Friday, July 1, 2011

Helen: Distracting Men Since 1976

I have officially stopped my whining about the weather.  My Texas friends may commence to be jealous. We've finally had spectacular weather settle in: 80-85 during the day, 55-60 at night - nature's air conditioning!  I know the humidity is on it's way but I've just been basking in the beauty of what we've got going now.


Ever read a blog and wish you'd been the one to write it because it perfectly sums up what you want to say? Here's the one I read this week.  It perfectly describes how I honestly feel. Because even though I like to think that if I had unlimited funds and was a lady of leisure, instead of a lady who gets up and hurries to work each day, that I would exercise several hours each day and I'd have a dream body.  But deep down inside, I know that's not true. Because there is so much life to be lived and celebrated and you know, I'm not sure how much time I have left to do it since none of us are guaranteed any certain number of days. Side note: if I had unlimited funds I might be tempted to buy my dream body...


How about a Fingers Friday?

Aren't those the cutest fingers ever?  Sharp observers will recognize the fabulous Miss Gracie who is giving her cousin Samantha a manicure (and later a pedicure).  These sweet little ladies are two and half years apart in age and they adore each other.  Both of them girly girls to the max.  I told my SIL that she should submit that photo to some sort of contest; it has just that much joie de vivre in it.

One of the things I'm known for is my baked beans.  This is the time of year when I start getting asked to bring them to picnics.  Can I confess to you that I don't even LIKE baked beans.  I like beans in lots of ways, just not baked I guess.  I get so tired of making these beans. I've even tried giving the recipe up but everyone says only I can make them right.  This is both on my side and Mr. Helen's! This long weekend there are two family picnics, one on each side.  Sunday my sister said, "Bring baked beans for the picnic on the 4th." I replied, "Puhleeeeeeze, let me make something else!"  She said, "OK, great.  Bring the beans and a dessert."  SIGH.  Then Monday I was innocently sitting in my office when my cell phone rang.  It was Mr. Helen's sister who said, "Sister-in-law, D.  (her son in law) just texted me and asked, 'Can Aunt Helen make her baked beans for our picnic on Saturday?"  Good grief.  So I said, "OK. (sigh) How many people?"  Because this is their annual invite all friends/family picnic.  "Only 70" came the reply. 

Guess what I'm doing for most of the weekend?  Maybe this is why I don't like baked beans.


Finally, how the title of this post came about.  I really have to give the credit to Shelley who, when she heard this story, spit that line out.  Thanks Shelley.

When I was a perky teenager, there was this boy in my church youth group who could not keep his eyes off any any of the young ladies chesticles.  It was sort of annoying, especially to girls who were trying to figure out their feelings about all this developing stuff.  I guess some things never change.

On Monday, I had to go do a bank deposit for my boss, who was out of town.  The teller who called me over was male.  As I approach, and I kid you not, he looked right at my GIRLS and addressed them saying, "Beautiful dress. How may I help you today?"

Honest to god it took everything I had not to burst out laughing.  Or put my hand by my chest and motion upwards to my face. My dress wasn't even low cut, just a v-neckline.  Hilarious.

Even funnier, last night, when I was in a sort of low cut tank top, you know, relaxing at home tank and shorts, I start telling Mr. Helen this story.  I tell him to look me in the face as he was supposed to be me and I was the teller, so he'd get the full effect of what happened.  What does he do before I even start?  Looked right at my boobs.  Men.  They can't help themselves.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fascinators in their own way, huh? How funny.

    I agree with 125's assessment - I think for the most of us "mere mortals" it is about balance and sustainability. What can and WILL we do for the long haul to sustain our fitness AND our life?

  2. I still am cracking up at your rack stories!

    My question on the beans, is, do you have enough containers for all of them? And holy moly - the reason you don't like them has got to be because you end up cooking enough of them for an army! That would make me tired of them too, although now of course when I come to visit you I will request them. :)

    Absolutely adorable picture of Grace and Samantha! Just so sweet - love it!

  3. Loved this whole post!!

    I concur with One Twenty Five! I am not a hardcore ANYTHING and I am just fine with it (although there are times when I think I should be more hardcore...and every time I "go there" I end up very sorry!)

    Little girls giving each other manicures?? Precious!

    Baked beans? Blech.

    Men who stare at my boobs? Yep...

  4. This cracked me up! All of us well endowed gals have had this experience. THUS I have to be careful what I wear to work. Nothing worse than doing a physical on a man only to have him stare at cleavage! A lesson learned early in my medical training. I'll check out that post. I don't think I've read it yet.

  5. Since Tony had his heart surgery and is on blood thinners, heat no longer effects him. At all. I walked into the house last night and its 84 degrees and he was like "its perfect!" Knowing the temps were going to drop, I changed into a tank top, no bra, and a pair of shorts.

    When I brought in our chinese food, he took one look at my chest and was like "God I love your saggy boobs!" Not exactly what a woman wants to hear, but whatever!

    Love the picture of the girly girls!! Happy Friday Helen - no go make baked beans!

  6. Great story Helen, you made me smile by telling it.

    I would hate the baked beans too if I would have to make them every single time at a family event and for 70 people? Holy cow, hope you will get some sleep in tonight :)

  7. LOL! John is like that with the boobs. He says he can't help it - they are fun to look at :D Men!

    So not complaining about the weather here. I am still smarting from winter a bit and will take anything other than snow for a while yet!!

  8. I LOVE baked beans, and no one else in my family does - if I lived closer to you I'd come over and help you make them Helen! (and take some home!) Have a fun 4th - love the picture of the girls - too cute!

  9. Oh Helen, I cracked up when I read this. I've caught my husband glancing at boobs too. (not just mine!) I guess its in their genes. LOVE the photo of the manicure. Have a great weekend.

  10. LOL! Great way to start the weekend Helen!

    Are you going to share that bean recipe? You know me and recipes, hate pass up a good one and I love baked beans!

  11. Very funny - they WERE wearing a beautiful dress, after all!
    How nice of you to take The Girls for an outing to the store!

  12. You have a great weekend too, Helen. One good thing about making something you don't like is that you're never tempted to take a taste here and there, and never have to worry about leftovers, either. I still get asked to make sweets, because that's what I'm known for. Trouble every time!

  13. Baked beans and boobies! No wonder you are so popular, Helen! =D

    Really got a good smile out of this. Happy Independence Day!

  14. So, will you post your legendary baked beans recipe? I do love a good one, but no one makes them out here!

    What little cuties painting each other's nails.

  15. Adorable photo - look at the concentration on their faces! And about that baked bean recipe - care to share, I love baked beans :-)