Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Yesterday, I had a very grain carb craving day but fought it off all day long the best I could with fruit and veggies - easier at work because options are limited to what I've brought.  After work, I had to go to the mall to get moisturizer and hairspray. (The kind I like is only there.) I thought maybe I'd look around a bit too as Christmas is fast approaching and I haven't done a darn thing towards gift buying.

I entered through one of the anchor stores and went to buy the moisturizer.  Then I proceeded out into the mall to go buy the hairspray.  As soon as I got out into the mall area, my senses were ASSAILED with the fragrance of freshly baked bread.  Oooooh....

You see, we have not one but two pretzel places at our mall, one on each end.  The buttery goodness wafting around me was calling my name, begging me to pay attention and give in to the cravings that were now making every nerve in my body stand on end.  At this point I was glad that both places were on the floor below me.

I walked quickly to the store, bought my hairspray and as I came out, decided right then and there that there was NO WAY I could stay in that mall.  I couldn't even concentrate because I wanted to run straight to one of the pretzel makers and buy a cup full of the soft little warm pretzel pillows that pop in your mouth and delight the senses with their buttery goodness.

So I left. 

I went home and after doing a couple of quick chores, I had a sensible dinner.  But that feeling?  That feeling of wanting something.... something..... something BETTER never went away.  Finally around 8:00 I ate an ounce of almonds and 2 pieces of dried fruit which put me over my calories for the day.  Then I went to bed.

This incident is exactly why I plan to have a "cheat" day on Thanksgiving where I will be eating my family's famous cornbread stuffing, one of my mother's homemade potato rolls, and some dessert.  This is also why I will eventually shift to low glycemic eating over Paleo.

This morning, I'm still not sure if I made the right decision or not.  Time will tell.


  1. The right decision to not have the pretzels? Of course that was the right decision...if you were on ANY type of diet, those would have been off the table.

    That said, I'm glad you are not going to torture yourself on Thanksgiving - eat the good food and enjoy it, my friend!

  2. I'm totally with Shelley on having that cheat day on Thanksgiving. Smart decision!

    And I think you made the right decision. So you went over your calories for the day but you ate something good over something less good and that's what counts. Don't be too hard on yourself sweety.

  3. Yes you made the right decision. Pretzels are not on our healthy food list. Forget it and forge ahead. But I know exactly how you felt. Sometimes a bite or two of bread would be just what I need, but that would lead to more and more and then something worse, like cookies. Sigh. It's a new day today.

  4. Well, I'm not one who is tempted by the pretzel. But yes, if you want to lose weight you made the right decision. There are myriad decisions like that along the weight loss trail. Those things will be there at the end of weight loss, but the majority of the time you will have to decide against them just to maintain. (Don't mind me, just talking to myself here...)

  5. Congrats on avoiding the pretzel. Being full on Paleo is temporary for you, so stick it out as best you can.

    And I would not call it a cheat day. I don't like that term. You are making a conscious and informed decision to eat off of your prescribed plan. You aren't being deceptive about it.

  6. Very impressive leaving all the carbs behind yesterday! Some days those cravings are so strong - but you did it!

    I think the decision to enjoy your favorite foods on Thanksgiving is a good one.

  7. Those darn soft pretzels! They do have a siren's call, dont they? There's a store here that I avoid just because I can hardly resist them and when I smell them that's all I can think about. I feel your pain. But you resisted them!

    Do you allow yourself splurge meals or days? Curious.

    Hang in there! Remember those pounds that were lost and how happy you were to see that on the scale.

  8. Hi Helen. Pat yourself on the back for walking away from the pretzel. VERY glad you'll be enjoying everything Thanksgiving has to offer! Lori put it beautifully. have a wonderful day today.

  9. My favorite smell in the world is that of baking bread! I could never survive the paleo diet. :)

  10. In AA they say there is no bad reason to not pick up a drink. Ditto the pretzel! Nice work, Missy!

  11. I have been having a cheat day for the past two months and I still have managed to lose 11 pounds... maybe more.. i don't weigh until Saturday! It helps to get the cravings our of your system.

  12. I know the feeling...exactly. It is actually more than a feeling... I get this tingly feeling in my chest when I have intense cravings. It is the ACTUAL feeling of yearning, not just in my head.

    A victory for you!

  13. I agree with lori...when you know ahead of time you are going to eat something...then you control it. Great job passing on the pretzels. YOu know you would have felt like crap about yourself had you given in...good on you for not giving in...just remember your mantra next excuses! Go Helen!

  14. First, thanks a LOT for the earworm from the title! :)

    Second, when I was doing Core with WW, it eliminated a lot of carbs -- the most we could do were whole grains like brown rice and weird ones like quinoa and millet. And Medifast had none at all1 So I feel your pain! But I found over time that carb cravings do fade away, especially if you are keeping yourself full of the better foods you can eat.
    That said, carbs are like nicotine; as soon as you have one puff of a cigarette, you might as well buy a pack, and you just have to go through the whole withdrawal pain all over again. I would be really, really careful about cheating at Thanksgiving. At most, stick with the healthier carbs like potatoes (sweet or white) or whole grains. Fluffy rolls are just empty calories and instant re-addiction.