Friday, October 7, 2011

What If?

As usual I watched the Biggest Loser this week while doing a run on the treadmill.  I find it very motivating to stay on the treadmill, and of course, not hold on as my new boyfriend Dolvett gets upset when you do that.

As it was NFL week there were several guest trainers both current and former NFL players.  To be truthful, this is not necessarily my favorite type of episode but the eye candy was enjoyable if you get my drift.  My goodness, if you think you're in good shape, you probably won't after you see those guys!

This season has been different in that they have divided the contestants into three groups, split by age.  There is an under 30 group, a 40-something group, and an over 50 group.  Of course, I am always interested to see what the over 50s will do, even though really most of them are 60 and up.  What has been very interesting though is the fact that the 40-somethings are kicking butt and taking names in the challenges and in the weight loss.  Statistically that probably should be happening, right?  The 20-somethings should be winning.  But they're not.  I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that the 40 year olds have Bob, the experienced trainer, on their side or if they have a better work ethic and life discipline in general.  Maybe a combination of both.

In any case, each time I watch this show there are things said that strike me.  Perhaps even things I heard before but maybe they're being said in a different way.  Sometimes I am so struck by something said that I quickly pause my treadmill, jump off and write it down so I won't forget it.

As you all know I have been struggling for sure.  While so much of it is medical, all of it together affects me mentally.  After the never ending testing I had a few weeks ago my doctor referred me to a metabolic specialist but my appt. is not until November 9th!  I am grateful that answers will soon be forthcoming (I hope) but in the meantime as I wait, I can't help but mull things over, you know?

This week as Football Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson worked with the over 50 age group, he said something that made me stop the treadmill:

Once you get to a certain weight, you have to do a lot more
 to burn that weight back off.

Why would that make me stop?  Because he did not say once you get to a certain AGE; he said weight.  I have heard hundreds of times the theories, etc. regarding weight loss as you age - especially for women with our huge losses of muscle and hormonal issues.  Never have I heard anyone refer to the number of pounds vs. the number of years. 

It''s like a double whammy being in my 50's and also having reached a certain weight.  Plus I have that triple whammy of medical issues.  This has left me pondering for sure.  I am certainly not taking this as a life sentence that I will not be able to get where I want to be but it sure does make me reconsider what I have to do to get there.

I've also heard the phrases "live as if" and "fake it 'till you make it."  I've actually used that many times to get over and around the humps and bumps that life sets up.  For some reason, though I would like to I've never been able to successfully apply that to my weight.  Wednesday morning as I ran, I heard those sayings in a different way.

One of the contestants, Antone, is an actual ex-NFL player.  Even if you didn't see the show, you can imagine his distress at having to work with current players - with them knowing he used to be in top form.  His player/trainer , Shawne Merriman, pushed and pushed and pushed him and kept telling him that he'd never lost "it."  By the end of that session, Antone said, "I'm not a former NFL player, I AM an NFL player and I can do this."

What if I approached my issues the same way?

I am not a former skinny/in shape/healthy person.
I AM a skinny/in shape/healthy person and I can do this!


  1. Interesting post that start me thinking while reading it because ain't I the one who is at a certain weight for years now? Sure few pounds loss, few pounds gain but around the same number for a long time now so I do believe it takes harder work to burn it off.

    I never talk to myself in a future person but maybe it's time to give it a try because it's much more positive.

    Thank you for putting my brain to work Helen. I don't have to watch BL because I've got you!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great post, Helen! I'm going to use your strategies of "fake it till you make it" and "live as if" during my upcoming travels. If I believe in myself, then things really become second nature and a possibility. So much of what we try to achieve depends on our frame of mind. Thank you for such positive thoughts this morning!

  3. I like the idea of tackling something (weight loss, running a certain distance, climbing a cargo net, whatever) with the mindset of "of course I will succeed" rather than assuming setbacks and failure. Power of positive thinking all around!

    I haven't finished watching that episode - yay, I have more of your boyfriend to see! ;)

  4. I honestly think it is a muscle issue...maintain your muscle mass, maintain your fat burning ability. I think you can do it.

  5. Definitely food for thought. You know me, I'm on the pessimistic end of hope right now. But I do like thinking positively. Even if its taking a long time, I'm still moving in the right direction.

    I definitely think losing weight is a multi-faceted problem (or opportunity, trying to put a positive spin on there.)

  6. Very much food for thought, particularly as I seem to be 'stuck' at a current weight and what I do doesn't seem to make it do more than wobble a bit around that weight. Accept that and move on, or treat it as something I have to make happen?

  7. Yes You Are! I don't watch TBL, but thanks for an update. I guess reality TV can be pretty good.

  8. Helen you never fail to inspire me with your wisdom.