Monday, January 2, 2012

In With The New

Happy New Year! First of all, because I know you've been waiting with bated breath...

I accomplished my last minute goal of hitting 800 miles by December 31, 2011.  Not only that but the runs I had Friday and Saturday were the fastest paces I had all year.  This bodes well for 2012 running.

I have had an extended weekend to ring in the New Year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Today is my last day off but I'm using it to get back into the swing of things - pushing restart on my workout program and Paleo eating style. The extra time off was productive as I managed to get the Christmas decorations down and get the house back in a bit of order. In doing so I decided that it is time for a major closet purge and dump run come Spring.  Not just clothes closets either, as it seems every single closet in my house has become an unorganized mess where things are shoved to die.

We experienced a couple of firsts on the 1st, which I thought was appropriate. For the first time ever, Mr. Helen volunteered to take a walk with me.  While Sunday is my rest day, I also like to move in some way on New Year's so I decided a good walk was the answer to not running. When I said I was going to go for a walk, he said he wanted to come! So we headed out and walked a 5K.  He fussed about the fast pace - "I thought we were just walking not speed walking" but when we got back I cracked up because we had actually walked a full minute per mile slower than I normally would have.  It was still a great walk and we talked about our plans for 2012 - way more important than pace, right?

After our walk we got cleaned up and did something we have never done in all our years together - we went to New Year's Day Brunch!   I won the football picks on Christmas weekend but because of all the activity surrounding that holiday we never had an opportunity to go anywhere.  I saw that one of our favorite restaurants, Dev's on Bank, was having a New Year's Day Brunch with a Bloody Mary Bar. They were charging $20.12 a person (get it?) which is a bit more than we would normally spend for our football meal but when I mentioned to Mr. Helen that I'd really like to go he said he thought it was a great idea.

Winner Winner!
Side note:  While I am a long way from being skinny I actually didn't mind this full body shot photo because I can see my weight loss.  That made me happy.

All in all an awesome way start 2012.


Along the lines of "out with the old, in with the new," look at the deal I found at Macy's last week!  I was actually walking through Macy's to get to another store in the mall and saw a rack that said 75% off which got me to browsing a bit.

Normally after Christmas I'm D-O-N-E with shopping for a while but besides not being able to resist a good sale, Mr. Helen and people at work keep telling me my pants are baggy.

Remember how none of my slacks from last Fall fit and and I had to go out and buy larger ones? Well, I've already packed those larger ones away and am back in last year's slacks.  I have noticed that by the end of the day they are a bit loose but I also still have a bit of thickness in the waist that requires the size I'm in.

While I was looking around I saw a pair of really cute black knit slacks with sparkly details on the pockets and rivets.  I picked them up and they were a size smaller than what I'm wearing.  They were also "skinny" fit , i.e. fitted through the hips and thighs rather than relaxed. Not normally something I would buy.  But I loved the sparkle and when I went to the price checker, they were marked down from $59 to $14.75!  Then I found a pink shirt with some sparkle at the neckline that looked like it was made to go with the slacks, regular price $17.98 marked down to $4.49!  Also in a smaller size than what I've been wearing.  I decided right then and there to buy them (didn't try anything on) with the worse case scenario that I give them away if they never fit.

When I got to the register, the lady asked me if I had any coupons and when I said no she took one out of the drawer and scanned it so I ended up getting the ENTIRE outfit, including sales tax, for LESS than the original price of the shirt - WOOT!

Pretty and sparkly 

To make my exhilaration even greater, when I got home, I tried everything on.... and the shirt already fits me perfectly right now and the slacks actually fit me everywhere except for being a bit snug at the waist.  So I say in 5-10 more pounds these babies are mine! Shelley is always telling me I should reward myself for my hard work, so I am considering this a reward for sticking to my plan.  Would you like a photo of me in the outfit once it fits?


  1. Just catching up with you - congratulations on your weight loss and your mileage and your (I won't say a-mazing, as I know how you hate it ;-))
    New Year's Day - that sounds like the perfect way to bring in the new year - with exercise, connection and a good brunch!

    Happy New Year, Helen. May it be your best ever.

  2. A photo? Heck yeah! Sparkle is fun.

    I love the thrill of a bargain, too.

  3. Bargains are always fun to find! Hope you have a fabulous 2012!!

  4. Happy New Year Helen!

    And of course I want to see a photo when the pants fits. I love the outfit. Speaking of bargains I bought 5 blouses online on sale today, they were all 75% off the usual price and I needed some blouses. I'll make a photo when I get them.

    I think you started the New Year fantastic. I love that shot of you. You look fantastic.

    Like you I'm off today too and use the day too to restart my workouts and my low carb way of life.

    2012 is going to be your year, I can feel it.

  5. Oops forgot: congrats on the year mileage. That's awesome!

  6. You look fantastic - my gosh, your legs...LOOK AT YOUR SKINNY LEGS!!! Wow. :)

    Of course you MUST post a picture in the new sparkly outfit - and I am quite thrilled to see the bargain you got - you knows how I loves me a bargain, even if it's for someone else!

    I agree with Fran - 2012 is definitely going to be your year. And holy moly, nice job hitting 800+ miles!!!

  7. Skinny is over-rated. You look amazing!

  8. You look fabulous, Helen! You did some great work in 2011, so 2012--watch out--Helen's coming! The outfit is great! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Yep, your hard work and dedication is really showing Helen - you look fabulous!

    And yes, a fashion show is definitely in order! I think its a great idea to reward yourself with clothes - you deserve it!

    Happy New Year!

  10. You are smoking in that picture Helen! And I'm right there with Shelley--your LONG skinny legs. That is what I will have in heaven.

    Plus, 800 miles?!? You go, super-athlete.

    Plus, such a bargain! Why am I never walking through Macy's and find a bargain like that? I guess its cause I live 60 miles from the nearest Macy's LOL.

  11. helen, I can see the difference. I just remember you posting a pic of what I think was a camping trip and saying how fat you thought you looked. you are definately thinner. I don't blow smoke, so that is cool. I am so happy for you. And I am all for saving money.

  12. You're just sparkling all over the place Helen!! :-)

  13. Woohoo, go you on making your 800-mile goal!
    We also went to a NYD brunch at a friends -- I made your casserole! It was delicious, and the party was much more reasonable than trying to go to a party the night before.
    You BETTER post a pic once those clothes fit! Go you.

  14. You look great - cuz you are great!

  15. Happy New Year Helen - here's to a fantastic 2012.
    You should be proud of yourself, you look Hot, hot, hot in that full body picture.
    You've done amazing Helen!! :)

  16. Hey Skinny! What an amazing accomplishment. I'm so inspired!!! Happy new year my friend!

  17. That sounds like a really great New Years Day! Nice shopping scores too - great mini-goal outfit! Congrats on all your hard work and success!

  18. Sounds like a great New Year Helen. You look HOT in that photo!!! Hope 2012 brings you all you wish for, andd more!!!

  19. 800 miles in a year? I haven't moved that far in my entire life. Congrats!

  20. I have a decided lack of sparkles in my life.
    except on the feet.
    may I swap some sparkle shoes for a sparkle TOP?

    I await your command :)