Friday, July 8, 2011

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say

Come and sit next to me.

Seriously peeps.  I'm not sure what is going on with me but I feel cranky as a constipated bear (thank you Google).

Highly unusual for me as summer is my season.  Love everything about it, including the humidity. Still, I find myself deliriously happy with the sunshine and good weather yet so.... irritated with everyone and everything.  I supposed I could write it off to all the extended family drama and goings on, or to the continuing pain I've been in. but I'm even tired of those excuses attributing it to that.  I feel like I need to get some girlfriends together and just have a good bitch session coffee klatch.


Speaking of the continuing pain, the physical therapist is working my last nerve.  Ha!  Who thinks she is hilarious! She is doing this manual manipulation stuff that makes me want to slap her.  After PT on Wednesday, my arm was aching so bad by the end of the day that I wanted to yank it off.  I had planned on going to Muay Thai but instead went home, iced the neck/nerve area for a couple of hours and ended up taking an 800mg Ibuprofen and muscle relaxer at 7:30, therefore putting myself to bed at 8 p.m.  I'm not a lover of taking medication and had stopped taking anything around a week and a half ago so I wasn't happy to have to take it again, even though it knocked me out and I slept like a baby.  PT this morning seemed to go a bit better so maybe what they said about it being a smidge worse just before it gets better is true?  They might know what they're talking about?  How about that.

For a while now, my legs have been bothering me.  I noticed it a lot when I ran - felt like I was picking up feet that had bricks attached.  Then over the last couple of months I started noticing that my legs and feet seemed a bit swollen by the end of the day.  When spring arrived and I started wearing cute strappy sandals, it became really evident.  When I would take them off at the end of the day, there would be deep gashes in my feet that took hours to disappear.  Finally, I noticed that I no longer could distinguish my ankles from the rest of my leg.  Yes, that's right, I had CANKLES.  I think that's what motivated me to start doing some research on the various meds I take.  I was looking for a side effect or interaction.  I couldn't really find much of anything but I had a suspicion as to what it might be.  So I made some changes.

Within a week, my ankles were back!  My legs felt lighter on runs!  I could wear cute shoes and not have my feet look like blowfish!  Which tells me that what I suspected was correct and also that I should trust my intuition more when it comes to things like this.  

I also bought new running shoes!  I know, I just bought the Brooks not all that long ago, and they only have around 200 miles on them, but I have to say they were already feeling worn out.  Did you know that achey legs and knees are sign of shoes that are either not correct for your stride or that they are worn out? I think maybe right now, I'm just too heavy for Brooks shoes thereby wearing them out really fast, which was my concern when I bought them in the first place.  Wouldn't you know I got an email from Running Warehouse that my favorite Asics were 50% off?  It was a no brainer.  Here are my Asics Cumulus 12s: aren't they pretty?

Betwen the medication changes and my new shoes, I feel like I'm running on the clouds those shoes are named after.  I haven't noticed that I'm any faster but I sure am enjoying my slow runs more.


I'm looking forward to this baked bean free weekend.  The city I live in hosts a huge street fair called Sailfest.  It's done through the downtown area and on our waterfront.  There's also a big fireworks show on Saturday night - one of the biggest in the country.  Even though it's sort of the same thing every year, I enjoy it.

Speaking of baked beans, I cannot believe how many crazy people asked me if I was going to post the recipe.  The answer is no and I'll tell you why.  For years I slaved and did those baked beans from scratch - soaking beans and all that business.   Around 10 years ago I was asked to make them and I forgot so I went out and bought a can of baked beans and doctored them up.  Do you know that the comment I got over and over that time was "These are the best batch you've ever made! Whatever you did this time, just keep doing it."   So, I have.  That's right.  I buy a can of baked beans and doctor them up.  I measure nothing when I'm doing the doctoring.  About the only thing I've found through experimentation is that it has to be a certain brand of beans for them to come out Helen worthy.  So there you have it.  Me and my fake baked beans.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Helen if there wasn't an ocean and a long flight between us I would close my pc at work right now and drive over to you and give you a big hug and have that coffee with you. Did you plan a girlfriends meet already? If not: do so if it makes you feel better.

    Love your new shoes and am happy to hear that the changes you made and your new shoes makes running better.

    Sorry to hear you're not healed yet, keep my fingers crossed you will be soon.

  2. Wow! That manual manipulation sure does hurt.
    Until it's done!
    Cool shoes...and fake baked beans!
    Glad it's a good week, after all.

    ps.... every times I would buy Brooks Running Shoes,
    I would leave a trail behind me where the soles were wearing off -
    Heavy or not - we need our soles!

  3. Helen, I know exactly what you mean about feeling irritable when you're hurting. I'm in the same boat, and summer is passing me by. I'm getting better, but it's still not good, and sleep eludes me, due to the shoulder/arm pain. Glad you got your ankle swelling figured out. I've had some of the same, and I have attributed it to too much inactivity (sitting) and some medication. I also think I have been eating too much salt and carbs. I made some changes yesterday, and it's already better. My best to you...

  4. Hmmm. My first thought at your irritation level made me think, "I went through that a few years ago." If you know what I mean...

    Pain--I'm a believer in taking pain medication. Not the narcotic stuff. But I have NO problem taking excedrin and ibuprofen. They decrease the swelling so that your body can heal itself faster. That's my justification for taking it. But I really take it because I don't like pain.

    Those shoes! I love them! I tried that same pair on the last time I got some shoes but I opted for my same old sauconys. Now I wish I had gotten those cause they are so cute!

    How much longer til St Martins?

  5. SUPER CUTE new shoes!!! Love that you feel like you are running on a cloud - what an awesome feeling!

    The faux baked beans has me giggling. No wonder you can't give out your recipe! Glad you are bean-free this weekend.

    Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the festival. Nice that you can see fireworks - we'd burn the state down if they tried that here.

    P.S. Hop a plane. Jeff is out of town next week. We can kvetch to our heart's content!

  6. I would join a coffee klatch! i would even roast and bring the coffee :D

    You know, don't discount chronic pain as being part of the irritation. When your body is not 100%, even if it is just a nagging pain, it can do a lot to your psyche.

  7. Hi Helen. I'd SOOOOO join the klatch!!!! Lori will roast the coffee, and I'll bring some weight watchers scones and home made jam! :) Take care Helen, I really hope life settles down soon and you are back to feeling good. Physically and emotionally. Chronic pain can so wear you down. Sending a BIG bear (not of the constipated variety) hug over the miles to you!!!!!

  8. I'd klatch over some faked beans. Sorry about the PT. They are vicious people.

  9. OMG, I just about spit out my water when I read that you were going to have a baked bean free weekend!

    I am a lover of the baked beans, so I wouldn't mind every weekend to be a baked bean weekend! :D

    Glad you have ankles again! And I would love nothing more than to sip martinis with you and gossip - I am good at it!

    Hugs and have a great weekend Helen!

  10. I'm with ya! Someimes I'm just amazed by the stupid/rude/effing dumb a$$ stuff that comes out of peoples mouths! Love a good girlfriend coffe klatch! but ditch the coffee and bring my good friend Jose Cuervo! ;)

    Love the shoes! I've got a pair in pink! Agreed on the out with the old pair! even if they don't "look" used! Gotta be kind to the feet/knees!

    I do the same thing with my stuffing that you do with your beans! I get rave reviews! If only they knew!


  11. LOL @ the baked beans story. So you won't even tell us the brand?!

  12. good lord that quote is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVES and 100% encompasses my life as of late :)
    and I assume today you make the Great Bean Brand reveal? :)

  13. Helen, I hope your weekend was better than last week. Pain is so debilitating, it would make anyone feeling a bit cranky. It just gets so old after a while, doesn't it? So glad to hear that maybe the therapy is finally working, though.
    Your baked beans story is too funny - and typical. My Mom's side of the family comes from a long line of bakers-from-scratch and at reunions EVERYTHING is made from scratch. I offered to bring cornbread and was asked numerous times by my mother as to whether it would be homemade. I finally told her yes I would be making it myself (with a box of Jiffy). Did I forget to tell her that part? Oh, well. Everyone loved it because there was none left. Taught me a lesson and saves me lots of time!