Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  While running an errand to CVS for my boss, I saw a few things and decided to pick them up while I was there.

This?  This is my brain saying, "Ima be on a plane on vacayshun in a few days!"

Said items were taken home and placed in the carryon.  I know some of ya'll eat the same way all the time but I won't even pretend that I do.  I snack on stuff like this while traveling, drink more wine, and eat more dessert than normal. I also have the common sense to stay OFF the scale for at least a week following!

9.  I am a beach lover and over the years I have accumulated some things that make my beach trek easier.  Like my Wonder Wheeler, which Mr. Helen gave me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. As Mr. Helen says, I like to take the kitchen sink with me and this makes my life easier.  I just load all my crap important stuff in there and wheel it from the car over the sand to wherever I decide to plant myself.  Even he has come to appreciate it as he no longer has to do the shlepping when we go together.

8. After my weekend beach visit, based on how many times I had to dodge flying umbrellas, I seriously thought about setting up a beach stand just to sell umbrella anchors.  Seriously people, if it is windy at the beach, do not set up your umbrella without one.  What I really love is when they dig and dig and dig and put the umbrella up and promptly walk away.  Thar she blows!  These things are so inexpensive I don't understand why every regular beach going person doesn't own one!

7.  I've been really creative with cooking this week due to not grocery shopping over the weekend.  Just trying to use up what we have on hand before vacation.  I opened the freezer on Saturday and saw some pork tenderloins we had gotten on sale.  Remembered I had farmer's market zucchini and some left over red potatoes from a recent potato salad.  Decided on the spot to make kabobs.  This meal was so easy because the tenderloin was already marinated in a Caribbean seasoning.  To season the veggies, I melted a couple tablespoons of butter and added some chives and pressed garlic.  I just kept basting the veggies with that mixture.  Everything came out so good - we'd forgotten how much we enjoy grilled kabobs!

6.  Also, along the lines of eating up anything that might spoil, I think I may have improved on my diet. At this point, I've just about become a fruititarian/vegetarian. For example, dinner tonight is zucchini and onions that were sauteed in olive oil, served over couscous. There is a piece of steak left but I'm leaving that for "Where's the Beef?" Mr. Helen.

5. I can't believe how little running I've done over the last few weeks.  All these early morning PT appointments have seriously messed with my running time.  Last time this happened was five years ago when I had a severe case of tendonitis that was making my running life miserable and had me in PT three times a week.  Around that same time we were in the process of buying our house so between packing, moving, and unpacking I was forced to give my leg the rest it needed.  I remember wondering if I'd ever run again.

4.  The other day while working on my compressed nerve (I'm down to 1 PT appt. a week now!), my therapist was recalling that time frame and remembering how glad she was that I moved because she had been begging me to just. stop. running. for weeks.  According to her, runners are the most stubborn about giving up their sport and the hardest to treat because the minute we feel even a teensy bit better we hit the road and often set our injuries on fire again.

3.  Speaking of running, my running 'times' are all over the place right now and I can't quite figure out why.  Saturday morning I got up and ran 4.2 miles in 45 minutes.   That's a 10:42 pace.  Considering that I got started later than I wanted to and it was hot and sunny I was very happy with that.  Then on Monday I got up and struggled to get 3 miles in 35 mintues.  For no apparent reason! 

2.  Which makes me think: sometimes life happens and conspires against all our well laid out plans.  Injuries, personal issues, life changes, power outages (right, Biz?) - all those things can seem to work against our attempts at living healthfully. But really, it's just the ebb and flow of normal life and if we go with it rather than fighting it, ultimately it's so much easier.

1.  I sure hope no one wants to come visit me right now for an overnight.  The spare room has become vacation prep room - woot!


  1. I never knew there were umbrella anchors, but they should be mandatory at the beach - there almost always is a breeze! Great invention. And I like your schlepper. Dang. That would have been nice back in my beach-going days. The things they come up with! Necessity, meet Mother. Invention thanks you.

    I'm so excited for you and your much-deserved vacation. We will be expecting a full pictorial report when you come back!

    Also? I still want Junior Mints. I think I'll finally go to see Harry Potter on Saturday (hate crowds, yes I do, hence the delay) - that might just warrant the treat!

  2. I can't believe you are going away already so soon. Your vacation things makes me feel a bit in vacation mode again, good feeling!

    About that running at different paces: I have that all the time. I always say some days are better than others. All that matters is that you went out and did it!

    You could be right about runners being stubborn. Over the past 2 years I started reading blogs I've seen this on several blogs: people starting to run again too soon after an injury. I honestly don't know what I would do if it happened to me.

  3. Never heard of an umbrella anchor but I checked out your link. Only two left in stock!! You're spreading the word and people are listening. Now I just need an umbrella. ;-)

    I'm excited for you about the vacation. FUN!!!!
    And please have a glass of wine for me and a junior mint. Both hold special places in my heart (and thighs!).

  4. I hadn't a clue about the anchors either, but I'll know to pick on up next time!

    I can feel the excitement building for your vacay! I'm excited for you all the way down here.

  5. Yes, this is definitely the "getting ready for vacay" Tuesday Ten. Shelley's comment made me laugh (after I thought about it for a while.)

    And the whole inadvertent vegetarian thing--happening to me too. It seems so strange to me, being the carnivore that I've been my whole life. Helen, have a wonderful vacation. Love the staging area.

  6. Hi Helen, I'm SOOOO excited for you and your upcoming holiday!!! Beach umbrella anchor? I've never heard of that. Great idea!!!! Happy packing!!!! Have a good day!

  7. I love Whoppers! I love the malt flavors and getting a vanilla malt is one of my favorite summer treats.

    I don't do beaches that much because I am beyond pale and fry to a crisp. I slather on sunscreen for rides and still burn.

    I am excited for your trip and at least you will escape this huuuuuuuumidty!

  8. Whoppers were my favorite thing in my Easter basket every year - haven't had them in years though!

    And I am the same way, I kind of put on my "vacation hat" and don't worry too much about my eats - just as long as my blood sugar is okay. :D

    Yep, power outages, injuries, stuff always gets in the way - its how we react to that stuff that makes all the difference!

    I took your advice, I drank tons of water this morning and carried water with my on my walk/run - although the sun was beating down on me, so I ended up walking 70% and running 30% - it took me 50 minutes to do 3.5 miles!

    So excited about your vacation!!!!!!!

  9. I hope you have so much fun on your beach vacation. How I miss the beach! Not the lake beach, but the ocean beach.

  10. I just got back from the beach, and my friend used an umbrella anchor. It was great, because one day was very breezy - I have seen umbrellas fly out of the sand and it can be dangerous.

    Junior Mints can be dangerous too - I love them!

  11. (plops down her suitcases)
    UH OH
    we were all ready to come visit.
    please to let us know when the guest room is ready again :)

  12. Have fun on your trip! And thanks a LOT for pointing me to another little gadget we "need" -- the umbrella anchor! We just bought a tent-like one for a long weekend we are going on with some friends. Not sure if we'll need that exact anchor, but probably something similar!

  13. Sounds like you are set to have a great time!
    Stay cool!

  14. Thank you for the support Helen. Have a wonderful trip.