Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dry As a Bone: A Midweek Mix

That would be my brain on blogging.  I honestly can't think of too much to say right now.  Maybe it's because I've really been concentrating on getting my groove back and my poor mid-life brain can't handle too much at once!


This isn't Finger Friday but I'm going to show you my fingers because I want you to see the beautiful ring I got in St. Martin.  It's sterling silver with pink mother of pearl inlaid.  It has quickly become one of my favorite rings! The polish is "La Paz-itively Hot " by OPI which was my vacation color this year. Click on the photo so you can see the ring up close.


Our weather hasn't been dry, but rather wet and cool.  I know our Texas friends would love to have some of the rain we've been getting.  Me, I'm worried that I may not get any more beach days this year as it has rained every single weekend since we got back from St. Martin!


Both Shelley and I got our hair cut last week, just one day apart.  We cracked up laughing when we texted each other photos because I'm pretty sure that we both got the same hair style, without even talking about it:  a layered bob.  She's wearing hers curly right now and I'm blow drying mine straight as I still need to grow my bangs out a bit more.  Pretty funny!  We should style it the same one day and see if it really is as alike as we think it is.


I continue to struggle with my running.  Not really sure what it's all about but my brain tells me to 'GO!' and my legs are not cooperating.  Well they're cooperating but not with any sort of speed.  Still I keep getting out there and slogging away.  I've also started doing The One Hundred workout once a week (so far) since we got back from vacation.  I first saw it on Marissa's blog and printed it out to take with us to St. Martin in case we felt like doing anything. (We didn't.)  The first weekend we were back I wanted to do a quick hard workout because I had lots of errands to run.  So I did the 100 and ran a full mile at the end.  By this last week, I made some modifications.  Remember the jump rope I bought during the winter?  Up until last weekend it stayed tightly connected to it's packaging.  Saturday morning I went out to the garage to do the 100 and saw it there.  So, I unwrapped it and instead of doing the jumping jacks, I skipped rope.  Debby, you asked me to let you know how it went and I'm just gonna tell ya:  jumping rope smoothly for 100 times in a row is hard.  Freaking hard.  In fact it was impossible for me.  Between the breathing and not being able to haul my fat butt upwards while picking both legs up at once - whoooo boy!  Much harder than jumping jacks.  But guess what?  Now my goal is to be able to do 100 jumps without stopping!  Anyway, I substituted the rope for the jacks and at the end, instead of doing 20 more jacks, I did 20 pushups.  But did I tell ya'll I can't do pushups right now?  That's correct.  This stupid nerve in my neck is still hung somewhere so even though my brain tells me I can do a pushup, when I try, the arm collapses.  Last week, at physical therapy, the therapist discovered that if I look to my left, I am able to do pushups against a bench.  He suspects that the reason I still can't do them on the floor is simply because of gravity.  At least leaning against a bench allows me to do the pushups and maintain some level of strength in my shoulders until that dumb nerve finally lets go.   Oh, and then at the very end of the 100 where you run for 10 minutes, I decided to just run a 5K.  That whole workout only took me 52 minutes but it was challenging!  Perfect for a day when I need to just get my workout on and get going.

Finally, just because it's Wednesday and I need a pick me up, how about some chocolate?  That would be the Chocolate Souffle with Pot du Chocolate that Mr. Helen and I shared for dessert at our favorite restaurant in St. Martin, Le Cottage.  The perfect end to a perfect dinner.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Darn nerve! Hope it chills out soon.

    Those workouts sound tough! Good for you. Jump roping is really tough. I last a couple of minutes and have to stop for a breather.

    Happy hump day back at ya.
    Oh, love the ring!

  2. Oh my that chocolate is like a mirage in a dieter's desert LOL.

    I LOVE your ring.

    And I didn't remember asking you about the jump rope, but my eyes perked up when you started talking about it. I have one, but I'm afraid to use it. I really think the jumping would be very bad for the discs in my back.

    Impressive workout! I need to start doing pushups again. And maybe a plank or two...

  3. I'm still laughing at "our" haircut! Mine is a curly mess right now - you should wear yours curly one day so we can get a twinpic with that style!

    How perfect that you found a pink ring - it's so pretty! Love the nail color, too. :)

    When I worked out with Brad, he had us jump rope. I couldn't even do 10 in a row without messing up. Eventually I worked up to 50, but 100? That would be majorly impressive! The workout sounds intense, esp. with the 5K at the end!

  4. I love love that ring - very pretty Helen. Silver is my downfall when I go to mexico - always come back with tons of braclets/rings - not so many necklaces but pendants.

    100 - going to have to look into that. My basement isn't finished yet (won't be for some time), and although I no longer have a treadmill, I can certainly jump rope down there. Hate Jumping Jacks (have a little problem with that type of jumping) but seem to be able to jump rope without issues - other than I can't jump worth crap right now... :)
    Your description of you fits me to a tee..

    Sucks about your neck too - wish it was healed so you can move on from it!

  5. Wow - my comment published for once :)

  6. Love the haircuts for you guys!! So funny you got the same style :0)

    Yeah, I tried to make a goal to jump rope for 10 minutes one time. I did it, with MANY breaks and my legs were sore for like a week! I think that is a way harder exercise than jumping jacks. Even though you haven't gotten your running mojo back, at least you are doing something!

  7. Hi Helen. You and Shelley are BOTH hotties. The side by side photos are fun! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ring! So pretty! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  8. Love the ring, and the hair and the chocolate, of course :)

  9. Mother of pearl is so beautiful!

    Maybe you should rest running for a bit and try some biking? :D

    You held out with that pic of the souffle! Now I really want some.

  10. I would eat that in a New York Strip Steak minute!
    Yumm.... Just saying!

  11. I love your ring, it is so pretty. And your hair looks great too!

  12. You and Shelley are definitely sisters, you both look great.

    I can relate so much to the not much to say thing, I have that too at the moment (that's why I didn't blog yesterday) and part of it is also because I'm constantly thinking about getting back on track. I made my workout plan, now I'm thinking about the weight loss.

    Running is also still a struggle for me. I really am not sure why this is still a struggle but it is. I just keep pushing and trust/hope it will get better.

    The ring is beautiful!

  13. Love your ring and your hair too. That style is what I'm aiming for, as well, but the heat and humidity have made is so curly that I am always tempted to trim it. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. Take care and have a great end of the week.

  14. Love both of your haircuts and wish I had Shelley's curls - my hair is straight as a board!

    Yep, I remember jumping rope for hours as a child - now it really is hard!


  15. and now it IS friday.
    Im heading out to my first event at kindergarten with a fresh manicure too.
    from the 5 year old.
    mine is filled with love and not as purdy :)

  16. LOVE the new haircut, so pretty!
    I've been going with nude pinks on my manicures lately. When my nails are at a good length, I like the healthy way they look with a nude.