Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday is for Flowers, Fashion, Fingers

First of all, thank you for all your kind words on my Feeeeeelings post.  I really appreciate it, even though I didn't expect a soul to say a thing.  I've moved a bit out of the funk but the stress remains, which I'm sure is a factor simply because of all the issues with my in-laws right now.  Yet, this too shall pass, right?


While out running two weekends ago, I saw some spectacular flowers but didn't have my iPhone with me. This past weekend when I went out, I made sure to take it in case I saw some more.  I can't really explain why, but summer and flowers make me so happy.  So happy.  (You too, Lori?) Take a look:

 The front of this yard was covered in Irises.
These were bigger than my fist!

Ooops cut off a little - I've got mad foto skillz. How can someone not be happy when they see a Pink Peony?

Same area but here's an open Pink Peony

I've also pretty much got the patio set so I'll have a post with photos of the rest of the flowers and an update on the veggie plants coming soon.


I've already started shopping for the vacay because goodness knows I can't possibly wear stuff I already have!  (Right, Shelley?).  Stealth shopping of course which involves going when Mr. Helen is at work then assimilating the various items into the closet so that when he says, "I've never seen that!"  My honest reply is, "Well honey, it's been hanging in my closet."  One of the things I love most about summer is sundresses and when we go to St. Martin, I am usually in a bathing suit with cover up or a sundress.  Here are a couple of the dresses I found and put into the closet, near  some of the other sundresses so they can get to know their friends...

Of course I needed shoes too.  (Right Fran?), We do a lot of walking so I need either need flats or a smaller heel.  I happened to find perfect shoes that will go with a couple of others I'll take.  Left to right is a flat, a kitten heel and a small wedge heel.

But the stressful hard to find item is the bathing suits.  I try to take at least 3. Each time that we've gone to St. Martin, Mr. Helen and I end up in a tug of war over my bathing suits.  Because he wants me to let a lot more hang out than I am willing to usually.  I know that I am my own worst critic about my body, but really, there has to be a limit on how teeny of a bikini a woman my age and in my shape should be wearing! It's been probably 8 years since I wore an outright bikini but I did find a two piece that I'm considering.  (No price tags have been removed or harmed in the process of taking photos.)

There's a regular bottom with the short skirt over it. But I love the colors!

Along with this tankini, that I do love.
Both suits are La Blanca which is a brand I look for.

Here's the coverup that I found on a clearance rack for $5!!
Guess I'm stuck on this Caribbean blue color.

I'm well on my way to making a pretty decent fashion statement, don't you think?  I'm sure I'll have more to share before we go.

Here's the finger(s). This is one of my two favorite summer colors that I tend to get over and over again.   Happy Friday everyone!

Shorts Story
by OPI


  1. Love the color theme of your new stuff. Really pretty. The two-piece suit is gorgeous and looks like it'll show just the right amount of skin for Mr. Helen's happiness. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh - and I'm a flower freak too. Love them and love summer. If only it would come to the Northwest! My poor little flowers need some sun!

  2. A girl can never have to many shoes! And yes we have to take a couple to match the outfits we take on vacation. That being said: I love your choices, could buy them myself.
    Same about the dresses, I love them. Hmmm Mr. Helen's reaction sounds familiar. R. asks me this a lot too :)

    The last time I wore a bikini I was about 16 years old. Saw that picture last week when I was looking through old photos and man I looked good back then. I hardly ever wear a bathing suit on vacation, put it on when I swim and out immediately after it. Don't feel comfortable in them. As you know I'm starting with swimming and use a simple black bathing suit for that.

    Have a great weekend Helen.

    By the way: love your pink nails.

  3. I love the two-piece suit! I've had good luck with suits that combine a skirt bottom and a "tankini" top. I find that one-pieces are not as flattering and not as comfortable. Not to mention that going to the bathroom is much easier with a two-piece (especially if the suit is wet)!

  4. You are a fashion lady for sure!

  5. I am a one piece kinda person, only because I need to squeeze in the muffin top - but I love the idea of a tankini - never tried that before!

    More shoes?? You are so funny with the shoes! And I love the cover up and sundresses - now just need to count down the days until you leave!

    Happy Friday!

  6. Just ride the wave of Mr. Helen's body positiveness and have a good time. Don't think to much, just be! What a fun trip to look forward to. I love all your stuff. How much luggage do you take? Good thing the swimsuits are small :-) I'm so excited for you...

  7. Love the bathing suits, and the dresses and the shoes, shoot! I love it all, and I love reading when you are in your happy place!
    Happy Friday, my friend.

  8. The shoes all have some sparkly beads on them and I love that!!! Two metallics and your basic black - you are set! Unless, of course, you happen to find another perfect pair. THEN you will be set. ;)

    I love the sundresses, especially the first one. You make me want to go try one on, although I know it would not look good on me - your nice long legs and toned arms just scream for those dresses. You are gonna look gorgeous in them!

    Woowoo on the two-piece! I do love those colors. Very brave and sweet of you to indulge Mr. H.

    Oh, and I do the same "hanging in closet" thing that you (and Fran!) do, although I've never introduced the new pieces to the old much did that make me giggle this morning?!?

  9. You have such pretty nails! I have moved plenty of items from the car into the house when Mr. Splurge is in the shower. As soon as I hear the shower door close, I go out and pop the trunk.

    My peonies were done by Memorial Day. Last week I saw peonies in MN just starting to bud. You're right about them .... instant good mood-makers!

  10. Yay flowers!! Those pics made me happy :D Flowers are just happiness in material form.

    My last bikini was really a 2-piece when I was 5 or 6. Seriously. I kind of want to get a tankini, but I hardly ever swim.

  11. Love all the clothes and I think we've all done the just tuck it in the closet thing!! Ha!!

    The sandals are super cute - have so much fun on your vacation - glad you are feeling a bit better!

  12. Wow, I love everything you have bought (cough, I mean found in the back of your closet) for your trip. And the sandals all look perfect!

  13. lovelove it all and COVET your beautiful fingers.

    I hope it was the fantastic weekend you deserve.