Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  One of the recent searches that led someone to my blog was "big ass in pantyhose."  I can't even imagine which post provoked that and probably don't want to know!

9.  .... and miles to go before I sleep.  On a friend's dare I recently added up my running mileage for 2011.  Since I didn't have any set goal I hadn't been keeping track of the total.  I discovered that if I push myself I might just make 800 miles for the year. But it's going to require me to be a running fool between now and December 31st.

8.  Mr. Helen got his 3rd Degree Black Belt on Saturday. (See the 3 stripes on his belt?)  Here he is with our Kyoshi - the woman who has been the "other" woman in our lives for the last 10 years.  She went into martial arts when women were few and far between and put up with a lot of grief but mostly just shut the boys club up by being a world class martial artist. She's a Sixth Degree and yep, she's only about 4'11" tall but you can bet nobody messes with her.

7.  The show was fabulous as usual... and we had the most unusual thing happen when the belt presentations were going on.  The 1st degree candidates were being called up to be given their belts by the Shihan.  One of the recipients went up and they bowed to each other and all of a sudden he pulled the belt back and stepped backwards.  She didn't move a hair - even from my view I could tell she was stunned.  Then this happened:

Her boyfriend arranged to surprise her with a proposal!  It worked, she was shocked as all get out and the crowd went wild. I can't believe I managed to get these photos but I did -  I'm a sap for romance! We saw them later when we were out to eat and she told me that the day would go down as one of the biggest life changing days of her life.

6.  Monday morning when I got up at 4:15 (hit the snooze!) and my toes hit the floor I thought, "huh, it feels really cold." Turns out it was 14 degrees.  I went outside and decided that I think 20 degrees is going to be my limit for running in the cold and dark.  So my running partner Pitbull and I went outside to the treadmill in the 22 degree garage and did 3 miles of speedwork at a 3% incline.

5. This morning I got up and it was 45 degrees, which was warmer than it had been all day on Monday.  I hit the roads for a 5K which I managed to finish in 32 minutes.  Still not my best speed but I can see that 10 minute mile on the horizon!

4.  I'm probably way too old to wear a dress like this but boy is it gorgeous... it has everything I love - pink and bling.

3.  As of today it's looking like my planned trip to see the White House Holiday decorations is off.  Poor Little Helen called me crying last week saying she got an email stating that the two times we picked were probably being cancelled and offering her other times.  Of course,  I was flying down so it's all messed up.  I tried to talk her into going but she said she doesn't want to go without me.  While I'm disappointed, for once I'm going to be a glass half full person and believe this has happened for a reason and there will be another opportunity in the future!

2.  This is what I've been going through since last Friday:

The funny thing is Mr. Helen keeps talking about how much he likes my bob and how bouncy it is.  OY.

1.  I don't know about you but I've spent year after year after year setting goals and probably failing at reaching as many as I made.  My resolution for 2012?  No goals.  Simply, I will do the best I can in whatever circumstances arise. I will however, have a motto (thanks to my boyfriend Dolvett):  Hard Work, Dedication.


  1. 1. LOL on no goals. I've spent my life with that mantra, which drives Jeff crazy. But do what works for you!
    2. So where are the new hairstyle pictures?!? I'm sure it's adorable.
    3. Major sads.
    4. I'm telling you, we should be able to have a do-over on the prom at 50!
    5. You and Jeff, my speedy runners. :)
    6. I'm sorry, but even the garage temps would have been too cold for me.
    7. How sweet! And those are great pictures!
    8. I never knew what the stripes meant - very cool.
    9. You can do it!!!
    10. No words. OK, one - freak?

  2. Ooh, that dress IS pretty!

    And yeah, we only get drawings of your new hairdo???

    Tell Mr. H I said CONGRATULATIONS! I love that that little woman is a six degree black belt!

  3. There's so much "good stuff" in this post. First of all, congrats to Mr. Helen! WOW! Great achievement! You're very hardy and determined to be in the garage on the treadmill at that temperature, so congrats to you!

    I bet your hair is very nice! I also just had mine cut, and I know that we women often have difficulty with haircuts, but I don't think you could look bad.

    Sorry about your change of plans with your daughter, but I like your attitude.

    I love the dress! How much fun would it be to wear something like that! It would look great on you.

    Happy Holidays, Helen!

  4. I love your resolution....the just-get-the-work-done mentality. Hope you don't mind if I share that mindset!

  5. Um, pretty sure Dolvett is my boyfriend! I like your 2012 mantra - hard work and dedication - that equals success in my book!

    Sorry about the White House tour, while I am sure you and little Helen are disappointed, you will be with each other and that's all that matters!

    Hairdo pictures please! :D

  6. Hi Helen. First of all, BIG Congratulations to Mr. Helen. And how FUN that you saw the proposal. (I LOVE stuff like that, even though I think I'd have been mortified if Dennis proposed to me in public. Ours was private and off the beaten track!) So sorry about the D.C trip, however there WILL be other opportunities in the future. Love the pink dress. And look forward to seeing the bob. Have a great day Helen.

  7. The best thing about hair - it is the one thing in life you can totally screw up, mess with, treat badly, damage, and it always comes back. :D

    Congrats to Mr. Helen! What an awesome proposal as well :D

  8. Helen, as I said on FB already: run those miles for me, at least one of us gets something done in the running department. And you can totally do this.

    Congrats to Mr. Helen, he’s awesome and it’s a huge accomplishment.
    I never saw a wedding proposal for real but I would love too.

    You are so hardcore getting up at 4.15 am for your run. I feel like a baby complaining to myself that 5.15 am is early.

    That’s a bummer the tour is cancelled, it sounded like such a fun trip for you and Little Helen. Hope you both will be able to go next year.

    It’s funny I read that you won’t be setting goals for 2012. I decided a while ago I won’t either. All I want to do in 2012 is reach my goal weight and run and workout and have fun doing it. I will still keep track of my miles and workouts and keep posting them monthly on my blog but no goals. Best decision I made so far for 2012.

  9. You just helped me decide to not set any big resolution for 2012. How freeing! Thank you!

  10. I like the idea of no goals. I might have to try that this year, even though I do have many plans I would like to accomplish in 2012.
    Congrats to Mr. Helen, and what a sweet proposal! Glad you kept snapping away, and I bet they would be thrilled to get the photos too.
    Such a bummer about the White House tour not working out, but I would press Little Helen to go anyway. I'm sure it's just gorgeous!
    Aww, yeah, been there with new haircuts. Are we going to see any pics?

  11. Love your list! I got a trim last Friday and wanted to go short when I saw the cutest picture at the salon, but my hairdresser wouldn't do it without a note from my husband!
    Congrats to your husband, and how cute was that proposal

  12. I read this yesterday. Did I comment. I can't remember. I get searches for "Old fat ladies."
    The photos are fantastic!