Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin, Picks and Pizza

Even though it seems we won't be having much of a foliage season, due to too much rain and Irene taking the leaves away, it felt more like autumn this weekend than it has.  It was cooler and for both of the weekend days, there was a brisk wind stirring things around.

Saturday I didn't get too much done other than a 5 mile run and going to my flower girl's bridal shower.  The shower also had a fall theme which probably contributed to the overall feeling of the weekend.

Shower Table Setting

The bride to be received many, many lovely gifts - mostly household items that she had registered for.  She will be moving in to her future husband's apartment after the wedding and evidently he does not have even some basic things like a good set of knives.  What I found interesting is that she did not recieve one single piece of lingerie... perhaps because both her father and her grandfather are pastors at the church where the shower was held?

Here she is with one of her beautifully wrapped gifts, which happened to be from Mama Helen.  Her sister - the family comedienne (to her right) - saved the big bow and said she would make her wear it during the rehearsal.

After the shower I went home to spend the afternoon with Mr. Helen not doing too much of anything. There was a BBQ contest being held at our downtown waterfront park so we took a stroll down there.  The grand prize winner got an invite to the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ which is a pretty big deal.  We were especially pleased to see our local fire department placed in the brisket pork butts category, though they didn't win any money.  Not too bad for the local yokels.

Because I lazed around on Saturday, Sunday was a whirlwind of activity, non-stop from the minute I got up.  In fact, I had so much to do that I was going to skip my usual Sunday walk but the sun was out and the sky was clear blue so I decided I'd do only a 3 mile walk.  Ended up doing a walk/jog as my legs felt good and I just wanted to go a bit faster.

Pumpkin pancakes were eaten in the sunshine on the patio after my wog.  These were the first I've made this season and they were as good as I remembered.  Made me wonder why I waited so long.

The rest of the day went by in a blur of housework and meal prep for this upcoming week.  I literally did not sit down until 5:00 p.m.  and then only for about an hour before I had to finish dinner!  Definitely not a 'day off.' 

While I was cooking, I did manage to watch the Bills and Giants play.  I'll admit it was a good game but I got burned again. This week I had picked the Bills to win and.... they lost.  I ultimately ended up losing the overall football picks and I'm blaming the Giants.  Everytime I've picked them to win, they've lost and when I've picked them to lose, they've won.  They have messed with my picks for the last time.  I have now become their enemy, or as I yelled at the TV (with apologies to The Princess Bride), "My name is Helen.  You killed my football picks.  Prepare to die."

To add insult to injury, I had done my meal planning before realizing that I was going to lose the picks and I had planned homemade pizza for dinner - one of Mr. Helen's top 5 meals.  So now, I made him one of his favorite dinners AND I have to pay for his dinner one evening this week.  Sigh.   Needless to say, he was in heaven and as usual a gracious winner and did not rub salt in my wounds. While I know I can't win them all, I am not a good loser and it's time for me to win.  Dammit. 

Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza


  1. LOL at losing the football picks AND made Mr. Helen's favorite food. Bet his week started off great.

    Busy girl you've been on Sunday. I usually are the lazy one on Sunday. I live in a pretty Christian village where there's not much to do on Sunday. All shops and restaurants are closed and people don't really do housework or garden work on Sunday. I don't mind, life is busy enough the other 6 days of the week.

    Have a great week and don't spoil Mr. Helen too much with the dinner you have to buy, he's already got half of the prize with the pizza.

  2. Wow you are an amazing pizza maker! And bacon and mushroom sounds like a fantastic combo. MUST TRY!!

    I am enjoying fall this year, even if it is a little spotty.

  3. Love that you scream at the TV! Me, too! :)

    I had pumpkin pancakes this weekend, also! So good!

    And your pizzas look fab!

  4. Hooray for pizza! It's funny, Hannah came home from work yesterday and said "I just had the best pizza at work - bbq chicken pizza!" It was then that I realized the reason she liked it was because it had red onions on it! Still not sure where I went wrong with that child. :D

    My football picks last week sucked ass - I only won 3 games the whole week! This week, I've only lost two! :D

  5. LOL on the Princess Bride - one of my favorite movies! I went out on a limb with picks this week and I paid for it. I kept saying, "What was I thinking???". Oh well - I had a good run of wins there.

    Yummy pizza!!

  6. I'm going to sound like an old lady here, but I appreciate that your mom took the time and effort to actually WRAP a gift, with a real bow, instead of putting it into a gift bag. Not that gift bags with tissue aren't pretty, and I love them, but it's nice to see something old school. Remember back in the day, they used to make the rehearsal bouquet out of the ribbons and bows from the bridal shower gifts? What do they do now, make tissue paper flowers? Or is that whole tradition gone? (see, I told you I'd sound like an old lady!)

  7. At my wedding shower I was really embarrassed when I got lingerie in front of my mom.
    My hub has competed in a few BBQ competitions. It is riot because I don't eat meat! When I have come to visit he and his partner, I have seen whole pigs being cooked right out there in the open, No Thank You!

  8. Hi Helen - I love the chicken BBQ pizza - that turned out great! Mr. Helen must have LOVED that!

  9. I will be over at 6:30 tonight for that pizza. Thank you!!! :) :)