Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Mr. Helen's traditional first night Conch Salad, made by the awesome Carl Phillips at Le Petit Coin Creole.

9.  My Saturday night dinner:  Chicken stuffed with olive tapenade served over polenta with seasonal vegetables.  I loved this so much I'm going to try to make it at home!

8.  Profiteroles.  You haven't lived until you've eaten some.

7. Conch Fritters.  (Yes, Mr. Helen has a thing about conch.)

6. Triple Chocolate Mousse (Yes, I have a thing about dessert.)

5.  The "land" side of our building at the Beach Club:

4.  Typical Creole/Caribbean building on the Boulevard

3.  Happy Hour used to mean half price drinks.  Now they just give you two drinks at a time!

2.  Made some new friends.  Martin is 15 and is the son of the owners of the Sunset Cafe.  When I would speak to him in French, he would respond in English because he was trying to practice! (So was I.)

1.  So hard to say goodbye... so many more beautiful memories made.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. And now I am hungry. :)

  2. Helen I "hate" you for 10 to 6!!! Here I am at work sitting behind my desk licking a computer screen .... :)

    It's so beautiful there, definitely something to go on our wishlist for vacations.

  3. That drink picture made me laugh! Love the look on your face! :)

    And could the Sunset Cafe's location BE any better? ::swoon::

    I want to go there now!

  4. The drink photo is hysterical!!!! What a beautiful place!!! (and conch is delicious! I'd split the conch meals with Mr. Helen if he'd let me) Enjoy your Tuesday.

  5. You do realize you've made me want to visit this place. Or move there. :) Looks beautiful. LOVE that picture of you and the drinks.

  6. Two-fisted drinker! Why waste time, right? LOL

  7. That is some of the best looking food I have ever seen! Beautiful!

  8. I love all the photos and yet am drawn drawn to the typical creole building.
    I love the colors and imagine myself being super creative if I could reside there...

  9. The food looks amazing! And the views too. No wonder you're suffering from withdrawal. Who wouldn't?

  10. I had conch fritters on our honeymoon in Key West - they were so good!

    Hooray for two drinks at once! :D

  11. Love all the photos but the one that's the greatest (imho) is you with the two drinks. Too funny!

  12. Fantastic pics. Good thing my teeth are brushed and I am going to bed or I would have taken a bite out of all of those delish treats.