Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hasta La Vista Baby!

This is the final word on my vacation.  Promise.  Because after today, I'll BE on vacation!  The newspaper delivery has been stopped and the housesitter is in place (gotta keep my patio plants alive ya know!) and today will be full of finishing the last minute details.

We've been going to this place, our home away from home for 10 years now, therefore, I have lots of photos! I thought I'd show you my boring vacation pictures now because who knows how long it will take me to get it together once we're back.  Did you know that St. Martin is also St. Maarten?  Spelled the other way means you're on the Dutch side.  (Hi Fran!  Maybe we should meet here!) The whole island is only 37 square miles and is the smallest land mass shared between two governments.  You can cross from French to Dutch and vice versa at will.  There are borders but no passport check points!

Here's a shot of the small resort where we stay.  It's one of only a couple on the French side.  We'll be in one of those 3 buildings on the right with the red roofs. This is a view from the beach side of "downtown" of the small village of Grand Case where we stay.

The resort is sort of V-shaped with most of the living quarters on one side with Grand Case Beach, and a beach called Petite Plage on the other.  This photo of the sign at the gate when you enter the resort shows the property layout really well.

An interesting fact about beaches in St. Martin:  even when they are on a resort, all beaches are open to the public and FREE to get into!  Love that.  This is Petite Plage and the downtown area of the village in the background across the bay:

Mr. Helen and I spend a lot of time captivated by sand gravity.  Even when we go visit one of the other gorgeous beaches on the island we always come back to Petite Plage for our last swim of the day.  That is Mr. Helen there on the left of this photo.  See the flag just behind him?  When you pull that flag up, someone comes out onto the beach from the Sunset Cafe (in the background) and takes your order for food and/or drinks.  Perfect for when you feel spectacularly lazy!

There's a reason the Sunset Cafe is named what it is.  I'm not sure all the various photos I've taken over the years can convey how gorgeous it is and what it's like to watch the sun literally sink away.

While we generally have found May to be our favorite time of year to go, this year we delayed our trip so that we could be part of our friend Nick's memorial.  Nick is Mr. Helen's best friend's dad who passed awy last fall.  He was born and raised in Grand Case and on July 24th the entire the entire village will participate and celebrate his life.  Before Nick got a bit older and came to the USA, he was a fisherman like many used to be in Grand Case.  His ashes are going to be spread at Creole Rock which is a well known landmark to the fishermen of St. Martin.

No explanation needed, other than to tell you that's Sandra in the background.  We love her and hope she's still working there!  And maybe I'll mention that both drinks cost us $5.  They charge the same for adult beverages as they do for "virgin."  Seriously, in downtown Phillipsburg (the capital of the Dutch side) there are Heineken Beer machines right next to the Coke machines!  Last time we were there I think it cost $1.

Then of course, there's the food.  Grand Case is known as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. For good reason. There are fancy French restaurants and locally owned places.  No matter where you go the food is just beautifully presented.  It's like artwork!

Conch Salad

Basil Shrimp

Petite Filet with Potato Puffs and Harricot Verts

Lamb Chops

Curried Chicken

Chocolate Souffle with Cookies & Pot of Hot Chocolate 

As  I've looked through these photos, I've realized how good this vacation is for each of us as individuals and for us as a couple.  How do I know?  Because I can't find one single photo - even in the candids, where we look stressed, disgruntled or unhappy.  St. Martin really is our happy place (and not because of the three flavored sharing this photo with us!).

With apologies to The Terminator.... (unless I win the lottery) I'll be back!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  While running an errand to CVS for my boss, I saw a few things and decided to pick them up while I was there.

This?  This is my brain saying, "Ima be on a plane on vacayshun in a few days!"

Said items were taken home and placed in the carryon.  I know some of ya'll eat the same way all the time but I won't even pretend that I do.  I snack on stuff like this while traveling, drink more wine, and eat more dessert than normal. I also have the common sense to stay OFF the scale for at least a week following!

9.  I am a beach lover and over the years I have accumulated some things that make my beach trek easier.  Like my Wonder Wheeler, which Mr. Helen gave me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. As Mr. Helen says, I like to take the kitchen sink with me and this makes my life easier.  I just load all my crap important stuff in there and wheel it from the car over the sand to wherever I decide to plant myself.  Even he has come to appreciate it as he no longer has to do the shlepping when we go together.

8. After my weekend beach visit, based on how many times I had to dodge flying umbrellas, I seriously thought about setting up a beach stand just to sell umbrella anchors.  Seriously people, if it is windy at the beach, do not set up your umbrella without one.  What I really love is when they dig and dig and dig and put the umbrella up and promptly walk away.  Thar she blows!  These things are so inexpensive I don't understand why every regular beach going person doesn't own one!

7.  I've been really creative with cooking this week due to not grocery shopping over the weekend.  Just trying to use up what we have on hand before vacation.  I opened the freezer on Saturday and saw some pork tenderloins we had gotten on sale.  Remembered I had farmer's market zucchini and some left over red potatoes from a recent potato salad.  Decided on the spot to make kabobs.  This meal was so easy because the tenderloin was already marinated in a Caribbean seasoning.  To season the veggies, I melted a couple tablespoons of butter and added some chives and pressed garlic.  I just kept basting the veggies with that mixture.  Everything came out so good - we'd forgotten how much we enjoy grilled kabobs!

6.  Also, along the lines of eating up anything that might spoil, I think I may have improved on my diet. At this point, I've just about become a fruititarian/vegetarian. For example, dinner tonight is zucchini and onions that were sauteed in olive oil, served over couscous. There is a piece of steak left but I'm leaving that for "Where's the Beef?" Mr. Helen.

5. I can't believe how little running I've done over the last few weeks.  All these early morning PT appointments have seriously messed with my running time.  Last time this happened was five years ago when I had a severe case of tendonitis that was making my running life miserable and had me in PT three times a week.  Around that same time we were in the process of buying our house so between packing, moving, and unpacking I was forced to give my leg the rest it needed.  I remember wondering if I'd ever run again.

4.  The other day while working on my compressed nerve (I'm down to 1 PT appt. a week now!), my therapist was recalling that time frame and remembering how glad she was that I moved because she had been begging me to just. stop. running. for weeks.  According to her, runners are the most stubborn about giving up their sport and the hardest to treat because the minute we feel even a teensy bit better we hit the road and often set our injuries on fire again.

3.  Speaking of running, my running 'times' are all over the place right now and I can't quite figure out why.  Saturday morning I got up and ran 4.2 miles in 45 minutes.   That's a 10:42 pace.  Considering that I got started later than I wanted to and it was hot and sunny I was very happy with that.  Then on Monday I got up and struggled to get 3 miles in 35 mintues.  For no apparent reason! 

2.  Which makes me think: sometimes life happens and conspires against all our well laid out plans.  Injuries, personal issues, life changes, power outages (right, Biz?) - all those things can seem to work against our attempts at living healthfully. But really, it's just the ebb and flow of normal life and if we go with it rather than fighting it, ultimately it's so much easier.

1.  I sure hope no one wants to come visit me right now for an overnight.  The spare room has become vacation prep room - woot!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It Started with a Text

My BIF Shelley asked me to send her a photo of myself in that two piece suit I bought.  All because the first time I wore it a couple of weeks ago, I had texted her from the beach to tell her I braved wearing it on my "home" beach.  Her reply was "send me a picture."  But I couldn't because I was alone at the beach and there was no way I was going to ask someone to take my picture.

I ran hard then worked hard on Saturday, getting all my chores done, so that I could have a beach day on Sunday. When I was getting ready I decided to go for the two piece one more time since this would be my last chance to brown up my white belly a bit more prior to it being hit by the Caribbean sun.  Just before I left, I snapped a photo in the mirror and sent it off to Shelley.  She responded:

"I love the colors in your suit and you look toned and good!  Have a good time - don't get burned!"

(Everyone needs a BIF or a BFF who will find the positive when you're in a bathing suit.  If you don't have one, find one.)

I responded: "If I could just get that layer of fat off the toned I'd have some awesome abs and legs lol!"

She then suggested that maybe we could save up and get a discount on group lipo... might solve all our problems.  Then she called me brave for wearing the suit.  I texted back, "Yeah. I'm not a 120 pound 25 year old hard body but I don't think I look horrible either.  I've seen much worse on this very beach!"   Shelley agreed and by her response, I'm afraid she saw some things in Maui that may never be erased from her brain.

Due to some other recent events in my family, I have once again been reminded that life is too short to not be lived fully.  Those kind of thoughts have been hovering in my subconscious anyway so after that brief text exchange yesterday my brain really got to humming. 

I have a tendency to get into thought patterns that lead me into not living and enjoying my life NOW.  As I sat at the beach basking in the gorgeous day a sense of resolve came over me and I feel like a corner has been turned. I'm done with that.  I'm tired of having a pale blue life.  I want to live a hot pink life! 

I've spent too many years looking at the past or putting my life on hold until I reached some goal, some state of being.  I may not like my job, the extra weight I'm carrying or circumstances in general, but I am no longer going to allow those things to weigh me down.  I am making the choice to celebrate who I am and where I am right this very moment. (Hence, I'm rocking a two piece bathing suit!) Something tells me I'm getting ready to have the best years of my life!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday! Friday! Friday! It's Friday! Friday! Friday!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who responded to the Tuesday Ten questions.  It was really fun for me to read - although I cannot believe how many of you like vanilla ice cream.  I thought you people were more adventurous than that!  The other thing that shocked me was how many of you don't like baked beans!  I thought I was one of the only people in the whole wide world who didn't care for them.  But the thing that tickled my funny bone was how some of you have picked out some other thing I make that you would request.

One of the responses really caught my attention was from ~Oct who said, "I read many more blogs than I comment upon. Yours for example. I tend not to comment when there are a multitude of comments already present. However, who can resist a list of questions that allows self commentary? :)"

Well ~Oct, I had no idea you were a regular reader and really, you should comment no matter how many comments anyone has if you want to say something.  I read every comment I get and believe me girl, I'm in no danger of being such a 'big' blogger than I won't have time to read.  In fact that idea sort of cracks me up!  Besides, how I find new blogs is often because someone comments on mine or I keep reading that person's comments on another blog I read.


Speaking of comments, I've had just one further thought based on some of the comments on the Self Control blog.  This is really more of a clarification as I think some people took how I perceive self control wrong.  I have no desire to control food, neither do I want it to control me.  What I desire is to control myself - exercise that self control muscle as it pertains to healthy eating - the same way I control myself with exercise and financial matters.


Before I even start this section, I want to state a disclaimer that I was not copying Kristen's post!  I did this section a full day before I read hers!  But in the great minds think alike category...

Remember this dress from Tarjay? Here is the blue version of it.  Once again I paired it with neutral rather than white shoes.  My little legs need the length!  Have to admit, easy dress, some sandals, basic jewelry has been my uniform all summer.  Maybe a bit lazy but I think I look fairly neat and professional for work.

The necklace (which is blocked by my hand - but hey, that camera hand is also hiding my double chin!) is a small sapphire that was a gift from Mr. Helen. The set had earrings but I don't want to be that fancy or matchy for work so I wore simple white gold hoops.

Here's a closeup of the shoe.  These are Carlos Santana sandals that I found on a clearance rack at least 5 years ago.  Very comfortable to wear all day long.  The ankle bracelet was a gift from my sister when she went to Mexico.  Not sure of what the gemstone is in it. The toes are OPI Shorts Story.

We'll call this Fingers and toes Friday, OK?  Went with a basic French manicure this time.  Mr. Helen prefers color polish but once in a while, especially in the summer when I have a bit of a tan, I like the clean look of a French.

Plans for this weekend include such exciting things as pulling the luggage out for our vacation.  We store it in the garage so I like to take it out, scrub it down, and let it air out for several days prior to packing.  As it turns out we have several more gorgeous summer days and nights on tap with no rain in sight so I'll be able to leave them out in the sunshine to dry and air out.

Why yes, I am on vacation countdown... 3 more working days and one week total until I'm sitting on our balcony, sipping a pre-dinner cocktail with this view:

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Self Control - or Lack Thereof

"Self-control. It helps you resist the urge to yell at your boss. It keeps you from eating a whole pint of ice cream. And you summon it up when you want a pair of shoes, TV or car that you can't afford.

Discipline is critical to living within your means. Sometimes, though, we all fall short… Self-control, like a muscle, fails when it is tired. You have only a limited amount of self-control. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, anger and frustration tap out those reserves. So after a long day at the office making decisions, you are more likely to do impulsive things like overeat, drink too much, lose your temper or spend money.

A common misconception is that strong self-control is something people either have or don't have. The good news is it's not the fixed ability that most people think, said Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist and author of "Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals." "It's better to think about it as a muscle that some people have developed and some people have not.”**


Ever since I read this article in my local Sunday paper, I’ve found myself thinking about it over and over again. I think what really fascinated me is the idea that self control is a muscle that we need to exercise. The more we use it, the stronger it gets.

While this article was written and published in the business section and aimed at controlling finances and not overspending, the ideas presented in it keep resonating with me as it relates to dieting, eating, and weight loss. I jokingly asked why I am able to maintain a 30 lb. weight gain but not a lower weight in this week’s Tuesday Ten, but ever since I read this article, I think I have to admit I know it’s because I’ve chosen not to exercise self control.

I also realize that the choice of not exercising self control has come about due to the reasons listed above: fatige from the never ending battle with slow weight loss due to my thyroid, fatigue because I’ve had several injuries that have slowed down my progress on the exercise front, stress with all the family stuff that we've been dealing with, and increasing anxiety from constantly thinking about every single item I put in my mouth. on the other hand, I keep feeling that sometimes one just has to fake it 'till they make it.

I am entirely fascinated by the idea of making my self control muscle stronger, simply by using it. Which is why I am mentally working on a plan of action – or call it a mini-challenge to myself if you want – to be put in place after my vacation of course! Because I will continue to work on it and perhaps flesh it out while I am less fatigued, anxious and stressed while sitting on the beach. 

I have used self control to deal with exercise for years, so I know I am capable of doing it.  It has now become a matter of applying it to food.


“Practice small acts of self-control: exercise daily, give up alcohol for a week, or get up at the same time each day for a month if you are prone to hitting the snooze button.

These minor acts can strengthen the part of your brain that handles self-control and give you the resolve to do more, Halvorson said.”**


I would say not only the resolve to do MORE, but also the resolve to do BETTER.  Time for better self control and less self indulgence. Perhaps not to think of it as dieting or deprivation at all but rather exercising my adult self control muscle. As Janet Jackson sang, This is a story about control, my control. Control of what I say, control of what I do."

** Selected from an article by AP Writer, Sarah Skidmore that appeared in my local newspaper. You can see the entire article here:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Ten: I Got Questions

1.  I see some blogrolls that have blogs on them where folks haven't posted in a year.  How long do you keep inactive blogs in your reader or on your blogroll?

2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?

3.  When bloggers you read use "guest' bloggers i.e., it's not their post, do you read?

4.  Cat or Dog or love equally?

5.  Do you read every blog you follow every time they post?

6.  Rice or pasta or potatoes?

7. Do you comment regularly on the blogs you follow?

8.  If I came to visit would you want me to make my famous baked beans now that you know they are fake?

9. Do you think there should be a filter when people write their blogs?  Certain things that probably shouldn't be put out on the world wide web?

10.  Filed under been there, done that: why is it so easy for me to maintain the extra 30 pounds I've been carrying around for a couple of years and not to maintain the lower weight and size I really prefer to be? The size where I feel good?

Friday, July 8, 2011

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say

Come and sit next to me.

Seriously peeps.  I'm not sure what is going on with me but I feel cranky as a constipated bear (thank you Google).

Highly unusual for me as summer is my season.  Love everything about it, including the humidity. Still, I find myself deliriously happy with the sunshine and good weather yet so.... irritated with everyone and everything.  I supposed I could write it off to all the extended family drama and goings on, or to the continuing pain I've been in. but I'm even tired of those excuses attributing it to that.  I feel like I need to get some girlfriends together and just have a good bitch session coffee klatch.


Speaking of the continuing pain, the physical therapist is working my last nerve.  Ha!  Who thinks she is hilarious! She is doing this manual manipulation stuff that makes me want to slap her.  After PT on Wednesday, my arm was aching so bad by the end of the day that I wanted to yank it off.  I had planned on going to Muay Thai but instead went home, iced the neck/nerve area for a couple of hours and ended up taking an 800mg Ibuprofen and muscle relaxer at 7:30, therefore putting myself to bed at 8 p.m.  I'm not a lover of taking medication and had stopped taking anything around a week and a half ago so I wasn't happy to have to take it again, even though it knocked me out and I slept like a baby.  PT this morning seemed to go a bit better so maybe what they said about it being a smidge worse just before it gets better is true?  They might know what they're talking about?  How about that.

For a while now, my legs have been bothering me.  I noticed it a lot when I ran - felt like I was picking up feet that had bricks attached.  Then over the last couple of months I started noticing that my legs and feet seemed a bit swollen by the end of the day.  When spring arrived and I started wearing cute strappy sandals, it became really evident.  When I would take them off at the end of the day, there would be deep gashes in my feet that took hours to disappear.  Finally, I noticed that I no longer could distinguish my ankles from the rest of my leg.  Yes, that's right, I had CANKLES.  I think that's what motivated me to start doing some research on the various meds I take.  I was looking for a side effect or interaction.  I couldn't really find much of anything but I had a suspicion as to what it might be.  So I made some changes.

Within a week, my ankles were back!  My legs felt lighter on runs!  I could wear cute shoes and not have my feet look like blowfish!  Which tells me that what I suspected was correct and also that I should trust my intuition more when it comes to things like this.  

I also bought new running shoes!  I know, I just bought the Brooks not all that long ago, and they only have around 200 miles on them, but I have to say they were already feeling worn out.  Did you know that achey legs and knees are sign of shoes that are either not correct for your stride or that they are worn out? I think maybe right now, I'm just too heavy for Brooks shoes thereby wearing them out really fast, which was my concern when I bought them in the first place.  Wouldn't you know I got an email from Running Warehouse that my favorite Asics were 50% off?  It was a no brainer.  Here are my Asics Cumulus 12s: aren't they pretty?

Betwen the medication changes and my new shoes, I feel like I'm running on the clouds those shoes are named after.  I haven't noticed that I'm any faster but I sure am enjoying my slow runs more.


I'm looking forward to this baked bean free weekend.  The city I live in hosts a huge street fair called Sailfest.  It's done through the downtown area and on our waterfront.  There's also a big fireworks show on Saturday night - one of the biggest in the country.  Even though it's sort of the same thing every year, I enjoy it.

Speaking of baked beans, I cannot believe how many crazy people asked me if I was going to post the recipe.  The answer is no and I'll tell you why.  For years I slaved and did those baked beans from scratch - soaking beans and all that business.   Around 10 years ago I was asked to make them and I forgot so I went out and bought a can of baked beans and doctored them up.  Do you know that the comment I got over and over that time was "These are the best batch you've ever made! Whatever you did this time, just keep doing it."   So, I have.  That's right.  I buy a can of baked beans and doctor them up.  I measure nothing when I'm doing the doctoring.  About the only thing I've found through experimentation is that it has to be a certain brand of beans for them to come out Helen worthy.  So there you have it.  Me and my fake baked beans.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  There's a saying that fish and relatives stink after three days.  Yep.  That's about right.

9.  I can tell I need a real vacation because though I took today off to extend my three day weekend to four, I still don't feel ready to go back to work. Although what I probably need is to win the lottery so I can just retire.  I'm not one of those people who 'needs' to be working at something all the time.  Leisure is just fine with me.

8. I've also been feeling pretty cranky and disagreeable more than usual lately.  Of course, that could be due to the fish and relatives.  (See #10)

7.  I've been on the lookout for those turquoise shoes I want to go with this dress.  Unfortunately, I haven't found them, but I did find these - loving the kitten heels that are out this year.  I think it's quite possible I need shoe intervention.

6.  I'm always amazed at how easy it is to get deconditioned.  As I tried to get back into the swing of running and Muay Thai last week, I was shocked at how hard everything seemed.  With Muay Thai, correct breathing is very important and remembering NOT to hold your breath even more so.  I kept finding myself fighting not to end up beet red-faced and have to step off the floor like the brand new students often do.  Sometimes they even have to step out the back door and are sick.  No thanks.

5.  I was also shocked to discover I cannot do a pushup. We sometimes do hundreds of them in one class. Turns out that compressed nerve also created some motor issues.  It was very, very odd to get in pushup position only to promptly fall onto my right cheek as my arm collapsed under me.  I couldn't even do one girl style with my knees down.

4.  I spent a good deal of the weekend in this position:

3.  I got brave and wore the two-piece suit because I realized that my stomach had not seen sun in too long to remember.  I thought first exposure in the Caribbean might not be a good idea.  So, I slathered on 50 spf and reapplied every hour for the 4 hours on the first day.  I haven't worn the suit again because, I burned.  That's right I burned on my tummy.  Don't you wish your tummy was white like mine?

2.  Mr. Helen was telling the students in his Muay Thai class that to be a great martial artist requires practice even when they're not in class. I think that's true for most things in life, don't you?  Anyway, this is why he's great and I'm not:

1.  I've decided that for most of us, the life we have will not be the life we thought we'd have.  Either that or it's that stupid b*tch karma still trying to teach me that I need to learn to go with the flow.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Helen: Distracting Men Since 1976

I have officially stopped my whining about the weather.  My Texas friends may commence to be jealous. We've finally had spectacular weather settle in: 80-85 during the day, 55-60 at night - nature's air conditioning!  I know the humidity is on it's way but I've just been basking in the beauty of what we've got going now.


Ever read a blog and wish you'd been the one to write it because it perfectly sums up what you want to say? Here's the one I read this week.  It perfectly describes how I honestly feel. Because even though I like to think that if I had unlimited funds and was a lady of leisure, instead of a lady who gets up and hurries to work each day, that I would exercise several hours each day and I'd have a dream body.  But deep down inside, I know that's not true. Because there is so much life to be lived and celebrated and you know, I'm not sure how much time I have left to do it since none of us are guaranteed any certain number of days. Side note: if I had unlimited funds I might be tempted to buy my dream body...


How about a Fingers Friday?

Aren't those the cutest fingers ever?  Sharp observers will recognize the fabulous Miss Gracie who is giving her cousin Samantha a manicure (and later a pedicure).  These sweet little ladies are two and half years apart in age and they adore each other.  Both of them girly girls to the max.  I told my SIL that she should submit that photo to some sort of contest; it has just that much joie de vivre in it.

One of the things I'm known for is my baked beans.  This is the time of year when I start getting asked to bring them to picnics.  Can I confess to you that I don't even LIKE baked beans.  I like beans in lots of ways, just not baked I guess.  I get so tired of making these beans. I've even tried giving the recipe up but everyone says only I can make them right.  This is both on my side and Mr. Helen's! This long weekend there are two family picnics, one on each side.  Sunday my sister said, "Bring baked beans for the picnic on the 4th." I replied, "Puhleeeeeeze, let me make something else!"  She said, "OK, great.  Bring the beans and a dessert."  SIGH.  Then Monday I was innocently sitting in my office when my cell phone rang.  It was Mr. Helen's sister who said, "Sister-in-law, D.  (her son in law) just texted me and asked, 'Can Aunt Helen make her baked beans for our picnic on Saturday?"  Good grief.  So I said, "OK. (sigh) How many people?"  Because this is their annual invite all friends/family picnic.  "Only 70" came the reply. 

Guess what I'm doing for most of the weekend?  Maybe this is why I don't like baked beans.


Finally, how the title of this post came about.  I really have to give the credit to Shelley who, when she heard this story, spit that line out.  Thanks Shelley.

When I was a perky teenager, there was this boy in my church youth group who could not keep his eyes off any any of the young ladies chesticles.  It was sort of annoying, especially to girls who were trying to figure out their feelings about all this developing stuff.  I guess some things never change.

On Monday, I had to go do a bank deposit for my boss, who was out of town.  The teller who called me over was male.  As I approach, and I kid you not, he looked right at my GIRLS and addressed them saying, "Beautiful dress. How may I help you today?"

Honest to god it took everything I had not to burst out laughing.  Or put my hand by my chest and motion upwards to my face. My dress wasn't even low cut, just a v-neckline.  Hilarious.

Even funnier, last night, when I was in a sort of low cut tank top, you know, relaxing at home tank and shorts, I start telling Mr. Helen this story.  I tell him to look me in the face as he was supposed to be me and I was the teller, so he'd get the full effect of what happened.  What does he do before I even start?  Looked right at my boobs.  Men.  They can't help themselves.

Have a great weekend!