Monday, November 14, 2011

Zero Excuses Challenge Update 1 and a Weigh In

This is the end of the first week/beginning of the second week of the Zero Excuses Challenge I am participating in.

It has been an interesting week for me. As per my life-long pattern, I had no problems at all with the working out, but a myriad of interesting things to deal with and learn when it came to the Paleo-style eating that Rich Kreps, our trainer/nutritionist, has challenged us to follow!

First of all I should say that I am not a person who craves various foods.  I like lots of foods but I've never been one who specifically craved anything.  Perhaps because I've always eaten a large variety of things, I don't crave sugar or sweets or wine or even bread.  I'm just not a cravy person.  So, while some of my other fellow challengers have noticed that their cravings for sugars and grain type carbohydrates have decreased, I actually  felt myself develop cravings.  It was a bit unusual for me to feel like if I could just have one little piece of whole grain bread I'd feel better.

By Wednesday morning my body and mind were so sick of hunks of meat and chunks of vegetables I felt like every nerve in my body was standing on end.  Not to mention that while I had not had a lot of stomach growling hunger during the daytime, I'd been waking up to gnaw on my bedpost hunger.

I have the additional challenge that I cannot eat a drop of food before I've taken my thyroid med a full hour before eating.  This makes it difficult for me during the week when I get up at 4 so that I'm able to be exercising by 4:45 or so.  Even if I take the med, I don't have time to eat before I work out, etc., etc...... aaaaarrrggghhhhhh!

As you guys know, I generally watch Biggest Loser while I run on my treadmill on Wednesdays and that's exactly what I did last Wednesday morning.  However, instead of quickly stopping the treadmill while I went to write down something inspiring, I stopped it because about 10 minutes into my intervals my brain was going crazy to the point where I wanted to get into the freezer and eat a piece of frozen bread. (The freezer is in the garage with the treadmill.) Yep, it was that bad.  My solution was to get off the treadmill, run into the house put the oven on 400, scrub a small sweet potato and pop it in. When I finished my run 45 minutes later, the potato was cooked.  I ate that and 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast that day. Sweet potatoes are actually allowed in moderation in the Paleo diet, mostly as a great post workout food, which is exactly what I did!

I truly believe that the reason my cravings were so strong is that my carb intake on Monday and Tuesday was extremely low not to mention that on Tuesday I had done both the assigned workout and attended a one hour Muay Thai class that evening.  It turned out to be one of the hardest MT classes I've ever had.  My body really did need a carb boost.  In addition I tried to eat extra fruit on Wednesday and not only did it seem to do the trick of settling my cravings down, it also made me feel better on Thursday.

So, I feel like the food part of this challenge is going to continue to be a bit experimental for me.  I need to figure out how to eat  to prevent the cravings that I'd never had before! I also need to figure out how to eat on days when I have a double workout:  mornings with the assigned challenge workout and evenings with Muay Thai.  Additionally, I continue to struggle with the sensory side of the eating thing.  Don't get me wrong, I am eating very good food, seasoned well, etc.  I'm just missing the "oooh this is luscious" factor and I need to figure out how to bring that back.  I'm also missing (a lot!) my cheeses and oatmeal.

Now for the part I know ya'll really want to see:  the weigh in.  I need to apologize in advance for the photo - it's terrible.  I forgot my glasses upstairs and didn't realize it until I had the camera pointed at the scale and once that number pops, I need to take the photo because of the way this scale works.  Between my poor vision and my excitement, it's a very blurry photo that I had to crop due to all the backflash - sigh.  BUT WHO CARES?

BOOYAH! 3.6 lbs. down!!

Thanks to my fabulous photog skillz, what is sort of hard to see is the word "loss" under the 7.  The 7 is how many days since I weighed myself.  A full week in other words.  Unlike some people I know, I don't have a hard time at all staying off the scale.

How did this weigh in make me feel?  Encouraged is the best word I think.  Because it wasn't a huge, huge number (like 7 or 8 lbs.) I don't feel it was as much water weight as I thought it might be.  So I feel encouraged that it's 'real' weight loss.  I'm also encouraged because it's been a loooooong time since I've seen any downward movement on the scale.  Additionally, I have to admit, I LIKE not knowing what I weigh.  In the past, when I saw the 3 digits the fact that the numbers was so much more than I want to weigh discouraged me to the point where I could not concentrate on the truth:

I lost 3.6 pounds!

Pretty good for a hypothyroid, menopausal 51 year old, right?!


  1. It's dang good for a hypothyroid, menopausal 51 year old! I love your description!

    This hypothyroid, peri-menopausal 44 yr old follower of a primal lifestyle is wishing you continued success!

  2. Woot!! Your determination is inspiring to me Helen!

  3. You wrote "cravy", I read "gravy". Story of my life.

    So, so pleased for you that this is working! How wonderful to see your efforts pay off, and I know that being hungry is not easy - you did great to work through it, and make this diet work for you. You're gonna own this (b word implied)!!!

  4. Checkin' back in on all my favorite bloggers today. I'm so amazed Helen. That's awesome!!

  5. Pretty good? FANTASTIC!!!! I think that's a lot for the first week.

    I recognize a lot of your struggles from my first week when I was eating low carb although I was one of those who didn't want sugar or bread. Still don't. My book says that if you change to low carb your body needs time to adjust to it and yours is doing that now.

    And yes: you're a terrible teaser with that salad :) Can't wait!

  6. Yahoo!! Love it!
    The scale sounds like something I need but unfortunately it isn't available here... yet. Maybe one day they will ship international :)
    Way to go Helen!!

  7. Whoo! Congrats. :) That's a pretty impressive weight-loss.

    Keep it up!

    (I also totally get what you mean by being sick of meat and veg. I'm keeping going only by willpower alone! ... and by having an accidental, non-paleo meal on Sunday. OOPS.)

  8. Congrats on the loss! You're doing great with all the exercise, and listening to your body with the new food plan. Hopefully you will find the right combination for you. Keep us posted.

  9. Booyah is right indeed! Congrats! Definitely eat more fruit and probably fat to help with the exercise crashing. I need to eat a sweet potato for breakfast. Why have I not thought of doing that??

  10. Woot! Nice going - that makes those chunks of meat and vegetables seem a little more appealing, huh? Sweet potatoes and HB eggs sound like a heavenly breakfast, but on Phase One SB/modified Atkins induction, SPs aren't in my future any time soon! Keep up the great work!

  11. You go Helen!! I guffawed at this sentence: "By Wednesday morning my body and mind were so sick of hunks of meat and chunks of vegetables I felt like every nerve in my body was standing on end."

    In honor of you, I am going to eat an egg this morning!

  12. So proud of you Helen - go girl! Way to jump start your first week. I need to stop by pity party and just move on this week - I have butternut squash soup with garlic shrimp for lunch, will just keep putting one foot in front of the other!


  13. Congratulations! I would love to have that much weight loss is one week. I know you will figure out the right balance of carbs for you. With being so active you must require more.

    I am thrilled with your results!

  14. That's great Helen!!! I would certainly be happy with that number!

  15. Great job!! That's awesome! Wow, Helen!!! So happy for you!!!

  16. Glad it's going well Helen. Congrats on the loss!!!

  17. 3.6 is a great loss at any age, any gender, and under any biologic condition. You should be proud...all this paleo talk is going to make me do some googling!

  18. furkin fantastic for anybody helen! Good work and a long week by the sounds of it...this may really help in the long run push you more towards veggies. I know it did me. Before I did atkins, the vegetable on my plate was 1/2 cup tops. Now it's almost half my plate. I feel better when I skip refined carbs and focus on complex carbs. two weeks of 3.5 lb losses and you will be 7 lbs down...3 weeks and it's 10...Thats oodles. Keep up the good work.

  19. Thats FANTASTIC.
    TOES :)