Monday, October 31, 2011

Twenty Five to Life

Twenty-five can mean so many things. 
  • The number of pounds you want to lose
  • The number of years you've lived
  • A sentence that would put you away until you are old
  • A typical temperature in the winter
  • Quarter of a century
  • The Twenty Five Pullup Program
I could go on but I wanted to share that for me today, the number 25 is a bit magical... It's the number of years that has passed since Mr. Helen and I had our first date. (Sharp readers will remember that our 'second' first date was 20 years ago, also on Halloween.)

October 31, 1986.  When I write it like that it seems longer than 25 years ago.  I think back on that and realize I was only 26 years years old when I met him and then I wonder where the years have gone.  In many ways, especially when it comes to our relationship I still feel 26.  On the other hand, there are ways in which I know we've been together a while - unspoken words across the room at a party, comfort in sometimes knowing exactly what will come next.

Saturday evening, I handed Mr. Helen his football pick sheet and Sunday morning when I looked at it, we had chosen all the same teams.   I think that was appropriate for this week.  A perfect match.

Tonight, while others are out trick or treating, we are going to go out for a non-football pick meal and 'treat' our relationship with kindness.  I'm sure we will spend some of that time reflecting on what twenty-five means to us today.


  1. Beautiful!

    You and Mr. Helen have a special relationship and I hope you will enjoy each others love for many more years to come.

    Have a great night/dinner together.

  2. Lovely - have a great dinner tonight!

  3. Beautiful tribute to Mr. Helen and your marriage. Some of us long married folks are still very much in love and more connected that every.

  4. What a lovely tribute to the both of your relationship!

    Many happy returns of the day! :-)

  5. Oh Helen, you are a lucky girl. Mr. Helen is pretty lucky too...

  6. Love it! Happy Anniversary - have fun tonight. Sadly, I only get about 4 trick or treaters. :(

  7. You are such a sweetie, and Mr. Helen is lucky to have you! I can't remember my first date with Jeff - closest I can do is narrow it down to February 1983. I admire that you have these extra special dates to celebrate!

  8. LOVE this time of year - lots of sharing.... and not just candy!
    Glad you two have each other!

  9. Awww!!! Happy First Date anniversary to you and Mr. Helen. Enjoy the celebration and reflecting on all that you have accomplished together!!!

  10. Love it! You two always seem so happy and loving. The way it should be :D Enjoy your dinner!

  11. I love this. Happy 25. What a sweet sweet post. I hope you had a lovely dinner, you 26 year old, you.

  12. Awww, Happy First Date-a-versary! :)