Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Thinking about the holidays and reading the laments of some of the single bloggers made me laugh out loud.  They're crying over spending New Year's Eve on their couch with Nutella, watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve.  Are you kidding me?  That's like my dream date!

9.  Thing that makes me happy:  this dress.  Bought it about a month ago as a goal dress.  Nowhere near the size I was wearing but it was on a clearance rack for $20 and I thought that maybe I'd be able to wear it before next spring if I did OK during the Zero Excuses Challenge.  Saturday morning while trying to decide what to wear to the wedding, I thought, "Try it on and see how much further you have to go..."  IT FIT!!! (And it prompted Mr. Helen's lovely comment to me too!)

8.  It has been around 60 degrees every day since Thanksgiving here in Connecticut.  Yesterday, it snowed in Texas. Methinks the weather is upside down. 

7.  Thing that makes me happy: being at the wedding of my flower girl. I'm a sap for romance!

6.  I wish the department stores like Macy's would do late evening door busters instead of early morning.  The early morning ones are from 8 am to noon and that makes it near impossible for those of us who actually have to be in our offices to take advantage of the good buys.

5.  Thing that makes me happy:  my Zero Scale, specifically the total weight loss feature.  I just find seeing that total number so motivating.  Don't forget, if you want to be motivated the same way, you can get your own scale for 15% off by typing in the word "ZERO" in the promo code box when you order.  But this offer is only good until December 23, 2011.

4. December 21st  I am taking a tour of the White House Holiday decorations!  Little Helen got 2 tickets and asked me to come.  I am flying down, doing the tour and then she and I will drive back together for her trip home for Christmas. When she asked, my planning/administrative mind couldn't fathom doing anything so crazy.  Mr. Helen insisted telling me it was the chance of a lifetime.  That's what makes us such a good pair - his fly by the seat of the pants personality knows how to tame the planner in me.

3.  Thing that makes me happy: Gracie trying ice skating for the first time... look at that face!

2. Mr. Helen's family has decided to do away with the Christmas gift exchange.  Instead, everyone is going to put the money they would have spent into a pot and half is going to be donated to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of his mother and the other half is going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in memory of Pam.  Love this idea!

1.  Thing that makes me happy:  PROGRESS!  When I got home from work, Mr. Helen told me my slacks looked baggy.  I told him no they were just a bit stretched out from wearing them all day.  He replied that NO they are baggy.  Take some money and buy yourself some new slacks.  He doesn't know that I don't have to do that because I have several sizes waiting.  This morning, I got into my next size down bin and I'm wearing a pair of those slacks today!  Happy.  So Happy.


  1. I’m totally with you on that. In fact that’s exactly what R. and I will be doing New Year’s Eve. I don’t like this holiday at all and rather stay at home and watch tv.

    I love the dress too. It looks great on you.

    There are some big stores in Holland that have special buying nights around the holidays for the people that have to work.

    What an awesome trip to look forward too. The tour sounds great and after that you have quality time with Little Helen during the drive home.

    And number 1 makes me very happy for you too Helen.

  2. 10. I don't like crowds and you couldn't pay me to be out on New Year's Eve.
    9. LOVE THIS!!!
    8. I agree. Where is my mild winter?!?
    7. Awww! She's all grown up! So sweet.
    6. Ooh, you just reminded me I wanted to go check out some makeup (MAC, we just got it here) at Macy's today!
    5. So glad this is working for you!
    4. Thrilled for you - I've seen a little of it online and it looks amazing.
    3. What a cutie pie, and brave!
    2. What a wonderful idea!
    1. LOVE THIS!!!

  3. You were unknowingly my inspiration this morning Helen. The alarm went off at 6 am. I was in bed by 10:30 last night so there was no excuse not to get up. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and said "Helen is going to work out today - get your ass out of bed!" And I did. Thank you for the push!

    You look beautiful in that dress!

  4. You have a jean bin!?! Just like that woman in the commercial. Wow.

    I won't be complaining unless I'm dead by New Years Eve. I plan to stay home and knit and do whatever I feel like doing. Last year we went out to dinner as a small group and that was fun but over WAY before the New Year rang out. New Years like any holiday is what you make of it.

  5. Whee, Helen! Its great to hear the optimism in your voice! So great to have results for positive reinforcement in a strict program like this. Plus your #10 made me LOL. I am single, but I don't think I ever lamented this. For sure I don't now.

    #4--how wonderful. So glad the Mr. insisted you go!

    And #2--now THAT'S the way to celebrate Christmas!

  6. You do look great :) Love the dress and that you got to wear it to the wedding :)

  7. Hi Helen. So much to comment on. LOVE the dress, you look fantastic!!!! And love the idea of staying home on New Year's Eve. I love the idea of going to Washington even MORE! That'll be fantastic. Gracie is adorable, Mr. Helen's family are superstars to donate to the causes, and I'm a sucker for romance too. Your flowergirl made a lovely bride. Have a terrific rest of your Tuesday.

  8. You look gorgeous my dear!! I'm so happy your dress fit now seriously, go buy some new pants! :)

  9. Oh Helen, I am so happy to read this post. I can "feel" your happiness through the words you wrote.
    You look beautiful in that dress and I LOVE the smile!
    I'm so busy at work I don't post on my blog right now but I do find a few minutes to read a few blogs and I look forward to reading yours.

  10. I read this post and your last one together and ended up posting about both on the previous post. It's nice that you're having mild temperatures. Our mild temperatures have gone into regular Minnesota winter now.

    Your trip to Washington DC sounds great! We've been there, but have never done the White House tour. Lucky you and Little Helen, and how nice of her.

    I'm so glad you're doing so well on this plan. You do sound upbeat! Another great post, Helen!

  11. How happy you are, Helen - it just shines through in this post. I think this challenge has been great for you on a lot of levels. You look fabulous in that dress, too. Regular strength training agrees with you.

  12. Thank God for skinny pants! lol. Men have no concept of the 'skinny pant' do they...they just heave their too tight pants up under their gut and secure it with a belt and when the button finally pops from exhaustion they look at us and complain about the inferior quality of today's clothing. lololol. Well, that was my hubby...before he dropped thirty pounds. I am so glad you are progressing Helen. I can remember the frustration in your blogs, and I think this is really working for you. It makes me happy!

  13. Oh, and on new years I don't even make it to midnight...I am in bed by 11. ack.

  14. this made my CORE and heart smile.

    much love from TX.

  15. Love the dress - you are beautiful!

  16. You look great in that dress. It's such a great feeling to go down a size! I'm so happy for you!!!!

    Love the idea of putting the gift money to the Alzheimer's Association!

    Great, happy post. :)

  17. You look smashing in that dress. This single blogger isn't lamenting a thing this time of year. But then that's just me.

    That IS a chance of a life time to visit the White House at Christmas. Glad you took Mr. Helen's advice

    So happy that you're happy

  18. Great list! I love that dress, and totally melted at the delighted look on Gracie's face.