Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eighty Percent

Maybe we're in an upward swing?  I sure hope so.

Mr. Helen's leg is looking better and even feeling a bit better although it seems he probably will need the full 4-6 weeks to be fully recovered.

After two weeks of recuperation at SIL's house (an hour away from the hubbub here), Pops is coming home this Saturday.  He's already saying he isn't a baby and doesn't want anyone spending the night at his house.

Me?  Well I think I'm about 80% better.  I spent from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning in traction for 15 minutes on the hour.  Diligent I was - anything to stop the pain!  Most of the rest of the time I was laying on a heating pad, my neck and back just so, to keep it relaxed and positioned for healing.  I will admit that by Friday other things were aching from all the laying around.  After I'd been up for a couple of hours and done my traction, I got the brilliant idea that I could actually do some housekeeping. The house was just feeling dirty to me because I'd only given it a swipe the previous weekend due to having the munchkins. So, I would lay on the heating pad for 10 minutes, then do traction for 15 minutes. That gave me around 35 minutes of each hour to get up and clean somthing. That's what I did for almost 6 hours. I know it sounds crazy but I honestly think I felt better and I think it also proves my theory that inactivity breeds aches and pains almost worse than exercise.

Mr. Helen yelled when he got home from work, but I think he was secretly happy because he knew that meant I was feeling a bit better.  Also, his leg, even though improving, is very sore where the bruising is, not to mention that he has been running back and forth to the nursing home to help with his mother.  His full hands really did not need to take care of me, although there was no choice with some things like cooking.  It's hard to handle knives when you can't feel your fingers.

As of today,  the stabbing pain and agony in my neck and shoulder blade are gone.  I've gotten feeling back in 2 of the 3 fingers that were completely numb.  My index finger remains an issue but it actually feels annoyingly tingly right now, and my whole arm just feels sort of achey - almost flu like aching.  At least I was able to come back to work this week and I'll continue the traction morning and evenings, along with a couple of PT appointments to see if there is anything further to be done or if I just need to wait it out.

I also ran/walked for the first time in a week yesterday morning.  I wasn't sure how my arm would feel and sure enough as I got going it started bothering me so whenever it would start to have the burn/tingle feeling, I would walk.  By the third mile I had figured out how to hold it and was able to run that last mile all the way home.  Normally I'd be complaining about taking 36 minutes to "run" 3 miles, but yesterday I was all smiles.

Tonight I plan on attempting a Muay Thai class (yes, I got permission from the PT).  Until last week I'd never ever missed a full week (except for our planned vacation week).  I'll just go and do what I can do, glad that I'm able to do anything at all.

Funny how illness and injury can make you appreciate even small things that you took for granted in the past.

Color me happy.


  1. So glad you're feelng better. My best to Mr. Helen and Pops too. It is so hard to have physical ailments, but unfortunately it's hard to escape them entirely as we go through life. You're right--small things meal a lot!

  2. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better Helen. That's good news!

    I did 3 miles in 36 minutes too this morning but that was because of the heat. Man it looks like I'm living in Texas at the moment LOL

    Take it easy my friend.

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better!!!! and the rest of the family too! I'm so glad I checked in on your blog today because I woke up feeling great after cursing my trainers name all night. I had flu like aches just like you said. I think the exercise really helped though it sure didn't feel like it last night! Hope the upward swing continues!

  4. So happy things are on the mend Helen! I am not one to sit still either - so I probably would have done the same thing. Lie down, heating pad, clean toilet!

    Hang in there - good luck at Muay Thai tonight - just don't over do it!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you and Mr. Helen are recovering!

  6. This is good news all around! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about appreciating something as simple as a short, slow run. Keep healing, all of yas! :)

  7. Yay to feeling better, and I'm betting that the tingly index finger is on the mend too. Sometimes the tingliness is the first indication of "awakening" to restored circulation and sensation.

    I'm with you on inactivity breeding doom - no matter how crappy my knees feel, as long as I get a good walk in, they're improved in the morning!

  8. Wow Helen you and Mr Helen have a lot going on not only with yourselves but the extended family!

    I would have done the same thing as you with the household chores. Just can't stand a dirty house and I swear it makes me feel better when it's all clean and neat!

    Glad to hear you are both on the mend and FIL is doing better too!

    You have to get well so you can enjoy your upcoming vacation!

  9. So glad you are recuperating! (Both of you).

    It really is hard to sit still and do nothing. I hear you on the appreciation thing. When my back flares up, I really appreciate small things like being able to roll over in bed without a grab of pain. Ah... aging...

  10. Hi Helen, soooo glad you, Mr. Helen and FIL are ALL on the road to recovery! That is excellent news all around!!!

  11. I totally agree with your illness comment. Illness offers perspective. Glad you are feeling and doing better. Personally I would have let the house go. Oh, what am I saying? I let the house go regardless.

  12. Yay for you, and a clean house to boot!