Monday, September 26, 2011


I had the best weekend!  So much good packed into a couple of days...

Friday night I was supposed to go out with a friend for dinner and can you believe it, our plans were cancelled due to the weather!  It was pouring rain and foggy and the place we were going was a 45 minute drive.  We just figured it would be better to reschedule because neither of us wanted to be worred about driving home in driving rain.

I made the most of the cancellation and went home and prepared a dish for a 50th birthday party I was attending on Saturday.  Plus I stopped by a local Thai restaurant to buy a gift certificate for the party girl and decided to get myself something for dinner as Mr. Helen had plans to be out with his father.  Score for Thai food!  Yum.

Saturday, I got up early with every intention of running early and then my friend from the dojo texted me to come pick up the macaroons she had bought me at Carlos Bakery. If you don't recognize that name, you'd probably recognize The Cake Boss (shown on TLC).   That's their bakery.  Anyway, their macaroons are To. Die. For. and my friend has family in Jersey so when she went last week she bought me a dozen.  She knows I'm good for the money no matter what!  When I got there she wanted to chat so my run started an hour and half later than I anticipated.  But I did it anyway, even though the humidity was killer.  I made myself run for an hour because I'm trying to get myself back into condition.  I have to tell you, I felt like a million bucks at the end of that run, so I know I hit that runner's high!

Saturday afternoon I went to the surprise 50th.  I had never been to the place where this party was held but I had asked one of my coworkers who was helping to plan how people were going to dress.  She told me very casual, jeans.  Perfect since I hadn't gotten to wear my new jeans on Friday night, I would wear them to the party.  And now, I will tell you WHY it's so important to have clothing that fits properly, even it it's your "Freak out, my butt is too big" size.  When I came downstairs after dressing to leave for the party, Mr. Helen said, "Is that a new outfit?  Turn around and let me see?" (I did the twirl.) He said, "You go girl, you are WEARING THOSE JEANS!" It took everything I had not to bust out laughing. I wanted to say (ala Seinfeld), "That's right, this butt is all mine and it's SPECTACULAR!"  But I didn't.  Wear clothes that fit.  Period.

Saturday night we went out for a bite to eat.  My penance for losing the football picks last week.  Thankfully, he did not pick a place where we could only get wings but still, I probably could have ordered better than I did.  I don't regret one single bite of the Reuben Sandwich I had, I'll tell you that!

Sunday I woke up later than normal for me.... 7 am!  I did sit and drink coffee and glance at the paper until 8 am then headed out the door to do a fast walk.  My legs and butt were super sore from running for an hour on Saturday!  Did a 5K walk and got home and decided, The Time Had Come. Yes, I needed to face down the 100 bulbs.  I decided to take Lori's advice (have you seen the photos of her beautiful gardens?) and instead of using the bulb thingy, I went looking for a shovel so I could dig up the whole row in front of the wall.  The package said the bulbs needed to be planted 4-6" deep and I found this shovel which is only about 2 feet tall total.  It looked to me that the head was about 6" so I figured if I dug up a shovel full the trench would be deep enough. 

Here is the trench getting started and you can see how far I have to go...

Not to mention that I'm a bit of a girl when it comes to creepy crawlies and this dirt was full of these.... ewwwww!

Here is the finished trench with the bulbs dropped in. Since I originally wanted daffodils, I did 2 of those bulbs to 1 tulip bulb.  I used about 80 bulbs total and gave the rest of the tulip bulbs to my neighbor as I was d-o-n-e at that point!

Even though it was hard work, it only took me around 2 hours and honestly I felt energized at the end of the planting!  So I decided I would take down all my summer decorations - inside and out - and put up my fall decorations.

Here is what I put on the corner of the retaining wall.  A little bit of Fall color to be enjoyed as people drive by or we whip into the driveway!

The rest of the day I grocery shopped, did some cooking...

Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Carrots

.... and fretted over the football picks.  Good grief.  I could not allow Mr. Helen to win two weeks in a row!

And guess what?  I WON!  I WON!  I WON!  I WON!  I am not one bit humble.  When Mr. Helen got home from work I told him I was glad the Giants won (because that's his football team since he was 9 years old) because he needed that salve for his wound.  He said "What?"  Then I did my victory dance and said, "Uh, uh, uh, uh UH I won!  I won!  I won!  I won!"  And proceeded to threaten him with a Vegetarian restaurant as my pick for dinner this week.



  1. Helen I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face, especially after the last paragraph! What a great weekend you had girl, you sound very happy in every line and that makes me happy!

  2. I can tell how happy you are just by reading this post - love it!! And you can never regret eating a Reuben sandwich. :D

    Glad you got your bulbs in, plants and gardening are not my thing, unless you want your plant to die, don't bring it to my house!


  3. I loved reading about your spectacular weekend! You really accomplished a lot of "stuff." Your bulbs are going to be "spectacular" come next spring! We will want to see pictures!

  4. I love reading posts like this first thing Monday mornings - so glad you had a great weekend! Whew on getting those bulbs planted - it is such hard work. I still haven't gotten mine in. I took my shovel to the designated flower bed where I was thinking of putting them but there is a fern planted there and the first dig hit hard as rock roots and I just wasn't into it. So the bulbs are still in the bag...
    one day...

  5. Nice job on the bulbs! I can't wait to see them next spring :D

    The girls rocked the picks this weekend - woo hoo!!

  6. I love everything about this post, from you ROCKING those jeans (I KNEW you looked good in them, as evidenced by Mr. Helen's reaction!), to the macaroons (oh yum!) to the WINNING the football picks, to the dirt digging (and I am right with you on the ewwww factor of the things that live in said dirt) - oh, and let's not forget that AMAZING run!!! Woohoo, what a weekend!!!

  7. HI Helen. BIG BIG YAY for your spectaclar weekend (and your spectacular butt in your spectacular new jeans! :) ) Look forward to when your bulbs bloom. Hope your week continues on an "up streak".

  8. So fun to hear what a great weekend you had. You can tell how fun it was by the amount of exclamation points you used! I like using 'em myself LOL!! Totally laughed at the Seinfeld reference. Totally agree on the creepy crawlies. Can you believe we don't have worms in the dirt here? That's how bad the dirt is here. Even the worms reject it.

    And oh yeah. I have done that with the bulbs, and either given them away or thrown them away. Enough is enough. But it sure is pretty when they all bloom in the spring!

  9. OMG this made me GRIN and perhaps more happy and content than had I had the amazing weekend, Helen!

  10. Woohooo, all the things you were dreading, you tackled and you WON! You rocked the jeans, you took care of the bulbs, and then you won the pool. Now THAT is a killer weekend. I read this yesterday morning just as I was heading out for work, and I had a smile on my face for ages. Go Helen!

  11. Doing the "Happy Dance" for you Helen! What an awesome weekend you had. You are so right about wearing clothes that fit regardless of the number on the tag.

    Your positive attitude is contagious!

  12. the decorations and the food look great! :) I wish I had the motivation for digging trenches... lol

  13. I would love to trek up to Carlos' Bakery!!! Everything looks so amazing!

    I agree with you on wearing what fits no matter the size. I find it hard to buy clothes if they aren't "the size" I want to see, but remind myself that all sizes are not created equal! Fit is what matters...true that! :)