Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Listen up peeps.  I have been having all kinds of trouble commenting on blogs.  With Wordpress I'm finding that the comment box is missing and no matter how many times I click on the comment link, it won't come up.  With Blogger, I write the comment and when I hit post, it just vanishes into thin air!  Soooooooo.... if I normally comment on your blog and haven't been, that's why.  Trust me, I'm still reading and if anyone acts up, I'm taking notes so that the minute the comments open up I'm going to tell you about yourself!

9.  I lost the football picks by one lousy game this week.  You know why it hurt?  Because I did my picks during a lunchtime last week.  Then I promptly went home on Friday and left them at work.  So, I had to recreate them at home. When I came to work on Monday, I looked at my original sheet and I had picked only 1 game differently and it's the one that made me lose!  Otherwise we would have had a tie.  Ahhhh well.  Next week is mine!!!

8.  It has cooled down enough over the past few days that I keep thinking I need to face the music and do a big closet switcheroo.  Besides the whole process of trying on clothes, which is a job unto itself, it really does take me several hours to do it properly.  One of those I sure am dreading it but glad I did it once it's done sort of chores.

7.  I'm not crafty - at all.  But I am the type of person who buys what other people make.
Since crafty people need people like me, I figure I serve a good purpose!  Look at the cute decoration I found when I was out looking for the candles. 

6.  I was looking at my running journal over the weekend and realized that I'm still running between 20-25 miles a week.  What is ironic is that this has felt effortless lately.  My running had not been feeling all that good so I did what I've done in the past and that was to take off all the pressure.  No racing, no training, no worries.  Get up and run and if you feel crappy, turn around and go home.  Yet, the end result is that I'm doing lots of short 3-4 mile runs and a longer one on the weekends and it has been feeling better and adding up mileage!

5.  I also realized it has been a long time since I took a full day off of exercise.  For weeks and weeks I've been doing 45-60 minutes of something every single day: running, walking, Muay Thai, yoga.  I don't know it it's good or bad that I am not yearning for a day off.  Maybe I'm not pushing myself enough?  On the other hand, winter is coming and winter weather alone will stop me sometimes.

4. Biz made a comment asking me if the new boots were my 100th pair of shoes.  I haven't counted in a while, but maybe.  What made me laugh though is that she confessed to owning 5 pairs of shoes.  Biz, I would probably bring at least 5 pairs of shoes if I was coming to visit you for a long weekend!

3.  Mr. Helen accuses me of being a magazine junkie.  He says I have the same problem with magazines as I have with shoes - never seen one I won't consider buying.  It's not true!  But I had to crack up when I got home and found this on the counter:
Of course he was trying to prove his point.  But if you look closely, only the top two are actual magazines.  The others are catalogs that were sent to me.  I'm innocent I tell ya!

2.  I got an invitation to my flower girl's wedding shower the other day.  She's getting married in December. I can't believe it's even possible!

1.   In the circle of life irony, one gets married and another one bites the dust.  If you don't hear from me on Thursday, it's because I've been subpoenaed to testify in my bosses' divorce trial.  Not even as his witness - his soon to be ex subpoenaed me.  So you can imagine what a fun time we're having in my office these days.


  1. Is that a Fredrick's catalog I see? Ooo-la-la!

    Glad the running is going better for you. As for exercise - I don't always count walking when talking about taking a rest day. I like to do some kind of movement and I can take an easy walk and it isn't something that I will get all sweaty with (not that I can't get sweaty walking, but you know what I mean).

    Rest days are important and help stop burnout.

  2. Point #10 - having the same issue - or I was. I have to log in first (opposite of what we were doing), and then post a comment otherwise it just disappears into thin air and no one sees it.
    I'm with you on the magazines.
    And the shoes- I don't have anywhere near a 100 but I do have more than I used to and when we go to Mazatlan, I must have at least 7 pairs of sandles with me. Right now I'm stuck with runners because my feet hurt so much but I wish....
    And YUCK on #1 - don't envy you on that one...

  3. oh my goodness..of all the things I can imagine doing, testifying in my boss's divorce trial would not be at the top of my list. lol. Good luck with that. Great job on all the exercise. I know how hard it is sometimes to simply take a break. enjoy your rest day.

  4. I've been having issues being allowed to comment too--it is frustrating!

    Re: the running>> is is so good when you do the right things and you didn't have to absolutely force yourself! The past few days I have naturally come in under my calorie goal, with out meaning to. I just haven't been hungry. I hope it sticks! And I hope your running effortlessly sticks too! Sometimes just saying "I'm not going to stress about this" frees up a lot of energy, huh?

  5. Law and Order(sound effect) Work edition. Good luck. Not something I would want to do.

    I think it's interesting that taking the pressure, you're still getting the job done. Kind of what I have been doing to. It's working for me as well.

    I haven't had time to really read any blogs lately, but I haven't had a problem. I think it goes in spurts.

    Great Tuesday Ten!

  6. I LOVE that picture of the little flower girl and ring bearer! Especially the concerned look on the little guy's face--you should crop that and get it blown up! I guess it wouldn't be a good wedding present (unless ironically she was getting married to that ring bearer!)

    Ick on testifying at your boss's divorce trial. Can't you call a conflict of interest? Isn't that in the bill of rights?

  7. I love that you got both a Fredrick's catalog AND a toy catalog in the same mail delivery! And I was just about to say that those were mostly catalogs and NOT magazines, but you beat me to it. Still, jealous that you got your new RW - mine still hasn't arrived!

    We need to get Biz on the shoe bandwagon. She doesn't know what she's missing!!!

    It sounds like you have hit on the perfect amount of exercise, since you're not dreading it, not wanting a day off, and best of all, enjoying it - how wonderful!

  8. Blogger messes up alot these days....
    I think FB is punking them.
    Hope you get it sorted out with out too much trouble!

  9. Hi Helen. Love Tuesday 10. WHAT is going on with comments lately. Some vanish, some spam, some get through. Weird. I too am a magazine junkie and like Mr. Helen, "Mr. Roz" has pointed out my obsession in the same way - just without the Frederick's catalogue. (note to self, get on mailing list!! :) And finally, ewww...how awkward that you have to testify against your boss. BIG yikes!!! Hope that is over before you know it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  10. I had commenting issues for a while too, but them I learned a trick. Sometimes if I leave a tab open on a Blogger page, I find that it will just log me out. Now, before I reply to anything, especially if I have had that tab open for a couple of hours or days, I hit refresh before I comment at all. It logs me back in and then I don't get kicked out AFTER I've commented. It took a bit to get used to it, but now it is second nature.

  11. ok you lost me at the flower girls' wedding shower.

  12. You’re just warming up for the football pics. By the end of the season Mr. Helen won’t know what hit him :)

    As you know I’ve taken off the pressure with my running too, seems we got the same idea. You’re doing a great job on your running since you still have your weekly mileage. But what’s important: you enjoy it. Now all I have to do is find that joy again too.

    If you don’t need a rest day you’re fine I’d say. I love my rest days, on my good workout weeks I have Monday and Friday off and love it. This means I have to do two workouts in one day twice a week to meet my goals for the week but that’s okay, I’m fine with that. But I do walk on my rest days (like Lori does too).

    Yep we must have been sisters in a previous life because I’m a magazine (and shoe) junkie too. I even have subscriptions to Shape magazine and Fitness magazine because we don’t have these kind of magazines in Holland. I also get the US Runner’s world as well as the Dutch version plus a couple of Dutch cook magazines. You mentioned an article from Self magazine a while ago, is this a good magazine? I’ve been thinking about taking a subscription on this too.

    Number 1 left me with my mouth open: yes I’ve seen this happening in movies but don’t know anybody up till now who actually has to testify in a divorce trial. Something that would never happen here, divorces aren’t settled in court here.

  13. Finally! I've tried to post this comment 6 times! this morning. I saved it and tried it again just now and finally it worked.

  14. I love shoes too Helen and could use a small suitcase just for shoes when I travel!

    I don't think running would ever be effortless for me! You rock!

    I have had lots of problems with comments on blogs lately and even getting on some blogs has been problematic.

  15. Laughing about the comments. I best behave.
    Can't believe about the subpoena, that is pure nasty.

  16. Awwww for 7.
    RESPECT for 6. and 5!!!
    And LOL for 4: I have ONE pair of work shoes, ONE pair of sandals, ONE pair of flip-flops, ONE pair of running shoes, and ONE pair of slippers.

    (And concerning 10. I've been having trouble commenting, too, on Blogger. Let's see if it works when I use my Google account!)