Monday, October 10, 2011

Photographic Memory(s)

I promised myself I wouldn't complain that the weekend went by too fast but it's so hard not to when it was absolutely fabulous!  We had a round of summer weather for both Saturday and Sunday that made me want to cry with joy.  I got a lot accomplished but if I share anything more than Saturday this post will be way too long.

The day started with a 5 mile run followed by the usual hurrying up to get a little housework done so we could enjoy at least a part of the day free of chores.  As I stood scrubbing my kitchen sink down I looked out the window and saw Mr. Helen putting his protective headgear on top of his Wavemaster - which is a practice bag.  I thought, "Is he going to try to kick that off there?  That's really high."  Then I stood there and Watched. Him. Do. It.   Unbelieveable.  And I'm not even going to say it's because he's 56 years old.  He would put some 20 & 30 year olds to shame. Plus, of course me.  He puts me to shame.  It's my own darn fault though becuase I do not practice the way he does.

Since I thought you'd like to see, I went outside and took some snapshots as he did it over and over again.

Here he is setting it up and then measuring to see how high he thinks it is.

The next two photos show his leg halfway up and right at the top
 just before contact with the headgear.

 Contact!  If you look closely, you'll see the headgear is flying straight at me and the camera!

I also made him asked him to do it again and took a video.  Forgive my exuberant commentary (and the fact that the sound is off by a smidge), but it really was amazing to see this!


Saturday afternoon we went out for Mr. Helen's chosen football pick winner meal.  He was as gracious in his winning as he was in his losing.  When he told me what he wanted my reaction was, "Are you kidding me?  Do you have to be so darn nice?"  Yep, cranky, that's me.

I gave him the loser sign that I promised.  Gave him two to make up for not doing it the first week.

Here was his choice:  a charity cookout by our local firefighters for burn victims.  It was held in the parking lot between two of the restaurants in our downtown area.

Mr. Helen waiting in the food line. It was cookout food:  hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, chicken wings, rice, potato salad, beans, cookies, brownies and soft drinks.

Mr. Helen's friend's band played. You might recognize him (on the left) from our St. Martin trip.

They even had a special guest - this little guy was about 10 years old and really did a great job on the saxophone.

Lots of dancing took place, but I think this couple had the most fun of everyone!

Then the firefighters pipes & drums corps gave us a show.

This guy was amazing.  He was using what looked like felt covered balls on a string to hit the drum.  He would come down with his hit then twirl the balls up and hit again.
He never missed a beat!

It was a fun, fabulous afternoon.  Gorgeous weather, great company - of course we ended up running into many people we knew - and best of all?  Inexpensive!  Even in losing, I ended up being a winner.  There was a $10 suggested donation per person.  That included all the food and softdrinks you wanted.  They were having raffles so since I got off so inexpensive on the meal, I decided to buy two arm lengths of raffle tickets - another $10.  Around 4:30 Mr. Helen decided he wanted to have a glass of wine - $6.50. So all told for afternoon $36.50.  Not bad.  And then I won a raffle!  My prize was a $25 gift certificate to Tio Rodrigo's (one of the sponsoring restaurants).  When we left I left my extra raffle tickets with a dojo friend we had run into.  She Facebooked me on Sunday to let me know that I also won the last raffle of the evening - some t-shirts and hats - which she gave to some of her guy friends who were there.  That probably means the net cost to me for losing the football picks was ZERO!  I bet I won't get off that easily again.


  1. What perfect weather for a cookout! At first I was thinking "what restaurant has green plastic fencing on their patio?" but once I read further it made sense. How fun! And very cool that you won a raffle prize - maybe if Mr. Helen wins the picks again in the distant future, he will choose that restaurant, lol!

    The shots and video of him kicking the head of that dummy are impressive and scary. Love your encouragement, too!

    So glad you had such a fun weekend! And I'm quite impressed that you can toss off a five mile run and then STILL do so much - you are one fit woman, my friend! :)

  2. WHAT a fun day! Mr. Helen is impressive--the best part was hearing your voice!

    Love that picnic, love the band and that they let a 10 year old play with them. I get teary at stuff like that. And LOVE winning raffle prizes, esp. to a restaurant!

  3. Go Mr. Helen! I am super impressed, but he is disciplined, so I am not that surprised. :D

    What a fun event - I love going to events like that. Bag pipes were at my Dad's funeral, and while I love them, they always seem to make me cry when I hear them. :(

    Glad you had a fab weekend!!

  4. What a cool, cool idea to choose a charity for the football meal!

    And wow on Mr Helen's kicking abilities. The weather certainly was fabulous this weekend!

  5. Hi Helen, looks like SUCH a fun day. Mr. Helen's kick stance is really impressive!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

  6. Mr Helen if fit, fabulous and an all around nice guy too!

    I loved hearing your voice Helen!

    What a great weekend and I so agree with you that they go by way too fast.

  7. Oh, I love it! Perfect day!!
    Good job to Mr Helen! I wouldn't want him on my bad side! That's impressive.

    Glad you guys had such a fun Saturday. Don't you just love days like that? I replay them over and over in my memories. :)

  8. Mr. Helen is so impressive, what a guy, fantastic.

    And what a great idea to go to that cook out, sounds like you had a great afternoon together, much more fun than eating in a fancy restaurant if you ask me.

  9. What fun! And TWO raffle wins? are you made of luck?

  10. wow. Great video. I couldn't hear it but I think it's on my computer. lol. What a nice way to spend money. You got food and you got to support a nice local charity. very cool.

  11. Love the video!
    Love the Drum Corp - Kilts -
    Looks like you are having a great year!