Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10. This post made me both laugh out loud and think, “Wow, that’s a very good idea."

9. I used to love to dance and I don’t get to do it much anymore.  I loved to dance so much that the last time Little Helen saw her biological father he asked, “Does your mom love to dance like she used to?”  The man hasn’t seen me in 30 years and that was what he asked.  Maybe I should find a dance class as my fun thing?

8. I went on Saturday to get the bloodwork and other tests my doc ordered.  Three hours, 18 vials of blood, 2 bruised and aching arms and a severe case of nausea later I was done.  Now I wait for results.

7. I had the most discombobulated day ever this past Sunday.  I won’t even go into all the details but suffice it to say that it ended with me not cooking the pot roast I prepped.  That’s right, I went to take the finished roast out of the oven so I could throw some biscuits in, and it wasn’t in the oven!  It was sitting right on top of the stove where I put it when I put the oven on to preheat.  Which means my oven ran for 3 hours without anything in it. I don’t even know how I managed to do that, but talk about a senior moment!  We had sandwiches for dinner.

6. Princess Diana’s wedding gown, along with some of her other gowns and memorabilia are being exhibited until January at one of the local casinos.  Going to this exhibit is probably the closest I’ll get to being in royalty’s presence.

5.  Look how clever I am.  I was making a recipe that called for creamed corn and found I didn't have any.  So I decided to make my own:  1 cup of corn, 1/3 cup milk, 1 1/2 tsp. corn starch.  Cook until thick then throw in food processor and pulse a couple of times.  What do you think?
4. I had no idea that mentioning Kirstie Alley’s weight loss would get some of you so worked up!  Shocked I was!  My point – which I think some folks missed – was that one of the things women my age are told is “age makes it hard to lose weight.”  Well, yes.  But Kirstie Alley is 10 years older than me and lost weight.  I don’t have an opinion on how she did it or whether she’ll keep it off, I’m just saying that she’s 10 years older than me so I should be able to do it too.  In other words, age doesn't make it impossible.

3.  Ever since we moved into our current house in 2006, I have wanted to line the front of our retaining wall with daffodils.  While I love flowers I am truly not the gardening type.  But this year I was out shopping and saw a bag of 50 bulbs and bit the bullet.  Then I bought 50 tulip bulbs thiking maybe I'd mix it up.  Now I have 100 bulbs, the bulb planter thingy, bulb fertilizer and I'm procrastinating and wondering, "What the hell was I thinking?"

2.  I lost the first round of football picks with Mr. Helen.  I can smell chicken wings and pizza in my future… sigh.  Hopefully the place he chooses will have a salad on their menu.  And I better start winning otherwise I see a football season of greasy spoons ahead of me.

1.  What we are today is a result of our own past actions; Whatever we wish to be in the future depends on our present actions; Decide how you want to act now. ~unknown


  1. Helen, I think it’s a great idea to dance again as your fun thing, especially since you used to do it all the time. Why don’t you do it that much anymore by the way?

    Number 7 had me laughing, I can imagine the look on your face when you found out.

    As for the wedding gown: I’d say GO!

    I agree that age doesn’t make it impossible to lose weight but it sure does take us longer than when we were 20.

    Funny you and Lori both bought tulip bulbs. Since that’s a Dutch flower … maybe time to start my own tulip bulb shop and I can sell it to you both (with a discount of course).

    You have to get used to the football picks, this was just the warming up, like I’m on team Lori, I’m on team Helen here too and I say (like I said to Lori) … Mr. Helen can better start saving his money because he’s going to need it ….

  2. Oh I had a comment then something happened and it didn't save.... not liking this....
    Gotta say your Sunday was certainly a mix-up - had a bit of a chuckle though because I could definately relate. Been there, done that kind of thing.
    You should Dance - it is so good for the soul. I love to dance as I love to listen to music and can get right into it. Especially where I live now - no one around to see me do it.
    Corn - that sounds like a great way to make creamed corn as you KNOW what's in it with no additives. Mr Sandra loves creamed corn so I'm going to have to give that a try.
    Bulbs - yeah with you on this one too - I bought about 130 bulbs and I have no idea where I'm going to plant them yet but I've got to get to it soon as our weather can turn to winter overnight around here.
    Have a great day Helen!

  3. 10. No thank you LOL.
    9. Dance Helen, Dance!
    8. Ouch.
    7. You probably forgot because you didn't have enough blood circulating to your brain! (see #8)
    6. Somehow it seems sad that her wedding gown is at a casino.
    5. That looks delicious! Cream corn was a childhood favorite--must try!
    4. Oh. Now I get it.
    3. Been there, done that. So far I"ve escaped buying any bulbs this year.
    2. Oh brother. On the other hand, a weekly excuse for pizza? Hmmm.
    1. Love.

  4. I don't know what's funnier, #10 or Debby's reaction to it!

    I would LOVE to see Diana's dress. I have a Diana doll in her wedding dress. It was a gift from a pretty useless boyfriend, except for that doll. You must go and take pictures and do an entire post on that excursion!

    I love that you dance. Or did dance. I have a secret dance fantasy that I'm going to email you about. Wait, that sounded weird. Anyway, YES, you should find some dance classes - what a fun thing to do! :)

    You are so funny, making your own creamed corn. That is one food I've never tried. It just doesn't look right to me. But I also don't eat creamed spinach or cream of wheat. Nor do I take cream in my coffee. Hmmm. I think I see a trend here...

    Also? How much do you love that I just take over your comments with my blatherings? :) :) :)

  5. Bummer on the football picks. Just tell Mr. Helen that you wanted to let him have at least one dinner this year.

    Laughing at all the bulbs With the bulb tool, you do realize that you have to dig 100 holes with that, right? If your ground is worked well where you are going to plant, it would just be easiest to shovel out dirt and place a bunch of bulbs at one time spaced a little closer together. It will be easier on your back. Or - you could win the football picks this week and instead of dinner, make Mr. Helen plant the bulbs for you.

  6. I agree with the Kirstie Alley - think - I got your point that she's able to lose weight at her age, while more difficult, doesn't mean its impossible.

    I won the football picks in my house this week - party pizza Friday here I come! :D

    Thanks for you comment yesterday - I appreciated it!!

  7. Dancing is so fun! You should definitely find a class! I rarely do it anymore, either. I look forward to getting invited to weddings so I can dance the night away! Clearly, I have no life ;)

  8. Re # 9...ME TOO! I used to be a total dance machine and now? I don't know what. Tim hates dancing although he once told me he'd take dance lessons with me. It hasn't happened yet. But I'd love to go dancing somewhere...

    Re # 8...reminds me of back when I was getting all my blood work for similar reasons...

    Re # 4...maybe Kirstie had some medical issues that she got cleared up and that's what helped? wink wink? :-)

  9. Dance my e-friend, dance!!! And do the dance of creamed corn!!! (very smart to make your own!) Have a great day.

  10. Cream(ed) corn? I heard that if it's creamed, it's not a diet food. Are you eating buckets of freshly creamed corn? While you're at it, cream your green beans. Blech!

  11. #10 - No way that's going to happen here!

    I got your point about Kristie - if she can do it - there is hope!

    I use to love to dance as well, what happened to that? I have to think about this.

    Thanks for sharing how to make your own creamed corn-I'm going to remember that.

  12. That's alot of blood vials!
    Not much dancing after that - I'm sure!

  13. #7 - the uncooked roast, had me laughing out loud. Why? Because I can relate! I've done that with the crockpot. Came home expecting a delicious dinner, but never plugged the thing in or apparently even tried to turn it on. Had to throw it all out because it had sat there for 10 hours at room temp. Ah yes, a senior moment indeed.

    Really, people were upset over your Kirstie comment. I understood what you meant and totally agreed.

    Come on...17 vials of blood?! Is your doctor a vampire? I hope the tests help them fix your broken metabolism. After all the blood taking that's the least they could do for you. :)

  14. a picture of my arse would scare me into a coma let alone exercising!
    think how great the daffodils will look in the spring....or don't.... :)

  15. It sounds silly but today Im acting as if.

  16. Get your bulbs in the ground, you will be so glad you did. #10 cracked me up. I had never read Ms Mcgee's blog, I will be back.

    The roast thing, I have totally done that before. I think we had pizza :(

  17. Well, since you LOVE dancing, and since - as far as I know - Kirstie Alley lost her weight dancing, I say: GO FOR IT, HELEN!

  18. I am still cracking up thinking about all those poor bulbs waiting to be buried, and you wondering what on earth possessed you to buy them in the first place. Do it now, you'll be happy you did in the spring!