Friday, September 16, 2011

My Mind is All Over the Place

Have you all seen this photo of Kirstie Alley and her 100 pound weight loss?  Amazing.  I hope she's able to maintain it this time as we all know that's almost harder than losing it for some of us.

Ever since my bad disappointing doctor's appointment on Monday, my mind has been racing and I haven't been able to calm down about everything. When I saw that photo of Kirstie, I was consumed by jealousy.  She's 10 years older than me.  If she can lose weight, why can't IIIIIIIIIIIIIII?  By Wednesday I'd only slept about 8 hours total in the previous 2 nights so I decided I had to take action.  Ironically, I had told another friend who was upset about something that it really is OK to wallow - as long as you don't stay there too long.  So I decided to throw myself a pity party so I could get over it!  As I partied I remembered that there are things that will happen in the course of our lives that are absolutely out of our control.  If that is the case all you can do is the best you can do in the situation you're in.  Stressing and trying to be in control don't help.  Yes, be proactive in finding solutions but stressing well, pretty much all that does is set you back.  I've said before that one of the things I love about this doctor is her holistic approach.  In addition to going over medical tests and result she also always chats with me about my job and relationships and exercise and anything she can think of.  By the end of the visit she told me that my assignment while we wait for the next round of tests was to find something fun to do.  Something that I love and would fit into my life on a regular basis. When I asked why she said that she has watched me become so obsessed concerned about my health issues that it seems to her that the slightly overweight but happy patient she had when I was first diagnosed in 2005 has all but disappeared.  And so, that is my goal.  I need to find something fun to do.   I'm working on it.


When I went to my Muay Thai class last night (thank you Mr. Helen for the super sore shoulders today) it was 72 degrees.  When I came out of Muay Thai, it was 62.  That's a 10 degree drop in just about an hour and a half.  Woke up this morning to 50 degree weather.  Unfortunately, the weatherman called this one correctly. While the house has maintained it's warmth, it was brisk outside!  In addition to eating a whole lot more oatmeal, I have to find a way to transition from summer clothing.  I don't find it easy.  I'm not quite ready for pantyhose or even slacks.  Since the temps will end up somewhere in the mid to upper 60s today I decided to somewhat continue my summer theme with a couple of variations.  The dress has sleeves and I went to a black patent leather peep-toe pump.  Still no panythose!

Mr. Helen and I both enjoy football.  He's a bit more into it than I am, as he played.  He's even been inducted into his high school's Football Hall of Fame. I have to say it's fun to watch games with him because he really understand the game from the inside out.  He probably should have been a coach or a color analyst, that's how much he gets it.  When he was catching up on the scores, etc. last week after he got home from work on Sunday, I was telling him about Lori & John and their football picks and dinner to the winner game they play.  He thought that was a great idea so we are going to start doing it this week!  Wish me luck....


Guess what else has to transition in the fall?  My manicure colors.  Which mainly means I stop wearing hot pinks.  While I don't care for some of the super dark colors that almost look black, I do like the various shades of plum and purple.  This week's choice was Ate Berries in the Canaries by OPI.


Finally, on this Frigid Friday, if you are one of the 3 people left who haven't seen this video, you must go watch it.  I promise, it will make your day!


  1. Happy Friday Helen! Thanks for the link to that video - man that was cute. They remind me of my Grandparents - so much in love and always kidding around.

    I like your doctor too! I also think you hit it on the head - you are stressing out too much about all of this and forgetting to have fun. We spend too much time worrying about our weight and not enough time smelling the roses. Stress = higher Cortisol = more fat accumulation...blah blah blah - you know this just like I know this but we still do what we do :)

  2. Kirstie's weight loss is amazing, but we have to remember what kind of support she's had: in- home trainers, her own diet product, dancing on DWTS, etc. I'm not taking anything away from her, but her life is a bit different from the average weight loss blogger. Nevertheless, being privileged doesn't mean that a person will not struggle to get the weight off. She certainly has time and time again.

    Your doctor sounds very nice, and I hope you take her advice. In fact, we should all take her advice. Trying to lose weight is a stressful experience....and then there's the maintenance. Take care and have a good weekiend.

  3. What your doctor said to you is basically what my naturopath said to me back in 2009 when I first went to see her...and now I am taking an online course (Eating's 60 hours so not just a quick's quite intensive) that is very eye-opening...some of it is common sense stuff that we basically know (but conveniently forget) and some of it is kinda revolutionary.

    I'm only a few hours into it, but one thing that keeps coming up over and over again is this concept: any weight loss (or healing) strategy or remedy that creates physical, emotional, spiritual or mental stress, is driven by stress, or isn't balanced by the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system), is ultimately ineffective and harmful. This includes the type of exercise we do.

    Added to this is the stress we heap on that looks like, "I hate my body" and "this will never work" and "what's wrong with me" and so on. These very thoughts cause stress.

    I think this is why following a specific plan or program, counting calories, and weighing myself didn't work for me...these things stressed me out!! Please note that I am not saying that these things cause stress for YOU (the general "you"). Just noticing for myself :-)

    And so in the class we are asked: when does healing happen? When does the body perform maintenance and repair? When does emotional peace and healing happen? When does wisdom and creativity come through?

    When we relax.

    DEEEEEEEEP Breaths :-)

  4. I love your doctor! The idea of dinner for the winner of the football pics is a great start of doing things for fun! I do a lot of things I like but all the same: reading, watching favorite tv shows, make Japanes puzzles. Maybe it's an idea for me to make an appointment with myself to do 1 fun other thing every month.

    Kirstie looks great and I hope for her she keeps it off this time too.

    I have put away my Summer clothes yesterday evening, back to pantyhoses next week and no more peep toes for me. It's chilly in the morning and in the evening here and next week it's going to be a lot cooler during the day too.

    Have a great weekend my dear friend and come back in your next post and tell us that you did something nice for yourself.

  5. I agree that you need to bring something fun into your life - can't wait to see what you choose!

    I just saw those picks of Kirstie yesterday and was about to go all crazy ass - until I remembered one of the sayings of my WW leader - you lose a little if you work the plan a little, you lose a lot if you work the plan a lot.

    That is going to be my motto going into next week.

    LOVE the video! I could totally see my PIL doing the same thing - my FIL called my husband this week to say that he couldn't find the internet. Apparently the Internet Explorer icon was not on his desktop, and he had no idea how to find it. :D

    Happy Friday my friend!

  6. I am dying over here. We are totally on the same wavelength, it's almost scary! No wonder we're IBFs!

    I love you in that dress color. So pretty. I'm sorry you are having to think about dressing for fall, but that makes me realize that those "fall fashions" that are in my stores now? Some parts of the country ACTUALLY need them. Amazing!

    Adore your nail color. If I wasn't so attached to my blue OPI, I'd do that one next on my toes. Hmmm, who knows - maybe I'll branch out!

    Saw that old people video a couple of days ago and just cracked up. So endearing and sweet to see. Reminds me of something my grandparents would have done, although there would have been cussing involved.

  7. I love the photo. Kirstie...what can we say? Did she have WLS? Or was it all that Dancing with the Stars? Not to mention photoshop.

    Loved that video of me and my bf. Too freakin funny.

  8. Kirstie looks great - amazing transformation. And I'd like to say you look great too. Great dress, hair, smile, nails...and the willingness to take direction and do all you can to be the best you can. After that - surrender to what IS, and find that fun...though I have to say it seems like you already have a lot of good stuff scheduled into your days!

  9. Kirstie looks great for now, but she just doesn't have the mindset of changing her life. Or maybe she does now. Time will tell. One thing I laughed about was how she was talking about how she went from a 4 to a 14 when she gained weight. There is no way in hell she was a size 14 100 pounds heavier. Denial.

    Football picks are fun! Make a list of the places you are going to get taken out to dinner to each week and show them to Mr. Helen. That will help the rivalry :D

    That couple will totally be John and I in 30 years - especially the booby thing LOL!

  10. can"t let go of the flip flops yet!

  11. Yeah, Lori said it nice than I. And you know this too, Helen. Let Kirstie come back in 5 years and show me her weight loss. Heck, I challenge HER to come back in one year to see what she looks like. She doesn't have much of a track record. Now I'm not being mean to her. I'm just saying, what are you jealous of? Do you want to be thin for a month? And wreak more havoc with your health by those big weight swings?

    Okay. Climbs off soapbox. I am jealous of your gorgeous hands and nails. And you always have the BEST colors! Plus you have the best shoes, and you can still wear heels. All that, and you're a super athlete.

    But don't worry about me. I'll try not to lose any sleep over it. XXOO

  12. You're fabulous. Blue really is a good color for you.

  13. I'm with Lori and Debby! I'm so sick of Kirstie Alley!! She seems to gain or lose weight based on whatever will make her money since she hasn't had an acting career for years now. She's either exploiting her weight gain, her attempt to lose weight, or her weight loss. Now she's promoting her line of weight loss products and using herself as the spokesperson. How many times have we seen her gain and lose weight now? I CANNOT STAND THAT WOMAN!!!!!

  14. I had not seen Kristies weight loss photos. She looks amazing.

    Your doctor sounds like an incredible person. Her idea of finding something to enjoy is good advice for all of us.

    You look so good in that shade of blue. Panty hose? Haven't wore those in years!

  15. Kirstie does look good but she has an entire team to make her look like that. She's 60, and the years show. It helps that she's dropped a lot of weight, but hair and makeup people can do wonders, plus I'm sure there's been some plastic surgery too. Plus, it's a business for her too, she's hawking her weight loss products. I saw it on her website. Some shake thing I think.

    I know this weight loss thing is really frustrating and I have a working thyroid. It's still hard. I'm sure you and your doctor will figure out something that's going to work.

    I loved that senior webcam 101. Watched it the first day I heard about it last week. Very funny!

  16. Kirstie does indeed look amazing. Sorry you didn't have the best few days Helen! Hang in there!!!!! LOVE your nails and the peep toe shoes too! The senior's video is hilarious. Sending hugs your way!

  17. wow thank goodness for KAREN and her wisdom.

    and thank YOU for the smiles this morning from the senior webcam 101 :)

  18. Helen, I really enjoy your blog.
    OK, now for my rant..
    You look SO beautiful and amazing. Don't you dare belittle yourself. I know it, is the curse of womanhood to notice are own flaws.

    Seriously, girl, if you could see yourself the way others see you....WOW!

  19. The thing about Kirstie Alley is that for a long time she didn't have the motivation. She's tried a million things, very publicly, and had some very very public failures. Now for some reason this time it clicked, and it has worked for her. I don't think it's any one special thing, just that this time she found the right combination and the right motivation to do it. That to me is the hardest part.

    As for fall transition, I am dying this year. We may have finally shifted to cool, but these last couple of weeks have been all over the place. I too haven't started on pantyhose yet, but my shoes have darkened and I am wearing more pants outfits (to my dismay). Love your cute outfit; you could throw a cardigan over that and get another wear's worth before it's really cold out.

  20. Girl, you ain't big! Stop tripping. :)