Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  There's a saying that fish and relatives stink after three days.  Yep.  That's about right.

9.  I can tell I need a real vacation because though I took today off to extend my three day weekend to four, I still don't feel ready to go back to work. Although what I probably need is to win the lottery so I can just retire.  I'm not one of those people who 'needs' to be working at something all the time.  Leisure is just fine with me.

8. I've also been feeling pretty cranky and disagreeable more than usual lately.  Of course, that could be due to the fish and relatives.  (See #10)

7.  I've been on the lookout for those turquoise shoes I want to go with this dress.  Unfortunately, I haven't found them, but I did find these - loving the kitten heels that are out this year.  I think it's quite possible I need shoe intervention.

6.  I'm always amazed at how easy it is to get deconditioned.  As I tried to get back into the swing of running and Muay Thai last week, I was shocked at how hard everything seemed.  With Muay Thai, correct breathing is very important and remembering NOT to hold your breath even more so.  I kept finding myself fighting not to end up beet red-faced and have to step off the floor like the brand new students often do.  Sometimes they even have to step out the back door and are sick.  No thanks.

5.  I was also shocked to discover I cannot do a pushup. We sometimes do hundreds of them in one class. Turns out that compressed nerve also created some motor issues.  It was very, very odd to get in pushup position only to promptly fall onto my right cheek as my arm collapsed under me.  I couldn't even do one girl style with my knees down.

4.  I spent a good deal of the weekend in this position:

3.  I got brave and wore the two-piece suit because I realized that my stomach had not seen sun in too long to remember.  I thought first exposure in the Caribbean might not be a good idea.  So, I slathered on 50 spf and reapplied every hour for the 4 hours on the first day.  I haven't worn the suit again because, I burned.  That's right I burned on my tummy.  Don't you wish your tummy was white like mine?

2.  Mr. Helen was telling the students in his Muay Thai class that to be a great martial artist requires practice even when they're not in class. I think that's true for most things in life, don't you?  Anyway, this is why he's great and I'm not:

1.  I've decided that for most of us, the life we have will not be the life we thought we'd have.  Either that or it's that stupid b*tch karma still trying to teach me that I need to learn to go with the flow.


  1. I just bought these pair of turquoise sandals on Saturday. I am in LOVE. The heel might be too high for you, but I find that I can do higher heels when it is a wedge.


    And they are on sale! Shoe shopping makes everything better. :)

  2. Great Tuesday 10 as always Helen - I love #4 - glad you took time to relax, and #10 - it may not be the life we thought we'd have, but we both have things we love about our lives, which is more than some people can say.


  3. Love the shoes.

    And Mr. Helen has nice arms. ;)

    Hope your tummy heals with little to no peeling. :)

  4. Nice shoes! I love kitten heels and don't care much what's in style and what isn't. Just wear what I like. It used to be I just wore what I could fit in to!

    Sorry about the burned tummy. Little jealous about wearing a two piece. ;-)

    Nerve issues are as much a b*tch as karma. You may want to check into a book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. Chuck has a bulging disc but isn't ready to go under the knife again and this was recommended to him. It's just about different stretches but we were surprised how much it has helped with his neck. There are also stretches for hip issues. We checked it out from the library but I may just buy it. I was skeptical but Chuck can tell a difference on the days he stretches.

  5. I think the shoes will look great with the dress.

    Life does have a way of continually reminding us of how unevolved we still are "after all these years and all this work!"

    Hope the stomach doesn't peel too heavily. That could be itchy and you'd look slightly simian scratching your belly.

  6. Love, the shoes!

    According to 10: I have this friend, she's my best friend and I love her but over the years she's become a very disappointed, negative women. I know her for years and I know that she definitely does not have the life she thought she would have. Hub and I think that's why she became so negative. I have the opinion that if you don't like your life: change it. If you can't for whatever reason, try to make the most of it because we've only got 1 and have to try to make it as good as it gets.

  7. I've got some gorgeous turquoise heels that I just put in the thrift store bag because I am finally giving up. EVERYTHING hurts when I wear heels. They are size 7--I'd be glad to send them your way if that's your size...

    Regarding #10--probably true for most people. But don't you think the key is to learn to "be content in whatever state you are in?"

  8. I'm sorry, but I giggled a little at the pics of Mr. Helen - especially the one in the middle. Maybe it's all the Harry Potter mania going on right now, but he looks like he's casting a spell with his wand!

    How much do I love that Kristen has a pair of turquoise shoes all picked out for you?!?

    And I have that book that Kelly recommended - Barbara really got a lot out of it and felt that like Chuck, when she did the stretches, it made a huge difference in her pain. I should look at it again - might help my neck. Hah! I have a pain in the neck! And my kids aren't even living with me! (I am cracking myself up today)

    Sorry about the bad fish - I didn't realize you were dealing with that over the weekend.

  9. Hi Helen, as always LOVE the Tuesday 10! I may have to print #1 out! You are a WISE woman (with really hot shoes!) Have a great day!

  10. #10 is a good one. I think we can all bitch and moan about what could have/should have been, but it really does no good. Being happy with what you have isn't settling.

  11. First, I wanted to say it was GREAT to see you in class this morning...one thing I have realized is that even when we feel we've lost ground? We're still out there giving it our all, knowing that "all" will change from time to time.

    And, uh, have you actually seen someone step out the back door at the dojo and be sick???

  12. I wear a bikini all the time now. Why? Because I simply do not care. I love the body I have. I never, ever, ever, thought I'd say that. It is not strong. It is not svelte. It is not anything but curvy and insignificant. So. I wear the bikini out of defiance. To social acceptance. To self-acceptance. And to love me. And most of the time, I love me.

  13. Ow, a burned tummy. That must be uncomfortable. My tummy hasn't seen the light of day in decades! I love the shoes, but turquoise shoes sound like something I need.

  14. My tummy would probably create a solar flare.

  15. oh la la.
    we like the Mr Helen pics :)


    a misfit whos belly does NOT see the lite of day either.