Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  I made Biz' Banana Granola Pancakes over the weekend.  HOLY YUM people, these suckers are good!  The only thing I changed was not putting the granola on my second pancake. After I took a bite of the one with granola, I wasn't a huge fan - maybe I had bad granola? Next time I make these, I want to try sprinkling some chopped walnuts on there in place of the granola.  Here's my non-granola pancakes which I am now calling Caramelized Banana Pancakes:

9.  I keep seeing comments from regular bloggers who have had to comment anonymously then sign their name because Blogger won't let them in.  I was having the same issue and discovered that when I sign in with my google account, I have to UNCHECK the box that says "stay signed in."  As soon as I do that, I'm me again and not anonymous anymore.  If you're having that issue, see if it helps you too!

8.  In answer to the people who asked why I don't pre-make dinner for after Muay Thai classes (from the Late Night Eating post): that IS what I do.  Just about every weekend, I cook our meals for the entire week.  My issue isn't finding something to eat, it's coming home and not wanting to eat a piece of chicken with rice and veggies or whatever is in there.  I've been finding it's too heavy and I don't sleep well.  (Remember, I go to bed between 8:30-9:00 almost every night so that I can get up and run in the morning. That's only 1/2 to 1 hour after I've eaten on MT nights.) That's why I've been looking for lighter things to eat after classes.

7.  I've only had one beach day since we got back from our vacation on July 29th.  That stinks!  The weather has not been cooperative and then I had another obligation on the one sunny weekend day we've had.  Wah!  I want a beach day!

6.  I'm afraid there may not be many beach days left.... we definitely have a touch of fall in the air.  Last night, the overnight temp was 57 degrees.  That's almost cold enough to have to wear a long-sleeve shirt for my morning run!

5.  I recently re-learned the lesson of not putting your admiration and faith in people.  People almost always will disappoint.  I don't need no stinkin' heroes, I'll be my own hero!

4.  Our 17 year old television that was in the living room died a couple of weeks ago.  I remember when we got it, it seemed so big - 25"!  On Saturday Mr. Helen and I went out to look at getting a replacement.  Mind you we still have other TVs (all old except the one in the kitchen) but he wanted to get a new flat screen.  To make a long story short I now have a 42" flat screen - yes, FOURTY TWO INCHES.  I don't think I've ever seen Mr. Helen act so sterotypically male as I did while we bought that TV.  It was pretty funny.

3.  The 42" TV necessitated me buying a console to put it on.  Yay for new furniture!

2.  I have sent out hundreds of resumes over the last 18 months. I have had exactly 1 phone 'pre' interview and one real interview. I did not get either position. All those other resumes? Maybe from 10 of them I got a confirmation that my package was received. All the rest went into dead air. I think the issue is my years of experiencing equaling premium salary. Still, I wish some of these jobs would just give me an interview. I am sure I would dazzle them!

1.  I can't even tell you how much I love this quote from Jennifer Hudson, who is featured on Self magazine this month.  "I can't care about whether I'm too big for some or too small for others. It goes back to how you feel about yourself. I like me the way I am. For anyone who wants to lose: Dude, if I can do it, you can do it. And for those who want to stay the same, I hope I can be an example to you, too; I was proud of being a big girl."  Now that's self acceptance!


  1. I too can't eat too late (at least not heavy) or I can't sleep well at all. So then I eat salads but come morning, I'm freakin hungry :)

    You made me laugh about Mr. Helen and the new TV. I know Mr. Sandra would be exactly the same. We need a new TV for our family room and I know when that day comes he is going to be stuck to it for awhile watching his sports on the bigger screen.

    I love that quote!!

  2. And your trick with posting works for me now...

  3. I love that quote too!

    We had the same with our new tv a couple of years ago too, we went from small to big too and I got to say: I love it.

    Girl you really go to bed early. I need to go earlier too especially when I want to run in the morning but I somehow can't seem to get in bed before 10.30 pm which already is early for me. I do understand now that you don't want a heavy meal after MT.

  4. I always look forward to Tuesday 10. Between you and Shelley I am able to keep track of which day of the week it is!

    Such a nice variety today!--that stinks about the resumes, its funny about Mr. Helen and the TV, And fall is in the air? You must live in a different area of the country than I do LOL.

  5. I finally am able to comment!! I haven't been able to for a LONG time! Thanks for the advice because it obviously worked for me!

  6. Hooray for making the pancakes - and love the new name you gave them!

    Yep, my PIL gave us a 42 inch flat screen after Tony's knee surgery since he was laid up for 3 months - it made our old t.v. look so tiny!

    My hubs has been unemployed for almost 2 years and only ONE personal interview and ONE phone interview. It's hard for experienced people in their 50's to get a job - so sad!

  7. We got our first flat screen TV last year when Jeff graduated - it was a 32" and replaced our 25" old box. Amazing how big it looks - I can't imagine a 42" in our house (but Jeff sure can...men!).

    Debby's comment cracked me up - if we both went on vacation the same week, she'd have to get a calendar, lol!

  8. Hi Helen, so much to comment on...yay for the big tv and the new furniture, yay for Jennifer Hudson, yay for Muay Thai (despite the bad timing when it comes to dinner), yay to Biz's pancakes...boo for the lack of response to the resumes (their loss!!), boo to the people/person who let you down (let me at 'em!), and to the end of beach days! Take care!!!

  9. Why not try a bowl of cereal after Muay Thai or some scrambled eggs and toast? Light and won't give you heartburn.

  10. The nights have been gloriously cool around here. Low 50s and it is so nice to breathe that cool air in the mornings.


  12. The pancakes look yummy but for some reason even healthy pancakes make me feel hungry later in the day. Although I'm going to check out other recipes on that blog. Looks like they eat a lot of good healthy food (except the fries and onion rings from fast food!).

    Sorry about the job thing. I know a lot of folks going through the same thing. Sad times right now in the job market. I know my work is hiring much younger people for the same reason...they work for a lot less than the more experienced folks. Another downside to being older and wiser.

    And yes, you'll definitely wow them if you can get your foot in the door! :)

  13. Yeah for a new HUGE TV!!! And sorry about all those resumes and no response.

    We've hired at my office several times and received upwards of 250 resumes and I had the task of emailing ALL of them to thank them for applying, if you don't hear back by such and such date, we chose someone else.

    At least you know someone actually got your resume and you aren't wondering whats going on...

  14. Hi Helen, thank you for your kind words on my post about my MIL.

    I'm not a big fan of pancakes but the addition of bananas and granola just might win me over!

    Yeah for new furniture-even if it comes with a huge TV.

    What a pity about the lack of response from your resumes but the job market is so tight right now. A friends son who is a recent college graduate sent out over 400 resumes so far with only a few call backs!

    Love that Jennifer Hudson quote. She has moxy! I need to be more like her.

  15. After my CrossFit class, I have a big ole' protein shake!
    Seems the quintessential thing to drink after a work-out.
    I add some PB2, and coconut cream, and make it a meal!
    You rock - by the way!