear! The perfect weekend!

  10. Fantastic!
    You are just the bestest aunt and uncles around

  11. So, so cute. Glad you had a fun if exhausting weekend!