Monday, July 18, 2011

It Started with a Text

My BIF Shelley asked me to send her a photo of myself in that two piece suit I bought.  All because the first time I wore it a couple of weeks ago, I had texted her from the beach to tell her I braved wearing it on my "home" beach.  Her reply was "send me a picture."  But I couldn't because I was alone at the beach and there was no way I was going to ask someone to take my picture.

I ran hard then worked hard on Saturday, getting all my chores done, so that I could have a beach day on Sunday. When I was getting ready I decided to go for the two piece one more time since this would be my last chance to brown up my white belly a bit more prior to it being hit by the Caribbean sun.  Just before I left, I snapped a photo in the mirror and sent it off to Shelley.  She responded:

"I love the colors in your suit and you look toned and good!  Have a good time - don't get burned!"

(Everyone needs a BIF or a BFF who will find the positive when you're in a bathing suit.  If you don't have one, find one.)

I responded: "If I could just get that layer of fat off the toned I'd have some awesome abs and legs lol!"

She then suggested that maybe we could save up and get a discount on group lipo... might solve all our problems.  Then she called me brave for wearing the suit.  I texted back, "Yeah. I'm not a 120 pound 25 year old hard body but I don't think I look horrible either.  I've seen much worse on this very beach!"   Shelley agreed and by her response, I'm afraid she saw some things in Maui that may never be erased from her brain.

Due to some other recent events in my family, I have once again been reminded that life is too short to not be lived fully.  Those kind of thoughts have been hovering in my subconscious anyway so after that brief text exchange yesterday my brain really got to humming. 

I have a tendency to get into thought patterns that lead me into not living and enjoying my life NOW.  As I sat at the beach basking in the gorgeous day a sense of resolve came over me and I feel like a corner has been turned. I'm done with that.  I'm tired of having a pale blue life.  I want to live a hot pink life! 

I've spent too many years looking at the past or putting my life on hold until I reached some goal, some state of being.  I may not like my job, the extra weight I'm carrying or circumstances in general, but I am no longer going to allow those things to weigh me down.  I am making the choice to celebrate who I am and where I am right this very moment. (Hence, I'm rocking a two piece bathing suit!) Something tells me I'm getting ready to have the best years of my life!


  1. Strut your stuff, Helen!! You go girl! :)
    Have a great time!
    p.s. I want in on the group lipo ;)

  2. Hear hear!

    That's a positive very pink strong girl thought!

    I'm all for that!

    You go girl!

  3. Hi Helen! Every year, I get a little more *hot pink* from my iPod music (yes, I know the rap to one song) to my quirky gym shirts with skulls on some of them, and beyond! What exactly were we waiting for?

    :-) Marion

  4. You're absolutely rockin' this thang!!! ;) Best years---absolutely!!!!

  5. For some reason The Girl From Ipanema just popped into my head :-)

    And you're right...I've seen ALL shapes and sizes at our local beach.

  6. It's the old "when, then" thing, isn't it? As in "when I do xxx, then I'll be yyy" I say, do the yyy now. Break out the good china, use the good silver for everyday. Use the DAMNED guest towels - those good ones we all save for company we never have - and enjoy the blue blazes out of TODAY!

  7. I love the outlook - let's have all the fun we missed while we were worried about the other things we couldn't control. I want to turn that corner with you!

  8. I love your positive attitude in this post Helen!! Have a hot pink day! :D

  9. Oh thank God! Really. I am so tired of people blogging about not being satisfied with (mostly their bodies) that I want to scream. This is not a way to live. What you described is exactly how we should be living! Thanks for writing this. I hope every blogger in the world sees it and takes it to heart!

  10. I swear, twin powers are eerie. And we didn't even talk after those quick texts, either! AMEN, SISTER to your last paragraph. Print that out and frame it. I love it. And I also love Debby's comment. Reading your post is an awesome way to start the week. I feel so aliiiivvveeee!!!

  11. Great post. It's so true: we really start living when we stop worrying so much about image. Just have fun! Life really is too short to worry about things that won't matter one bit when we're gone.

    That being said, I'm working to lose this weight on my belly so I can rock a two piece like you. :)

  12. Hi Helen!!! LOVE this post. (and Shelley is great!!! I can only image what a fantastic BIF she is!) Definitely words to live by here! Hope we ALL make it a good day, because indeed, life is TOO SHORT for waiting, what ifs and worry!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I love, love, love this post!

    This kind of forward moving, positive thinking attitude is contagious!

    We need more of this kind of talk in the blog sphere-spread the word everyone and link back to this post so Helen's words can motivate others to make the same change!

    Helen I will be posting a link back to this in my post tomorrow which just happens to be about being positive and moving forward!

  14. Take life by the horns and live it, no matter what the scale says or how our bodies look! We are perfect as we are!

    Great years coming up!

  15. Good job for you! You deserve to celebrate and enjoy living life in the moment.

  16. yes ma'am, enjoy each and every day. I try to remind myself of that daily. Even when I am going great guns toward my goals. Good on know, I bet even 25 year old hardbodys wonder how they look. Some of the most insecure girls I have met have been the prettiest. It's sad.

  17. Hot pink like your nails!
    I don't imagine we will be seeing that picture that Shelley got to see?

  18. I adore this and have decided instead of typing the GO HELEN GO that Im feeling I shall write:
    go carla go!!
    and appropriate some of your current mojo :)

    that ok?