Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek Mixup

I'm finding myself at a loss for words again this week. Not really sure why.

I ran really fast this morning. It was great and yet sobering at the same time as I realized that my fast time was because it was only 58 degrees and not because I'd magically lost 30 pounds overnight.

I'm glad I ran fast this morning as my Muay Thai class last night sucked. Well, not the class. It was me. I sucked. I was feeling every bit my age and couldn't seem to mentally get past all my aches and pains. Blech.


I have been completely captivated by the efforts in our area to restore electricity. If you take a look at our major utility's outage map, you will notice that the right hand side of the state, which was the hardest hit, also has the least amount of recovery! People are frustrated and complaining. I drive on a major road every day and all of the traffic lights are not working. Dangerous. Mama Helen and all of the Helen siblings STILL don't have power. On Monday, we had everyone over for hot showers, a hot meal, use of our freezer to store food, and electricity to charge cell phones and DS players and laptops. A mini after hurricane party if you will. We passed out keys and told them to come on over anytime. That's what family is for, right?

What amazes me even more is that Irene was only briefly a Cat. 1 hurricane when it hit my state and quickly turned to a tropical storm. Yet she left behind hurricane type damage. Last night Mr. Helen got home from his karate class, walked into the living room and said, "I thought we were just lucky before. Now I'm going to say that we are BLESSED to have never lost power!" So true.

We live in one of our county's 2 'cities' which are not cities at all compared to a real city. But, my town is citified with city issues so we are considered a city around here. Lots of times friends who have fled to the suburbs and even family have questioned why we remain, especially during the time frame 5 years ago when we were buying the Helen homestead. One person literally said, "Why would you remain in the ghetto?" We remain because we don't think it's a ghetto, and in all the years I moved around, the 30 years I've lived there is the longest I've lived anywhere, and because we love our city,and it's in Mr. Helen's blood as he was born and raised there. If I won the lottery, I might move to a fancier house than the one I have but I can't imagine not living in my city.

Anyway, living in the ghetto has become a standing joke between us. So when he said that about the power I replied, "It's sort of ironic that all of our hoity toity suburban friends are still without power. Maybe this time it was an advantage living in the ghetto" Go ghetto!


The cooler temperatures have been feeling positively autumnal in the evenings and early mornings. Suddenly I find myself eating oatmeal again and thinking about throwing a pot roast together. Every year I say I'm going to continue eating "light" through the winter and then I find myself wanting pot roast. How about you?


I do not like the new Blogger editor that suddenly popped up when I changed my blog layout last week. I may have to change the layout again to see if it gets rid of it. In any case, I do not like it enough that I'm considering going elsewhere with the blog. I know Blogger is free and all but suddenly, things that used to be simple, like adding photos are not anymore. I have enough aggravation without this aggravating me too.

And how's your week going?


  1. Let me just say that I'm about done with Blogger. I know about unchecking the box...etc..., but now I don't even have the option to do that. I managed to circumvent it today a couple times on previously (recently) forbidden blogs, so I'm trying here again. I'm still reading you, but not bothering to comment. Emboldened by 2 successes earlier - I'll try again. Here goes nothin! Oh - and btw - we got our power back early Monday morning, but directly across the street - still out. They are starting to hate us! And my fridge is overflowing with other peoples' stuff:)

  2. End of summer malaise, I think. I've nothing much to say, either. Glad you have power. Glad I have A/C. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

  3. Heh, I laughed at "go ghetto" - so funny, and affirming at the same time. It is crazy, in this day and age (shakes cane) that the power can be out for so long. Your family is lucky to have you and your generosity. :)

    Oh, and I suddenly want pot roast. Would that be weird to cook on Labor Day?

  4. I switched over to Wordpress years ago when I got fed up with Blogger, and so far I'm quite happy. That said, I do love the new layout you've got here, Helen, especially the header font!

    BTW, why EVER would they call a hurricane 'Irene' when the name means 'peace'?? Perhaps it's wishful thinking, right? And then I guess it sort of worked...

  5. My week is sort of like yours. No words that I want to post. Feeling achy and old (cooler weather perhaps).

    I'm surprised so many people still without power. I always thought the East Coast was more on top of things than us folks on the West Coast. I wonder if the delay has anything to do with all the government budget cuts. Less manpower, not authorizing overtime, etc. Worries me our good old USA isn't what she use to be. I think I've been watching too muc news crap. :)

    Oh, and yum, pot roast! Me too on cooler weather and I want heavier foods. Just goes with the season I guess.

  6. The hurricane was the weirdest thing. The next town over is still without power until Thursday they said. We never lost it. So much flooding, though. Bad, bad thing. And now I see another hurricane forming going along the same way. Not another, please.

  7. I looked at the map and there are really a lot of parts of your state without power. It's sweet of you that your family members can come over anytime to use your power.

    When I started my blog I had to choose between blogger and wordpress and choose Wordpress. It's free too. I started a free blog first but after a while I bought my own domain but still use Wordpress for blogging.
    Sometimes I have trouble leaving comments on Blogger blogs, Wordpress never gives me that problem.

    Funny that yesterday evening R. and I said to each other that it's chilly outside and fall is knocking on our door which I don't mind because it's my favorite season.

  8. Storms can be so wierd - remember the storm we had in July - the storm lasted all of 15 minutes and we were without power for 4 1/2 days!

    Glad you were able to open your home to family to recharge - no pun intended!

    The next two days are going to be hot - like almost 100 hot, then back to the cool temps - I agree, so much easier to run when its cool (and better yet when we lose these damn 30 pounds!)

  9. I'm glad you are doing okay Helen, and its so nice to hear about your generosity to your family.

    I am a wordpress fan too. Don't have anything to compare it to, but I enjoy using it.

  10. You never realize how much things are appreciated until you lose them - and electricity ranks number one in my eyes! We lost power last year due to a major wind storm and had no power for 6 days. I still can't believe we stayed home during that whole time, but we did. I'm sure your family are singing your praises for sharing your power with them. It's amazing how a little thing like recharging an iphone can make someone's day. I hope everyone gets back to their normal lives soon.

  11. It's so interesting what people are willing to share with their "friends" When we built our house next to a nature preserve with a pond some of our "friends" questioned why we would want to live next to a "swamp." They couldn't see the potential it had. With the help of neighbors we cleaned up the nature preserve and the pond became cleaner and now it's like living next to a park and a beautiful pond.

    One man's junk is another mans treasure!

  12. LOL at the ghetto. You guys did get lucky!

    I am really not liking the new Blogger posting interface, especially having to switch back and forth to get my pictures in. But I see on Flickr you can also just share a link to your photo so maybe I can use that and use the photo button on the Compose interface to add them in faster. We shall see if it works!