Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Randomness

I feel like blogland has hit the proverbial holiday slowdown lately. Actually I noticed it a bit before Thanksgiving but it seems to be picking up this week.  I suppose it's a good thing that bloggers are out living their real lives, right?


I showed you guys a small photo of my outside decorations.  I thought I'd back up and try to get the whole view so you could see what it looks like when driving down my hill. 

When we first moved there, the only thing we put up was the snowflakes around the porch.  Then a couple years ago I found the little trees to line the retaining wall.  Then this year I got a great deal on the two deer and Mr. Helen found the garland with the colored lights tucked away so he added that.  It's not much, but I think it's festive.

The only issue is that I really don't think anyone but us really sees or enjoys our little light display.  Why you ask?  Well, we live on a one way street and exactly two houses before mine, this is what people see:

And I'm not even showing you the driveway here people.  That's full of animated snowglobes and the trees along the side have flashing candycanes. 

Yep, there's only 1 house inbetween me and that guy lol!  The neighbor inbetween says why bother and puts up a simple wreath on her door.  This year when Mr. Helen was putting the decorations out Christmas Wonderland Neighbor walked down the hill and said, "Oh, I see you're adding deer this year.  Are you trying to compete with us?"  HAHAHAHA!

This is the only time of year we actually have a bit of traffic on our little one way street.


Another busy weekend for us here at the Helen household.  Friday night I have got to try to do some Christmas shopping.  Got to.  Never before have I been this late getting started!

Saturday morning Mr. Helen has to go to rehearsals for the big Black Belt Extravaganza being held on December 17th.  That's when he will formally be presented his Third Degree Belt.  Before they get their belts, the candidates put on a show.

Then, we are attending the wedding of the young woman who was our Flower Girl.  How is it even possible that she has aged enough to be getting married and we are exactly the same?

Saturday evening is yet another annual fundraiser that we have been going to for a few years.  Called Giving is a Gift, it's like a holiday party with games and great food and the price of admission is a donation that goes to one of the local non-profits.  We generally try to buy things to be used at the Women's Center in their domestic violence shelter - body wash, deodorant and other personal hygiene items. We also like to put together a couple of bags of groceries for the food bank.  The event is great fun and we always leave feeling happy and vowing to do more the next year.
In between those events we hope to get some shopping done for Little Helen.  Sunday will be more shopping, specifically for Mr. Helen since he'll be at work and I'll be able to get the stuff in the house without him seeing anything.

Can't believe it's just a bit over 3 weeks until Christmas.  Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, it's the busiest too!


On Wednesday I had Amazing Gracie for a couple of hours because she kept asking her mama if she could come over.  She said she wanted to pick what we did so we went shopping at Target (where I spent about $35 on her, sigh), I did her nails, we examined every. single. ornament. on the tree, ate shrimp cocktail and then we watched Elf.  All between 5:00-7:15!!  While we were watching Elf she picked up my iPhone and said, "Let's take pictures!"  Herewith is our crappy iPhone camera photo session:

"Let me stand by the tree first."
(Note the slippers on her feet: $9.99 at Target)

" Now I want to do a crazy pose!"

"OK Aunt Helen now YOU do a crazy pose!"

"Now show everyone we're watching Elf."

"It's my turn to show Elf!"

"Show me your favorite ornament."
"I can't Gracie, I love them all."
"Ok, then show all of them."

"Now I'll show you my favorite one... it's this birdie one with the birdies going round and round.  Can I please take it off and put it on my tree at home?"
"No Gracie, but you can look at it every time you come here."

If that doesn't give you a smile and put you in a better mood for the season and the weekend, well I don't know what will!


  1. I don’t mind it’s slowing down in blogland. December is a pretty busy month, especially at work, and often I don’t want to sit behind my computer after a busy day at work. If it’s quiet in blogland, it’s easier to keep up with everybody. At this moment I read mostly my favo blogs and try to keep up with them and the other blogs I save for the weekend.

    I love your house more than that of the energy waister. I never like over decorated houses at Christmas (not only at Christmas by the way). I like it stylish and your house is.

    You got a busy weekend ahead of you but with a lot of fun things to do. I’m glad we don’t do Christmas gifts, a lot of less stress for me. All I have to do is come up with Christmas dinner.

    I was already in a good mood but you and Gracie only made it better.

    Have a great weekend Helen.

  2. Hannah's softball coach when she was about 8 used to start decorating his house the day after Halloween that's how much stuff he put on his house! And his brother lived across the street and started decorating, and then even had a bridge of lights tying their two houses together - it was always a high traffic street!

    I love your decorations! Hope you have time to relax sometime this weekend - so busy! :D

  3. I saw a really fun picture on FB not too long ago that showed a blinged out house like your neighbors then a house next to it with just lights on the front of the house that spelled "DITTO"! Hilarious!!!

    Personally, I love your decorations :)

    Sounds like you have a busy and fun weekend ahead, Helen! Enjoy!

  4. I love the decorating party you had! Crazy poses are awesome. I often do a pose like that periodically and say "Super star!!". Then I laugh because I crack myself up. What was that you were saying about have a real life?? :D

    You should point out to the light guy that he has a short in the eaves. Nicely, of course!

  5. I didn't know you had a porch! I love it - can only imagine the fun you have with decorating it through the seasons! Your snowflakes are lovely and I think having *just* enough decorations where it doesn't take days to install (AND uninstall) is nice.

    Love the poses with Grace - you are the fun aunt for sure!

    Hope you get everything done this weekend so you can have some semblance of calm next week, but if you don't, hey...*cough cough* you might just have to call in to work. ;)

  6. So much fun with Grace! Making Christmas memories with her. Your house decorations are perfect...not over the top.

  7. You did put a smile on my face! I used to love goofing around with my nieces like that. Sigh. They are all grownup now.

  8. Kids are awesome! They make us have fun. It helps. As for dude with house. HOLY CRAP BALLS. Did they run lights down the side of the house? And the next time weird dude asks if you are competing just say 'I am celebrating the birth of baby Jesus'....'it's not a competition'. lololol. That should shut him up. What kind of grown up does that? competes with lights. It's kind of like clark grizwald and snoopys doghouse all rolled into one. I like'll be even prettier when it snows. just don't stare directly at that other house, you'll burn your retinas.

  9. Hi Helen. LOVE the decorating pictures. And REALLY love your holiday lights!!!! Wish I was able to do a drive by! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Your house looks lovely Helen. We have a house just at the end of our block that lights up the sky-they have so many lights and decorations. We do look like the grinch in comparison as well as the rest of the neighbors! Oh well.

    Your niece is adorable. Wow you packed in a lot of activity in a short amount of time. Love it.

  11. You and Gracie are too cute for words!

    I have noticed that there has been a steady increase in the number of houses going way over-the-top like your neighbors. I guess if you live on a busy street, it might make sense, but in a cul-de-sac that's just obnoxious.

    I miss the days when we put electric candles in each window throughout the house, a pretty wreath on the door, and a big tree in the main window and called it a day.