Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday Ten on Thursday

10.  Tuesday, all day, the temperature dropped and dropped and the wind picked up.  Wednesday morning when I got up to have coffee and check the weather before my run, it was 11 degrees and -2 degrees wind chill.  Hmmmmm.  No thanks.  Especially not when combined with darkness.  So, I took my boyfriends, Bob and Dolvett, and went out to the treadmill where I did a one hour run in my balmy, 20 degree garage.

9.  Believe it or not, I am generally warm and have a hard time wearing full boots because my legs get sweaty!  With that temperature drop I decided to try a dress I haven't worn in almost two years and it fit!  Bonus, I got to wear my boots! (Crappy iPhone photo):

8.  Last Win = Best Win!  That's right, I won the football picks again this week.  I really wanted to win too because with that win, Mr. Helen and I split the season with the same number of wins each.

7. For the past few years, Mama Helen has given each of us the same Christmas gift, usually based on gender.  This year, I think she may have hit the jackpot as she bought all the ladies fleece vests.  When we started opening our gifts and realized what had happened, we HAD to pose for a photo, tags still on and all - because we were stylin'!

L-R: Little Helen, me, Sister Hannah, Sister-in-Law April, Sister-in-Law Katharine

6. Shelley and I are going to meet face to face this year, come hell or high water.  Even though we have not finalized anything yet, she knows it too, because she has begun making food requests in my comments.  I need to start keeping a list of all the things she wants.

5. Though it seems odd, we still haven't had any snow except that freak Halloween storm.  I'm fine with that.  I can handle the cold, even the bitter like we've had.  Snow causes all sorts of other complications that I can live without!

4. I am struggling with my clothing right now - not quite down another full size.  Here's an outfit I wore to work this week.  When I got home, Mr. Helen informed me that the whole thing is entirely too big and baggy.  That sort of made me sad because I love this boiled wool jacket. What say you?

3. Speaking of clothing, I'm going shopping to a big mall in Rhode Island to look for a holiday party dress.  Two of my friends from work are coming and we'll make a day of it.  I hope I can find something pretty, that fits (see #4).  Mr. Helen asked me why we were even bothering since all 3 of us would just come back with "another little black dress."  And that right there explains a fundamental difference between a man's brain and a woman's.  He thinks "another black dress" we think "200 stores!  Shopping!  Lunch!  200 stores!"

2. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I run/walk at a 2:1 ratio for two reasons.  One, I want to do intervals as my cardio and two, those are Muay Thai days and I like to try to save my legs a bit.  Since I've lost a bit of weight, I've seen my average pace on those go from an average of 13:15/mile to this morning's stellar 11:48. Same courses, same 5K distance.  Weight matters for exercise performance.

1.  The new season of the Biggest Loser has a theme: “No Excuses.”  How crazy and appropriate is that?  I guess it just rang a bell with me since I just got my mojo back using the Zero Excuses Challenge and Scale! My favorite quote from the first episode: "Make excuses or make a change."  I'm choosing change, how about you?


  1. I love the boots! You are looking fantastic!

    And the cold weather. Ugh? I know it is January and I fear all this warmer weather we have had is going to come back in spades the next 2 months.

    I think the gray outfit is a little loose, more so in the pants. You can wear tops that are a little too big and get away with it for a while, but it's hard to pull that off with pants. Maybe you could pair the jacket with a skirt? I do say time for more shopping!

  2. Myself and all the males appreciate you putting up with wearing the boots :) I like seeing you post pictures, you have a lovely smile.

    I am always looking, examining, analyzing my journey with a view to mixing it up a little or improving what I am doing. For me, it never stops.

    I am just glad I do not have an OCD personality. This weight loss journey would be frying my brains with the time and effort I put into it.

  3. We have had some unseasonably warm weather this year - which for me is good because with moving out to the country I was most worried about the winter driving. This time last year we had 2 feet of snow and freezing temperatures. Yesterday we had a record high since 1914....
    Love the boots. I want a pair of boots but my calves are so huge I don't think I will find any that fit and rather than be disappointed, I've just never tried. Even when I was young and slim I had issues with boots...
    Love the jacket - I think you can still wear it for awhile yet but the pants look like they are swimming on you - you go girl :)
    Shoppping... what's he thinking ....
    And I too am making a change....2012 look out!!

  4. Very pretty outfit but definitely too are doing great!

  5. How 'bout pairing that jacket with your 'skinny jeans?'

    Yes, you and Shelley MUST meet this year!

    And I watched the biggest Loser last night. Now I think of you when I see Dolvett.

    Running in 20 degrees?? I don't think you'll find me doing that, if it ever did dip that low here. I be inside doing 'walk with Suzi' on the dvd or something!

  6. Did you not LOVE when Dolvett got exasperated with his team and compared them to the Bad News Bears??? I love their No Excuses mantra, and plan on going a little Dolvett on myself if I don't get back to all my workouts next week.

    I'm so jealous of your impending shopping trip. Sounds like it will be a blast! And those kinds of trips are something men just don't understand - but Mr. Helen WILL be pleased with your dress selection, no doubt!

    Yes, keep a food list! Of course, we will be busy shopping most of the visit, but I'm sure we'll find time to eat. ;)

    I love the vest picture - great gift and you all look fabulous in them!

    The wool pants are way too big. Jacket is too, but maybe you could get it tailored if you really love it?

  7. I'm so excited that you and Shelley will finally get to meet! And a little jealous that I don't get to go too! Lol You two will have so much fun!

    Love the Biggest Loser no excuses. I've put that exact motto on my blog as a reminder to myself. Make excuses or make a change. It's perfect.

    Looking good, my friend!!

  8. Boots be rockin'...looking awesome!

  9. Too BIg. Take mr. Helen...When we loose weight our brains are still'fat'...we think we need larger sizes than we need. I was watching biggest loser on tivo last night and eveytime I guessed a person's weight, I guessed 2 pounds higher than they weighed in. lol The jacket is cute and the pants are a bit big. Can you take it back and get it one size smaller? It may not fit yet, but give it two or three weeks and it will. I am making changes. Let's kick it.

  10. You're looking good friend. Good luck with the return to Paleo, and may you stay off Metformin indefinitely.

  11. Boots are kicking!
    Faster pace: Sweet.
    200 stores? Seriously? Nirvana!

  12. Mr Helen is right too big! Sounds like a wonderful shopping day with your gal pals. Guys just don't get it.

  13. you look stunning!! and I mightcould need to tag along to your meet up.
    may I be the fly on the wall?
    any chance for FITBLOGIN??

  14. I love the gift Mama Helen gave you all. And you look great in the first outfit. The second one is definitely too big for you now.

    I'm so happy you and Shelley are going to meet this year. Can't wait to hear all about it. I would love to meet you both.

  15. Yeah, it is crazy warm here -- which is fine because it means my suede shoes can still be worn a lot!
    That first dress is lovely on you, especially with the boots. Mr. Helen is right about the second outfit, it's too big. (What a problem!!!) You might be able to get a couple more wears out of the pretty jacket as long you wear skinnier pants with it. (Ha, as many others have said, it appears!)

    Hurray, shopping! Have fun.