Monday, October 3, 2011

Blink and It's Over

That would be the weekend.  Never, ever long enough for me.  Not ever. 

We started off by going to my sister's to celebrate Jacob and Gracie's birthdays.  Hers is Sept. 28th and his is Oct. 1st so we've always had a combined family get together for them. This year the family time was abbreviated to cake and ice cream and gifts.  I can't say I blame my sister because she let Gracie have 3 friends and go to Chuck E Cheese and made a guitar shaped cake for that party.  Then she make cake pops - literally cake on a stick and sent them to Jacob's class.  Saturday, she let him have a sleep over with 3 of his friends and had made a cake for that as well.  She did however use cake mixes for the kids parties but the family got a homemade triple layer chocolate cake.  It was so rich, it ended up being my dinner that evening!  I guess blink and it's over applies here too... I can't believe Gracie just turned 5 and Jacob 8!

Saturday was our usual frenzy of Mr. Helen's special Black Belt Class, my workout, and house cleaning.  I decided to give running a 10K a try, which I haven't done in a long, long time. I managed to do the 6.2 miles in 66 minutes. While that's still at least a minute per mile slower than my best 10K times, I'll take it!  When we finally had a chance to catch our breath we decided to catch up on our TV shows that we hadn't watched and enjoyed a couple of hours just sitting together quietly.

Saturday evening we finally went out for my football picks winning dinner. Here's a photo of what I wore:  My Butt is Too Big Jeans and a really cute sweater I found at TJ Maxx to cover that big butt.

 I chose 2 Wives Brick Oven Pizza  for two reasons:  it's been open several years and we've never been (it's literally 1 1/2 miles from my house!) and even though it's pizza, Mr. Helen doesn't love brick oven pizza - which would explain why we've never been up until now.  The area of Connecticut where we live is a melting pot of pizza styles. We have just about every sort except Chicago deep dish.  Greek pizza places are in abundance around here.  They make delicious pizza which is sort of a medium crust with the various toppings, mostly red sauce.  That's what Mr. Helen grew up on and considers 'real' pizza.  We also have New York style thin crust places and a couple of gourmet places like 2 Wives.  Gourmet would be my choice all the time and since it was my choice, voila!  I have to say he was a really good sport about losing...

Going in to the restaurant

When he asked me why I took his photo and I replied, "I'm putting it on my blog." He asked, "Does this mean you're showing it to Shelley?" I replied, "Ummmm, yeah, Shelley will definitely see it."  He said, "OK, I'll prove I was the loser..."
See what a good sport he is?

Then we toasted my win.

I loved the ambiance of this place.  Not a typical pizzeria at all and shame on me I should have taken more photos but I was busy having fun.  Mr. Helen did not order a pizza off the menu but made his own pizza with red sauce, mushrooms and bacon. Mmmmmmm bacon.  I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Panini and a Wedge Salad with Bacon and Blue Cheese Dressing.  We shared everything and everything was delicious!  Except for the pasta salad that came with my pannini.  It tasted like cold ziti with red sauce, sort of weird.  Oh, and they brought me the wrong pannini which I didn't even notice until I bit into it.  It was replaced with the correct one, but when Mr. Helen ordered a second glass of wine, we were told it was complimentary due to the screw up, so score!  And peeps, this is how sweet and genuinely nice Mr. Helen is.  When the waitress said the wine was complimentary he said, "If I had known it would be complimentary, I would have ordered you your wine."   None of the photos really came out that good but I promised  Lori, so here goes:

Ooops! We forgot to take a photo of the pizza until it was almost gone Can you pick it out?  Because the design on the plate was a pizza.

Correct Pannini and another portion of pasta salad... you can see the first pasta salad I got to the right.

It was good people.  We'll I'll be back.

Sunday is my day to do whatever since Mr. Helen works.  It was pouring rain when I got up but then the weather cleared and I went out for a walk to move the lactic acid in my legs.  I was going to walk a couple of  miles but then I got going, felt good and ended up walking 4 miles!

When I got home I made some meals/items for the upcoming week:  Chicken Cacciatore, Roasted Zucchini Soup, Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf, Roasted Butternut Squash, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, (ummm, yeah, I'm in my autumnal veggie roasting phase). Finally in the afternoon, I went out looking for Autumnal Scented Candles.  I'm having the hardest time finding something I like this year - in candles anyway.  To soothe my disappointment,  I ended up buying the baddest pair of boots!  I am now on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans (to tuck in) or perfect skirt to wear with these.  Go Carlos Santana!

Like I said.  Blink and it's over.


  1. ME

    Looks like you had a great evening with Mr. Helen. But if I see you write you have a big butt one more time, I'm catching the next flight and spank you on that butt: you don't have a big butt. You're beautiful!

  2. That picture made my day!!! Mr. H truly is a good sport. :)

    You look AH-MAZING in that outfit. Love everything about it! And now I can't wait to get to TJ Maxx tonight!!!

    When I come visit you we'll definitely have to go to that pizza place...holy yum, everything looks great. Nice choice!

    I'm with Fran - those boots are awesome. Can't wait to see your outfits with them. :)

    And I kinda think of your MBITB jeans like the NYDJ - oooh, maybe you could trademark that and make your fortune!

  3. You look great in that outfit. Very nice choice! I like the boots too. Mr.Helen is a very nice guy too!

  4. Wow, you look great in that sweater and those jeans ! Love the colors on you.
    And those BOOTS!! I so wish I could wear nice shoes :( all I get is running shoes for now. There are so many cute boots out there but I don't think my poor feet can take them.

  5. Yep - blink twice and the week is gone!
    Love the pizza plate!

  6. Ooh, those boots are FANTASTIC!!! And I LOVE that sweater you are wearing.

    Hilarious about "does that mean Shelley will see it?"

    And unbelievable time on that run--you are a freaking super-athlete!!!! xxoo

  7. Mr. Helen doesn't like brick oven pizza?? What gives?!

    Hooray for a date night out - glad you guys had such a great time - I have similar stem less wine glasses - I love them! (um, turns out I like the wine in the glass too!).

    Another pair of shoes?? Is that the 100th pair you own? I sadly had to throw out an old pair of gym shoes, probably had 1000 miles on them, which brings me down to 5 pairs of shoes I own. :D

  8. Those boooooots! I want a pair! I love boots :D

    And the taste of victory is wonderful, isn't it? And what a good sport Mr. Helen is. Really. I should take some lessons for that when I lose...

  9. First of all I think you look amazing in your jeans and I am loving the longer sweaters too!

    But Helen what I really want are those boots! Those are adorable and the heel is just what I have been looking for.

    Kuddos to Mr Helen for being such a good loser.

  10. You look GORGEOUS in that photo Helen!!!! The jeans are VERY flattering!!!!! And those boots??? OOOOH!!!! Did you know Mr. Helen doesn't love brick over pizza before you married him? If so, you married him ANYWAY! Ah, ha, ha....kidding of course!! Love this post, and no kidding, weekends really do fly by. Hope the week ahead is a good one!

  11. I can't BELIEVE you haven't been to 2Wives before now!!

    I have to say that their service is hit or miss and that we're often being apologized to...the food is good and predictable though.

    And you do look stunning!

  12. love the boots and btw...I LOVE brick oven pizza with a thin crust, marinara sauce, fresh mozzerella and sun dried tomatoes...oh, my mouth waters just thinking about it. You guys look like you had a great time...Glad your weekend was fab!

  13. Ive adored the Santana boots for eons and shall now commence living vicariously.
    and the shoes.
    love those CS shoes too!

    and how fun your husband is!
    Mine runs now when I yank out even the camera on my smart phone.