Monday, January 30, 2012

I Missed it by Four-Tenths and I'm Outing Shelley

Warning: this post is a bit wordy as I brain dump and try to work some things through.

I appreciate all the love ya'll gave me on Shelley's post about me being her personal Dolvett aka Dolvelen.  But here's the real truth to our Best Internet Friendship (BIF):  while we are very much alike in many ways - actually in most ways, we are quite different when it comes to food and exercise.

Shelley has often described herself as 'lazy' to me when it comes to exercise.  While she loves it and what it does for her body, she finds it quite easy to set aside and actually get out of the habit of doing.  I have actually been called Crazy Running Woman, Exercise Queen, and the not quite accurate Athletic.

I have a love for food that I am not sure there are words to describe accurately.  I love everything about it:  the aromas, the textures, the nutrition and the sensual pleasure of it.  I love to work with it and create fabulous meals.  Cooking is something I do for stress release.  I literally run for food.  Shelley, whose husband travels a lot, could eat Fage with granola on it three times a day with a couple hard boiled eggs thrown in for good measure, for weeks on end and not. even. blink.  Whaaaaaat?

In other words, we complement each other in our areas of weakness - a true case of opposites attract - perfect healthy lifestyle BIFs!

So while I may be Dolvelen, when it comes to me and eating and dieting, innocent little Shelley turns into Jillian Shellian. More explanation to follow.

Today is the day I have my big doctor's appointment.  The ONE.  The one I've been dreading and looking forward to all at the same time.  I'm not exactly sure that 4:10 eastern standard time can get here fast enough.  At the same time, I'm frustrated with myself.  When I started the Zero Excuses challenge back in November (remember Shellian is the one who said I should do it - insisted I do it!), I had an unspoken mini goal of 20 pounds lost by this appointment... and I did not make it.  Here's my latest weigh-in (and yes I realize I haven't been feeling well but that's not acceptable as an excuse!):

Side note: Mr. Helen was sweet enough to point out that by the time I'm weighed on the doctor's scale, it may in fact be 20 lbs. He also thinks that since I'll find out my real weight, I should consider the weight loss from when I last found out my real weight.  As he pointed out I was so freaked out by that weight I may have lost some prior to the Zero Excuses Challenge starting.  

While I continue to practice the Zero Excuses life I started back in November, there is an explanation for why I didn't make the 20.  I chose not to weigh myself on December 31st.  I knew from the sheer volume of wine I'd had between Christmas Eve and that day,  it probably would not be pretty.  Not that I drank excessively, but two glasses  of wine every couple of days when I hadn't been partaking much at all would definitely show.  Not to mention all the extra food goodies involved in the family gatherings. That week between Christmas and New Year's was such an aberration from my usual life I decided to treat it like a vacation week and skip the weigh in.

As is demonstrated in the photos above, with the Zero Scale when you weigh yourself, you get your loss from the last time you weighed and you get your total lost.  When those numbers popped up on my January 7th weigh in, I ended up at exactly the same point I was on December 24th.  I gained and lost the same 1.8 lbs during that two weeks.  My next weigh-ins were losses of 1.6 on January 14, .6 on January 21 and 2.6 on January 28.

I've always felt January to be a sluggish month and it showed in my weight loss as well.  4.8 lbs. in a month is nothing to sneeze at but is still only about half the amount I was losing prior. I'm sure I know why.

I know that hard-core Paleo is not how I want to eat forever.  I've been doing some research and found that there are different variations of Paleo out there.  I started adding some reduced fat cheeses and went back to using some real reduced fat milks (aka Lacto-Paleo).  I also added in some beans and an occasional serving of brown rice (Beano-Paleo?  Graino-Paleo?).  Honestly that's very close the the low-glycemic eating where I think I'll end up.  I suppose I knew my weight loss would change with that, still it's weird to see it happen.

Thoughts about it all have been running non-stop through my head for the last couple of weeks... and then I booked our anniversary trip. Suddenly I was presented with a hard-core date of when I'll be on a beach in a bathing suit. It doesn't seem that far off.  Now my pea brain was screaming "diet hard? or lose slower?"  over and over. Frustrating.

In the course of our daily communications Shelley and I conversed about all this.  I won't repeat it all here but suffice it to say, Shelley 'listened' to everything I said which basically was "I need to learn how to eat the things I'll eat in maintenance.  I don't WANT to diet!"  With no warning, Shellian appeared and said:

"Will you be able to live with WL slowing drastically?  Especially since you just booked your trip to the beach?  What about cycling 3 weeks dieting and one week maintenance?  That would get you there and keep your body confused enough to keep losing."

Gah!  Does the woman have to be so logical?  Does she have to show me I can have my cake and eat it too? Doesn't she know how much I love food?  (Of course she does which is why she responded that way.)

So now unless I do something like that I'll have Shellian on my shoulder holding a bikini and haunting me with her nonchalant food attitude.  Not to mention that I really should listen to my BIF, who has lost 100 pounds and maintained that.  She probably knows something about eating and losing weight.


  1. Good luck today Helen...although "luck" really has nothing to do with it. You did a fantastic job...and I love Mr. Helen's commentary :-)

    Also? I really have come to believe that it's all about experimenting to see what works for each of us. And by "works" I mean what's healthiest and what's doable without making ourselves crazy. You've GOT this!

  2. Well, this was a surprise! You are so right - we do compliment each other quite well. Opposites attract, sort of. :)

    I know you are not entirely happy with your weight loss for January, but seriously, losing 5 pounds (yes I rounded up!) after the holidays, when in fact the holidays extend INTO January, is pretty damn good if you ask me. And seriously, you DID lose 20 pounds (girl, you round up after .5 - I'm not a mathy person and even I know that!!!) and after all you've struggled with over the last couple of years (since you've been blogging) is fantastic. Your doctor is going to be thrilled!

    I'm very proud of you. And glad to call you my BIF. :)

    1. Shellian the truth needed to be told. The BIF feeling is more than mutual!

  3. First of all: good luck at you're doctor's appointment and I think Mr. Helen is right about the weight.

    The difference in approach you and Shelley have is something I like in the both of you. You both are an inspiration to me in your own special way.

    I think her suggestion of 3 weeks and then 1 week "off" is a smart one. No it's brilliant!

    You are a great woman Helen and now I'm saying to you the same you said to me (that some people would love to run 4 miles in 45 minutes): some people would love to lose that much weight in the time you lost it!

    1. Ok Fran, I totally deserved that :)

  4. I agree with Shelley's comment. You did lose 20 pounds, and your January loss is very acceptable. In other words, you have done GREAT! The Doc is going to be very happy with you!

  5. I am not a math major either, but I would round that up to 20 pounds too! You kicked ass Helen, no other way to say it. I love the Dolvelen and Shellian acronyms! Good luck at the doctor today!

  6. Yes, I'm in awe too, that you 'adjusted' your plan and still lost weight! I'll be anxious to hear what the doctor says. I'm sure its few and far between that they see patients that actually take action and lose weight!

  7. I think that counts as 20 pounds. ;) Claim it!

    I can't wait to hear about that doctor's appointment!

    Shelley is great with logic isn't she? She's a gem of a person. :)

  8. Everything is all good all the time.
    What works today, might not work tomorrow...
    Things change soooo fast...
    Good on the loss!

  9. Good luck at the doctor's appointment. The doc will be impressed, because overall they see very few patients who actually are able to accomplish what you have.

  10. Good luck at the doc Helen!!!!!!! Shelley and you are both fantastic!!!!! Love that you guide each other along. Have a great day!!!!

  11. That little .4 just might be a potty break away - I just saying it's pretty darn close!

    What really attracted me to the 17 Day Diet is the carb cycling in the second phase of the food plan. I don't want to give up grains forever but I do think I need to limit them to lose weight and most likely to maintain weight loss at this stage in my life.

    I love Shelly's idea of 3 weeks dieting, 1 week maintenance. Brilliant!

    I can't wait to hear about your Dr appt.

  12. Helen, remember when the days when your weight was coming off super-slowly and you were grinding your teeth in frustration when you could barely lose a pound in a month? Now look at you, unhappy because you lost 5 pounds this last month! You've come a long way!

    I never realized how different you and Shelley were in your approaches and attitudes, but you make an excellent point. I see both of you, committed and determined and fearless, and I can't see the differences. Thank you for pointing them out.