Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  This past long holiday weekend was just about the best holiday I can remember in recent years.  The actual day was hosted by my sister and her boyfriend.  It's nice to see her genuinely smile... and I'm not sure whose eyes are bluer - hers or his.

9.  Serious games of chess were played

8.  The littlest niece is a teensy bit afraid of dogs.  I think some of it is because she's such a peanut that most dogs are bigger than she is.  But my sister's boyfriend has a tiny little pug.  So Sammy tried to be friends with Bugsley - which worked mostly.  The only problem was that Sammy would get excited and skip across the room and Bugsley would think she wanted to play so she'd bark and run after Sammy with her tail going a mile a minute.  Which would promptly cause Sammy to burst into tears.  Hey, when you're 2 it's a learning process!

7.  Amazing Gracie was waiting for me to get there as she had very very important and exciting news! Did you know the Tooth Fairy gives $3 now?  And sucker Uncle Mr. Helen gives $5?!!

6.  Little Helen got a belated birthday gift, one worth waiting for - a new Coach bag!

5.  Friday we avoided all retail outlets and went to get our Christmas tree because we realized with our schedule we literally did not have another free time to do it.  Mr. Helen was the tree cutter, while Little Helen and I were the tree pickers,  She was quite excited as, since she left home, she rarely gets to take part in this tradition.

Where are you going?  I thought you girls wanted this one?

Are you SURE this is the tree you girls want?

Glad to have her home!

4.  Little Helen and I left the tree farm and went straight to the Princess Diana exhibit.  Worth every single penny we paid to get into it!  It was really well done - a mini story of her life.  There were even home movies of when she was growing up. The wedding gown was displayed  with the train fully extended, along with the shoes and bag she wore that day and the little flower girl's dress.  One whole room was dedicated to some of her most iconic outfits.  Those gowns were so gorgeous and classic that they could be worn today!  I wish I had photos to show you but no picture taking allowed.  But I did get a nice memento - an ornament for my tree.

3.  Saturday was a day of tree and house decorating.  Even though I was super busy all day it felt good to just hang around the house!  I think it all came out looking pretty good.

2.  Saturday evening we went to our friend's fund raiser for the scholarship they established when their 27 year old son was killed in an accident several years ago.  They give out two $500 scholarships each year to a graduating senior.  Since they are from St. Martin, they threw a big party that included Caribbean style food, a comedian and dancing.  It was so much fun and a great way to cap the weekend!

1.  Best of all?  Wonderful to have Little Helen home and not even a drop of extended family drama. Just good times and great memories!


  1. What a fantastic weekend you've had Helen. I've nothing to add only that I enjoyed this post and thank you for letting us join in all the fun.

  2. The pictures of your holiday decorations and Christmas tree are putting me in the holiday spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I loved your photos, and by the way, you look great. Little Helen is a beauty too! I could see the happiness in your faces. What a nice way to usher in the holiday season!

  4. This post made me smile. You have a beautiful family. I treasure family time especially this time of year. My husband unexpectedly had Friday off after Thanksgiving and we enjoyed the extra time together.

    That is one gorgeous Coach bag! And your Christmas decorations look great. I love your tree. So glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  5. How great to have family time without the 'extended family drama.' Love the Christmas decorations, and yes, you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and seeing your Christmas decorations.

  6. Loved this recap - what a great weekend you had!

    The purple Coach purse is so cool. I did not know that they came in such awesome colors! And Jenn is so much like her mom - stylish and beautiful! Great pictures of you two!

  7. Nice! and all that celebrating is a great way to kick off the Christmas season. I am glad your daughter is home. I'll be in your shoes here shortly in that regard. As for the tooth fairy, well, let's just say SOMEBODY upped the anty and apparently the tooth fairy corresponds with children now. That's all I have to say there.

  8. Love that you are having so much fun!

  9. What an awesome weekend and you all look so happy!

  10. Love the photos and the decorations and famblee moments. I am going to live vicariously through you and yours this holiday season.

  11. What a great recap of the holiday weekend. I am so happy for you to have your little Helen home for a visit.

    A no drama holiday - what a blessing.

  12. I couldn't comment yesterday for some reason! Love that you have already started decorating, it is too soon for Tony. :( I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet, but Tony is having surgery on December 12 for a hernia. He doesn't know it yet but it's going to be a snowman palooza when he gets back from the hospital!

    Hooray for a weekend with no family drama! :D You look beautiful!

  13. Great idea, combining the Tuesday 10 with a weekend wrap-up. Looks like you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving -- look how much everyone is smiling in the photos!