Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10. I did my first "unfriend" (or is it defriend?) on Facebook.  Got tired of someone's attitude and language.  I'm no saint in the language department but really, is it necessary to swear like a lumberjack every single time you post?  Since the person is related via marriage I called them out on it.  The response was to swear AT me.  So I unfriended.  It actually felt good!

9. You know what's irritating?  That little red dialogue that pops up and says "You've entered the wrong username or password."  Usually both aren't wrong, just one of them.  Why can't the ding dang dialogue tell me which is wrong? Irritating.

8.  Most schools around here are starting today having used anywhere from 3-5 "snow" days depending on when they were scheduled to start.  All due to power losses, etc. from Irene.  This does not bode well.  Of course we could luck out and have a mild winter which is what I'm hoping for.

7.  It's pouring rain and we're under a flood watch for the next 24 hours or so.  We've had a solid week of pretty good weather but folks around here are so worn out from getting themselves back up and running after Irene, we'd rather have no rain at all.

6.  When you live in the North, Labor Day signals the end of wearing white.  It makes me sad to pack away my white... and also makes me want to move south.

5.  We upgraded to all digital through our cable company.  As usual, I just had to make the decision to do it because Mr. Helen does not like technology changes.  But here we are a few days in and he's loving the free On Demand stuff, the Fishing network, the Golf network and the NFL network, with some Hillbilly Handfishing sprinkled in if he happens to go by that as he's flipping the channel. 

4.  #6 would be why we have 5 TVs.  One of my oldest virtual friends, Mama Bean has been experiencing the same Hillbilly trauma though I'm not sure she's blogged about it yet.  She only recently started her blog and she's a good writer so give her a read.  She and I met through Sparkpeople 4 years ago and have yet to meet face to face.  One day though, right Mama?!  *Edit:  she started a separate weight loss blog today!  Here is that one.

3.  The kyoshi at my dojo has a son-in-law who is a professional DJ.  Last week she shared a link to free podcasts of music mixes that he does.  I downloaded this one and I've run to it twice now.  I listened to it Saturday night while making dinner and got some unintentional exercise because I couldn't stand still.  Over the weekend I've downloaded several more of his mixes - so much fun to have some new music to exercise to!

2.  One of the search terms recently used to find my blog was "Colbie Callait belly button."  Now I'm dying to know what post that led too.

1.  Been feeling stuck in a rut lately.  With eating, exercise, work, blogging - almost everything.  Roxie made mention of end of summer malaise.  That sounds like something that would definitely happen in Texas due to their record breaking heat.  I wouldn't blame anyone for feeling malaise from that.  Not sure if that's what's going on here on the east coast but I suppose it's as good of an explanation as any.  Now I just need to figure out what the heck to do to break out of it.


  1. ROFL my husband can't stop watching Hillybilly Handfishin' either! Whoever changed the name from "noodling" to that for the show is a marketing genius.

    The only annoying thing about digital is every once in a while the signal gets scrambled, usually on something I have Tivoed and saved for later, and I end up cracking up in frustration as I try to figure out what the pixels are supposed to look like in the scene! :)

  2. Okay, glad to know that I am normal having 4 t.v.'s for 3 people?! I wish we could have Direct TV - for some reason the HD satellite doesn't work in our neck of the woods - can Tony come over and watch the NFL network with Mr. Helen? I'll provide the snacks - lots of pizza for Mr. Helen and steak tartar for Tony (ew!).

    I knew you would know about he shoes! I plan on wearing them to work today - I'll take another picture of them and send them to you.

  3. The end of summer always provokes a bit of melancholy for many of us. But as we get toward fall and those crisp, cool, golden days, there is a burst of energy that hits like a welcome breath of fresh air. It is rejuvenating for me. Loved the post!

  4. Regarding #1, is that why they call it the dog days of summer? Maybe we are all just ready for a change after three months? I know I am feeling a lot like you describe.

    p.s. I visited Mama Bean--a very good writer!

  5. We can shake hands: it's pouring rain here too. Last night I stored away all my very Summer clothes like the Summer dresses, white pants and so on. It looks like Autumn today.

    The end of Summer always gives me energy. September is the start of a new season where everything starts again: social life (everybody's back from vacation) and work gets busy again.

  6. good job on the unfriend

    :( sorry for the flooding,we're facing the opposite problem. So dry here, a lot of the area is on fire.

  7. As much as I am not ready for winter and don't like packing my white away, I definitely relate to number one and am feeling like today is sort of my first day back at school...technically I started back a week or so ago but now it feels official :-)

  8. OH!! And thanks for being a great kickboxing partner this morning! What a nice surprise :-)

  9. #10 - I'm sorry I had a potty mouth. Please re-friend me. I won't curse anymore. Promise. ;)
    #9 - That causes me to curse. Hmmm, I see a problem here...
    #7 - These weather extremes are really taking a toll on everyone. What happened to normal?
    #6 - Would you REALLY not wear white now? Really? Break the rule. Do it! I dare ya!!!
    #5 - Lord have mercy, I hope Jeff never discovers Hillbilly Handfishing. That would be worse than Cops!
    #3 - I love music that makes you want to bust a move.

    I love your Tuesday Ten posts!

  10. Um Helen??
    "Of course we could luck out and have a mild winter which is what I'm hoping for."

    You just totally jinxed us. You know that, right?

  11. There is a fishing network????? And a show called Hillbilly Handfishing??? How fun (for those so inclined) and how hilarious (for those of us who are non-fishers) Be a rebel Helen, wear the whites for a while longer!!! Love your Tuesday 10. Have a great day.

  12. Okay so now I don't feel so bad about having 5 TV's in our house with 4 people living here!

    What? no white after Labor Day? I don't think we have that rule in California.

  13. Identify with password and username. MAN. TOO many names!!!!!
    Unidentify with defriending :)
    Only because I married someone who curses like a sailor and he is homeschooling me. Now I know lots of bad words!

  14. I have 'issues' with a facebook friend as well...I am waiting till they move away to defriend...they are a little 'volatile' lol. The end of summer has me very pensive. Can't quite figure out why.

  15. Actually, the reason they don't tell you whether it's your username or password that's wrong is for security.

    If someone was trying to hack the site and the site helpfully replied with "invalid password" that's the exact same thing as saying, "Good job, hacker! You've found a valid username, now all you have to do is crack the password and you're in!"

    Sites are usually password protected for a reason and handing out the keys to the kingdom is the one place you don't want to be too "user friendly".

    [insert "The More You Know" star logo here]