Friday, June 17, 2011


Nothing to do with the condiment, other than one of the two munchkins that I will be having as overnight guests on Saturday, does not like ketchup.  The really funny thing about it is that before Jacob was born, his dad said, "My son will not have ketchup.  I don't think it's an appropriate condiment for young children."  Those of us in the room who were already parents laughed our butts off because we all knew that kids pretty much decide on their own what they like and you can't stop them.  But do you know, Jacob has never, ever liked ketchup!  Gary was very proud of that.

So, some of the weekend will be occupied with the fabulous Miss Grace and the sweetest little boy ever who will spend Saturday and some of Sunday with us while my sister goes to a foo foo wedding in the Hamptons with her new beau.

I hope they will be a good distraction for Mr. Helen.


Speaking of Mr. Helen.  He got to the doctor and had x-rays done, which confirmed that he did indeed have a Grade 3 tear of the adductor muscles in his left leg.  Fortunately, they had not detached because that would have meant surgery.   I wish I could show you his leg but can you believe it, he won't let me take a photo.  It's black and blue from his groin to his knee and there's one spot right at the top about 2 inches in diameter that's fire engine red.  According to the ortho that's where the tear is. He's looking at 4-6 weeks for a somewhat full recovery and I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk as the man does not know when to say when.  Tuesday night I was going to Muay Thai class as usual and he comes up the stairs and is dressed to go as well.  WHAT?  He proceeds to tell me that he's just going to go and punch because he needs some stress relief.  Um, OK, except what about the fact that if you are standing properly, when you punch your hips rotate?  He pretty much told me to shut it that he was going.  When we got there and Kyoshi saw him she asked him what the heck he thought he was doing there and he started stammering blah blah blah.  She looked right at him and said, "You can't take the class.  But I had to send a sensei home sick, so if you'd like you may teach it."  (Nannny nanny boo boo. Vindication!)  Usually he's a maniac even when he teaches but between my glaring and the fact that he really does hurt he had to take it sort of easy.  So now ya'll understand what I'm up against.  Sigh.


My father-in-law finally had his surgery on Wednesday.  When he got to Yale they discovered several issues - a touch of pneumonia and an infection.  So they put him on something called the A-Bomb to get rid of all that.  The surgeon decided Tuesday night that he didn't want to wait any longer so Wednesday it was.  It was a looooooong day, especially for Mr. Helen who got there before his dad went in and stayed until they brought him to the Cardiothoracic ICU.  (Side note:  Yale is where you want to have this surgery. That recovery unit only has 18 beds and has 1 nurse per patient.) Of course, Pops was out of it so there wasn't much to be done except just see that he was OK.  He ended up having a triple bypass which took care of the 5 blockages.  The doctor said it went well and that he has a strong heart.  Good news that was.  We're hoping if he can get to breathing on his own that he'll be stepped down to the regular ICU on Saturday.  Long recovery ahead too, but it seems he's now going in the right direction.


I joined Lori in Bagel Wednesday.  I was really craving carbs from grains on Wednesday, which I'm sure was somewhat stress related (see above).  I enjoyed every single bite!

Everything Bagel with Chive Cream Cheese.... heaven on a plate!


How about a fashion shot?  This is a Max Studio dress that I bought at TJ Maxx. First shot is the bodice closeup because I love the little bit of detailing.  (Disclaimer:  objects in the mirror may appear closer and larger than they actually are, due to cropping of the photo.)

I'm wearing a pair of my new shoes but I'm on the hunt for some turquoise sandals to match that line of color at the bottom. (Biz, yes I do, absolutely, positively need another pair of shoes!!)


  1. That dress is adorable and OF COURSE YOU NEED TURQUOISE SHOES!!! Wish I could help you go shopping for them. (love the close up of the, bodice)

    Men, men, men...I am so glad you were vindicated at MT. And I can't believe he won't let you take a picture of his injury - geez, what does he think, you're going to post it on the internet or something?!? Men. LOL

    I hope your FIL continues to have a great recovery - it would be nice to have some smooth sailing right about now, you know?

  2. I am with Shelley; new turquoise sandals are a given! I love that dress; the gathering under the bodice is so pretty and delicate!

    We don't have ketchup in our house (we don't like it and don't have kids) but I ate my fair share as a kid. The other day I had some on fries at a new funky burger place, and I could not get over how good it tasted. Turns out it was "organic" ketchup -- made with sugar not corn syrup. I had forgotten what that tastes like! I might actually buy some for home again. That was ketchup worth eating!

    Sppedy recoveries to both your FIL and Mr. Helen.

  3. You and Shelley were both very funny this morning. That objects in the mirror comment was priceless.

    Wow, with the stress you had this week its a wonder you didn't eat ten bagels!

  4. I've never been much of a ketchup person either - I am a mustard gal, but my daughter puts it on everything, including eggs - ew!

    I missed my fashion Friday - I realized I forgot to take any pictures this week - I'll be sure to do it next week.

    Too funny with the shoes - and that dress is adorable! I hope by the end of the summer to wear a dress or skirt - its probably been about 5 years since I have. :(

    HAPPY FRIDAY! And glad the surgery went well for your FIL - give Mr. Helen my best too!

  5. Hi Helen, go for the turquoise sandals!!!! Glad your FIL is on the road to recovery!!! I wish you a quiet peaceful weekend, sounds like you and Mr. Hele could both use that!!! Take care.

  6. Have fun with the kiddos Helen! Sorry about Mr Helen - not fun to be in pain and it's so hard to get the guys to slow down. Good luck with keeping him down!

    Best wishes for healing and recovery for your FIL.

    Love the dress you found. It's so much fun to find bargains at TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I too have a thing for shoes!

    Have a happy weekend. :)

  7. You look awesome Helen!! Love the dress.

    Reading about Mr. Helen made me cringe. I hope he and your father in law are on the mend.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. You look wonderful. Love, love , love the dress. And yes, it needs the sandals :-)

    Get well Soon Mr. Helen and FIL!

  9. Way to keep Mr. Helen in line. When will men ever, ever learn that women are just smarter?

    Glad Pops came through the surgery and is getting individualized care!

  10. Hope you're having a good time with the little peeps!

  11. Lovely dress Helen and go buy those shoes :)

    Good for you keeping an eye on Mr. Helen because otherwise his recovery may last longer and I don't think he (or you) would like that.

    Have a great weekend with those sweethearts.

  12. Poor Mr. Helen! It's hard to keep an active person down! Good luck trying to get him to take it easy.

    Love the dress!!!

  13. I really wish you could shop for me :-)