Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winner Winner Football Pick Dinner!

When we started doing the Football picks I made a list of restaurants I wanted to go to.  Most of them were either restaurants that we don't go to often or ones we've never even tried.  The restaurant that we went to for my win was one we'd never been to before.  We kept hearing rave reviews about it and several times when Little Helen came home she told us we should try to place just based on the type of restaurant.  Though she's never been there she guaranteed us the food would be good.  Now here's the really sad thing about all of this:  this restaurant is literally about a 1/4 mile from our house!

When I won, I decided the time had come for us to go there and told Mr. Helen I wanted to go for a late lunch.  We got up Saturday morning and while I worked out he went to the rehearsal for his black belt show.  Once he was home we tackled the house cleaning together and then got cleaned up and went grocery shopping.  I was trying to get as much done as possible so I'd have Sunday free for wrapping gifts.  Finally, around 2:15 we headed out... and we walked!  While the area we live in is considered a city for this area, it really is sort of a suburban city and it's not very often that we walk to dinner.  It made me feel very cosmopolitan.

We arrived at our destination and the first thing I noticed is that they have decorated a bit for the season.

Pollos a la Brassa is a Peruvian restaurant and their specialty is Peruvian style rotisserie chicken along with many other items as we would soon see on the menu.

I had to remind him I was the winner!

There was very simple seating inside but it was super clean and decorated to the hilt.  In fact I was greatly amused by the mixture of  Peruvian and Christmas decorations.

This guy watched me eat.

Once I perused the menu, I decided I would allow this meal to be non Paleo - only the second one since I started the challenge.  I chose the half rotisserie chicken with rice and beans with a side of plantains, because Mr. Helen and I decided we would share our food.  He chose a dish called Bistec Encebollado: top round steak thinly sliced and smothered in garlic.  Topped with onions and tomatoes and served with white rice.


So yeah, even though we shared and even though Mr. Helen ate all that beef except the couple of bites I had, we came home with a full meal worth of leftovers  All for $26.00, including the Diet Pepsi I drank.  This was quite the find and as we strolled home we wondered why we waited so long.  We will definitely go back as we've already picked out other items we are wanting to try.

I'm glad I enjoyed this so much because I lost the picks this week, siiiiiiiigh.  Seriously, Mr. Helen picked every single game correctly except 1!  I suppose it's only fair for me to pay this week since he's getting his 3rd Degree Black Belt on Saturday and wants to go out to dinner to celebrate afterwards.  I just hope he picks something as yummy as this.


  1. How fun to discover a new-to-you restaurant, and practically in your own backyard! And you can feel righteous about the meal since you walked there!

  2. Winning! OMG, the portions sizes are huge! I can see why there were so many leftovers.

    I've never had peruvian food - looks delicious (except I am looking away from the onions!)

  3. Yum! and congrats! and a lot of grub. Looks good.

  4. Damn - I would be at that place all the time! We can walk to dinner to a few places, but mostly pizza joints :D It doesn't feel so cosmopolitan!

    Such a worthy meal to bend your rules for as well.

  5. I wish we had a restaurant in walking distance! That place looks like a winner, Helen!

  6. Hi Helen. How fun, next time you are there, can you steal those little bulls for me? They'd make good mascots on my blog. KIDDING, KIDDING, KIDDING!!!!

  7. What a fun post! Loved the photos. I love to find unusual restaurants. Such a nice change from the chain restaurants!

  8. What great food! I love trying new places and flavors.

  9. That looks really tasty and PORTIONS... the portions at restaurants are out of least I know now that I am not required to eat it all lol. yes...sometimes it's enough for three or four meals. Looks like you guys had fun.

  10. Stuff is falling off the plate! Yum and double yum!
    You have THE cutest smile!

  11. Congrats on winning the picks!

    I have never had Peruvian but looking at the pics: if I ever find a restaurant here in Holland I will definitely try it. R. doesn't very much like to try out new kinds of food so I usually try out these things with my friend K.
    Tonight we're going to a restaurant that serves a.o. Middle East food, something he doesn't like but I do.