Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10.  I was woken up at 1:30 this morning by a loud rumble.  At first I thought it was a thunderstorm because when I went to bed the temperatures had been rising away from the arctic numbers of the last few days.  Then, with horror, I realized it was the sound of snow plows!  I lay there for about an hour and finally got up to look out the window.  Yep, snow.  Went back to bed and finally fell back asleep around 3:15 only to have the alarm go off at 4.  Got up and it was raining on top of the snow.  Perfect for driving to work in ICE.

9.  I have officially gotten so many new recipes online lately that I decided to make myself a homemade cookbook.  I put tabs in a 3 ring binder and after printing the recipe out, I'm 3-hole punching it and putting it into it's appropriate category.

8. In the category of perspective, this morning as I got dressed I was again reminded that what at one time is painful can be joyful on the other side.  When I last wore the outfit I have on today I was frustrated as my weight was going up.  Today I'm happy because it fits again!  While I still have not looked at my 'real' number I am certain I weigh less than I did this time last year.  Maybe only by 7-8 lbs. but those pounds feel like a different person altogether.

7.  Went to get my blood drawn for the all important "deciding if I have to go on Metformin" results.  Because it was a fasting draw, I knew darn well I'd better be hydrated before I went as I've had issues in the past so I drank around 32 oz. of water prior to going.  Long story short,  the phlebotomist couldn't find my vein.  I was seeing double after the doubles I went through:  two different phlebotomists, two sticks and two digs in each arm, followed by two baby butterfly needles.  At one point the tech exclaimed, "Look at that, not even any water!"  Both arms were aching, throbbing to the wrists all day Saturday.  I have to go back tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck.

6.  I've already run over 50 miles the first two weeks of this year, putting me back in-line with my old 100 miles a month thing.  Let's see if I can keep it going or if some dumb injury derails me like several of them did last year.

5.  I have gone back to having Saturdays be an eat whatever I want day.  I know some people can't do that but I really don't have an issue doing this then getting right back to my regularly scheduled eating.  I tend to make excellent choices for breakfast and lunch and then splurge a bit at dinner.  This past Saturday my splurge was a bit of baked brie, 2 slices of homemade pizza, and a Chocolate Pecan Pie Bar. I'm just going to tell you straight up these are phenominal and if you don't feel like doing a whole pie, this is the way to go.  Mr. Helen said there were too many of them.  Uh, yeah. I had one and yet they are already half three-fourths gone.  That's all I'm saying.

4. Some of the things I've read on blogs lately have me wondering... do you feel as a blogger with followers that you should use discretion and be a good example? Or is it OK to let it all hang out so to speak.

3. I just got the renewal for my driver's license in the mail. Do you think I'm silly that I will wait until the last possible day to renew because I want my face to be as thin as possible in the photo?

2.  Mr. Helen has suddenly appropriated one of my kitchen drawers.  It's the drawer I use to put smaller kitchen doo-dads, like birthday candles, the rubber jar openers, the plastic scraper that you use on stoneware, my wine opener, biscuit cutters, stuff like that.  The other night I went to get something out of that drawer and couldn't find it for all the *&^%$ tools!  The baggy in this photo is filled with nuts and screws and hinges. Why???????

1.  For those who have asked, yes, I'm still losing weight and still using the fabulous Zero Scale. I'll check back in on all this at the beginning of February, after I see my doc and get the results of my bloodwork (if they can find my veins)!


  1. The recipe thing is something I’m doing for years now. I have a subscription to 4 cooking magazines and I tear out everything I want to make someday. But … I got so much recipes that I screened them in December and threw away a lot of them. Now when I keep a recipe I have to make it within a couple of weeks and if it’s a keeper I put it in my recipe map.

    Good luck tomorrow. I read about it on FB and felt sorry for you. Hope tomorrow goes better.

    I never hang it all out, so to speak, on my blog. There are some things I don’t tell about R. because he doesn’t want me too. The few photos I post of him are with his permission. I don’t talk about personal issues between him and me on my blog, I hardly ever discuss that with friends either. I don’t mention problems at work or with friends, I always keep in mind that the whole world and thus the persons I could have a problem with, can read it.

    If you have to be a good example? I don’t think so, most blogs I read are people’s own struggles and I rather read about someone who had a bad day and binged for example than that he or she would lie about it.

  2. Oh my, if I had one wish for bloggers everywhere, it would be to use discretion. For the love of all that is holy, PLEASE. Some days I feel like I have to go wash my eyes out after reading certain blogs!!!

    Btw, is that a wedding cake-type knife in your drawer? I just cut the crap out of my finger last night on mine. And WHY I have it randomly out after this many years is beyond me. Also, why is it sho dang sharp?!? What wedding cake is out there that requires a knife that could also cut steak???

    And on Mr. Helen overtaking your drawer? Oh hell nawh. Go put some measuring cups in his underwear drawer. Of course, if he's like Jeff, it'll take him months to notice, and by then you be all "where the heck are my measuring cups?!?" so maybe you should disregard that idea...

    Oh, and I still haven't gotten my passport, even though I was given money for it as a birthday gift, because I wanted to look thin in the picture. Completely understand your DL dilemma. :)

    1. Yes Shelley, that is our wedding cake knife. It wasn't very expensive so it didn't come with it's own case therefore it has always been in that drawer. Usually it's more flat but I took that photo after I had been rummaging and was so frustrated I upended everything in the drawer!

  3. I think people should treat their blog as a their own personal documentation of the journey they are on and post what they want to refer back to and remember. I have had second thoughts about a couple of postings, including the one I posted Monday.. but each time I think, it's my journey and ultimately, it's for me. Sometimes my posts may seem like they are written for others, but it is really just writing to myself. If anything I post offends people then so be it. It is helps anyone, then great.

    My drivers license photo looks like a mug shot you see on the news. I can't wait until it is up for renewal and I don't think it is silly to wait.. although you will be as pretty then as you are today.

  4. 10. Dang weather. I woke up to 'the sound of silence.' Water pipes frozen!

    9. I need to do that.

    7. MAKE them start with a 24 gauge needle next time! There is no need for them to use those giant needles.

    6. Good grief.

    5. GOOD GRIEF!! (got it bookmarked LOL) I have no trouble going back 'on track.' But I tend to go overboard with a 'free day.' Still thinking this one over for myself.

    1. Debby, obviously I run for Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars ;)

    2. LOL. I might have to try running one more time.

  5. I use a hot pack to get hard to stick people. A microwave hot pack for a minute or two will dilate you're veins. You might try that when you go. Have them use a butterfly and try your hand. I think as a blogger you have to be a little careful. I think it is perfectly ok to write about whatever you want, but having a blog is public so I try to keep that in mind.

  6. Regarding #4, whether there are KNOWN followers or not, blogs are an expression of ourselves. If we respect ourselves, then we'd express ourselves with respect. That being said, if something simply has to be RAW, then so be it...but it better be worth it because that is you out there for anyone...ANYONE to see.

  7. Discretion on blogs. I don't know. I am not sure that there is a clear definition to that. Some people think nothing of sharing private stuff and there isn't anything wrong with that. I guess it is more what the *reader* is comfortable hearing about. I blog for myself. There is a lot I keep off the blog for privacy reasons, but I talk about my feelings fairly often.

    That said, there are some TMI things I have read from time to time that I wish I hadn't.

  8. 7-8 pounds makes a huge difference in how clothes fit!

    Those pecan bars look downright sinful.

    I hope they have no trouble finding your vein and you wont have to take metformin!

    Letting it all hang out. I think people like to see the real you. But every reader is different as to what they consider offensive. Just be yourself. :)

  9. 7-8 pounds less than last year is good in my book.

    I have been collecting recipes in folders in my web browser. As I try them I print them out, but only if they are good and worth making another time. I am just finding my inner cook and loving it.

    We always had a junk drawer in our kitchen full of this and that. As long as it is only ONE drawer I am okay with it.

    Have a great week.

  10. I hope it works out that you don't have to take the meds....
    Carbs are good - but they aren't that good!

  11. 9. I have a homemade cookbook like that too. Buy a pack of clear plastic sleeves to use with it. You slip the recipe into the sleeve then you don't have to hole-punch it. Also, it stays clean and dry when you have it on the counter while you are cooking. :)
    9a. I found that I didn't really make all the recipes I printed out. So now I first add them to Pinterest (it's usually the photo that gets me interested in cooking it anyway). And when it really comes time that I am going to MAKE the recipe, I think follow the link again in Pinterest and print it to put in the sleeve on my counter. It gets filed into the cookbook after that.

    4. I try to be as honest and real on my blog as possible. But I counter that with a) not being graphic about personal body stuff, b) not revealing too much about work or my family details and c) remembering my father and sister read my blog daily. :)

    2. That's called the junk drawer in my house. There is another cabinet right below for tools. They DO NOT MIX! Lol.