Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday! It's Friday! Friday! Friday!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who responded to the Tuesday Ten questions.  It was really fun for me to read - although I cannot believe how many of you like vanilla ice cream.  I thought you people were more adventurous than that!  The other thing that shocked me was how many of you don't like baked beans!  I thought I was one of the only people in the whole wide world who didn't care for them.  But the thing that tickled my funny bone was how some of you have picked out some other thing I make that you would request.

One of the responses really caught my attention was from ~Oct who said, "I read many more blogs than I comment upon. Yours for example. I tend not to comment when there are a multitude of comments already present. However, who can resist a list of questions that allows self commentary? :)"

Well ~Oct, I had no idea you were a regular reader and really, you should comment no matter how many comments anyone has if you want to say something.  I read every comment I get and believe me girl, I'm in no danger of being such a 'big' blogger than I won't have time to read.  In fact that idea sort of cracks me up!  Besides, how I find new blogs is often because someone comments on mine or I keep reading that person's comments on another blog I read.


Speaking of comments, I've had just one further thought based on some of the comments on the Self Control blog.  This is really more of a clarification as I think some people took how I perceive self control wrong.  I have no desire to control food, neither do I want it to control me.  What I desire is to control myself - exercise that self control muscle as it pertains to healthy eating - the same way I control myself with exercise and financial matters.


Before I even start this section, I want to state a disclaimer that I was not copying Kristen's post!  I did this section a full day before I read hers!  But in the great minds think alike category...

Remember this dress from Tarjay? Here is the blue version of it.  Once again I paired it with neutral rather than white shoes.  My little legs need the length!  Have to admit, easy dress, some sandals, basic jewelry has been my uniform all summer.  Maybe a bit lazy but I think I look fairly neat and professional for work.

The necklace (which is blocked by my hand - but hey, that camera hand is also hiding my double chin!) is a small sapphire that was a gift from Mr. Helen. The set had earrings but I don't want to be that fancy or matchy for work so I wore simple white gold hoops.

Here's a closeup of the shoe.  These are Carlos Santana sandals that I found on a clearance rack at least 5 years ago.  Very comfortable to wear all day long.  The ankle bracelet was a gift from my sister when she went to Mexico.  Not sure of what the gemstone is in it. The toes are OPI Shorts Story.

We'll call this Fingers and toes Friday, OK?  Went with a basic French manicure this time.  Mr. Helen prefers color polish but once in a while, especially in the summer when I have a bit of a tan, I like the clean look of a French.

Plans for this weekend include such exciting things as pulling the luggage out for our vacation.  We store it in the garage so I like to take it out, scrub it down, and let it air out for several days prior to packing.  As it turns out we have several more gorgeous summer days and nights on tap with no rain in sight so I'll be able to leave them out in the sunshine to dry and air out.

Why yes, I am on vacation countdown... 3 more working days and one week total until I'm sitting on our balcony, sipping a pre-dinner cocktail with this view:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your entire look, Helen! Perfect summer chic and cool...

  2. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous.

    Is now thinking if it's possible to fly to you and hide in your suitcase next week ....

    I love the outfit Helen, and of course the shoes too. I think it's a great outfit for work and for home.

  3. You look great in the dress. I think it's one of several I got my daughter at Tarjay while she was home in June.

    I concur about FRIDAY. Been a loooong week.

    BTW, this is going to post me as anonymous. It's Leslie =)

  4. I LOVE those sandals! Is that Carlos Santana like the singer??

    I'm very happy your vacation is on the near horizon. You definitely deserve a vacation!

  5. You look awesome. Love the shoes. I love the look of Carlos Santana shoes, but every pair I've had/tried on have been cruel! They just must not my foot-type.

    I am anxiously awaiting your vacation for you, too. I hope you have a great time and yes, I'm all TGIF over here, too.

  6. I'm glad you encouraged ~Oct to comment - I have no idea who is reading my blog unless people leave comments, and yes, that is also how I find new (to me, anyway) blogs.

    Love your ensemble. I zeroed in on the shoes immediately - so super cute! Who knew Carlos Santana was so multi-talented?!?

    Your necklace is Princess Di gorgeous. Love it.

    I'm so happy (and sad - I'll miss you!) for your upcoming vacation!

  7. Hi Helen..oooh...SUPER cute outfit! LOVE all your jewellery too! (my engagement ring is blue sapphire and diamond because I LOVE blue colored stones! And yours are LOVELY! Neck to ankles!!!) Have a great Friday. TGIF! And WOO HOO for the vacation countdown! I know you are MORE than ready!!!

  8. I was going to comment on the Tuesday Ten, but you know how it is, always in a hurry and didn't get back to it. Maybe this weekend.

    Cute Tarjay dress, looks lovely on you. I like the Beige shows. All the fashion mags say to your lengthen legs, go beige. Looks great.

    So jealous of your vacay! Fairbanks, Alaska and my family was fun, but not a true vacation. I need an island, ocean and sun. I think I shall start planning one soon. :)

  9. Bon voyage!!

    Clarifying your clarification on self-control :-) I don't want to have to *need* to control myself at all...

  10. Very cute outfit! I love the dress length, too.

    I also love the french manicure. Back in the day when I had acrylics, that is the look I loved to have! It goes with everything and just looks so classic.

  11. You look awesome in that dress Helen. My daughter found a couple of cute dresses at Target and I found a simple little cream colored cardigan to go with a dress I had. I think they have really improved upon their clothing selection!

    The countdown is on for your vacation, isn't that a good feeling?

    The French manicure or an American (less bright white) were my favorites when I use to get my nails done. Of course hubby preferred bright red polish!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Okay, NOW I get what you meant by "read Friday's post"! I had read the Friday's before, so I was confused. Oh, the intricacies of blog drafts and scheduled posts. LOL!

    Second, I LOVE this dress on you -- both version! And the nude sandals are AWESOME. I covet them. Gorgeous look, and every piece of it is perfect.

    Summer dresses are teaching me a valuable fashion concept: it doesn't HAVE to be hard. You're not copping out or being lazy by being able to dress yourself quickly with no hair-pulling or stress. It really can be just that easy. Who knew?!

    Vacation countdown, woohoo!

  13. You look so beautiful, thanks for sharing the good, LOVE.

  14. I love your sandals Helen, so cute - great outfit. AND so jealous your going on vacation - have a great time!!

  15. How did I miss this post on Friday?? I LOVE the dress, and the ankle bracelet - funny you didn't want to be "too matchy" with the earrings, Shelley would have because she always needs to match things!