Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Ten: I Work Out

10.  Here's a shot Mr. Helen took of me last week one morning before I went out to run.  It's pretty much how I look this time of year around 4:45 am as I head out the door.

9.  I mentioned briefly that our dojo schedule is changing drastically and I'm trying to figure out what to do.  I'm about 9 months from testing for my black belt but the schedule change is major: the classes we have been attending have been changed to start a full 90 minutes later. In fact all the classes across all the dojos have been changed to start later.  I've been struggling trying to figure out how it will work with the rest of my life as getting home at 8:30 at night not even having had dinner when I need to get up by 4:15 or so, isn't really an option.

8.  I asked for and got a meeting with the Kyoshi to explain that while I understood it might be the best decision for the dojo as a business, it wasn't good for me.  I think most people who know me whether IRL or because of reading Doing A 180, would describe me as a person who runs a lot - a runner.  You can only imagine my astonishment and dismay when she looked at me and said, "You need to stop running so you don't have to get up at 4 am.  Just come to classes 5 nights a week.  You run too much anyway, no one needs to run that much."

7.  In addition to making me even more upset than I was,  I lost some respect for her because I am a runner through and through - and she knows that. That comment made it completely obvious to me that she didn't hear a word I said or actually even care to hear what I was saying.

6.  As I mentioned, I planned to participate in Lori's Heart Healthy Weekend.  Since I was off work Friday to go to Aunt Gloria's funeral, and since it was another unseasonably warm and sunny day, and since the forecast for Saturday was snow, rain, etc. I decided to add to my Friday High Five by doing 5 miles instead of the 5K I normally do.  When I got home, Mr. Helen took a couple shots of me so I'd have something to send to Lori.  Don't make fun of my pathetic attempt to make a heart!

5.  Then I decided I wanted a photo to show I'd run 5 miles but Mr. Helen was gone so I went back outside and tried to take one myself.

Then I said forget it let me just take a shot of the Garmin.  I actually LOVE this picture because you can see my shadow!

4.  On Saturday I did indeed wake up to a light dusting of snow - thankfully not the 2-4 inches forecast - wet roads and with a terrible sore throat.  There has been a virus going around my job that includes cold like symptions and a sore throat that is intense for a day or so.  Saturday ended up being my intensely sore throat day.  Though the roads weren't slick, I decided that it probably would be better for me to stick to the treadmill so that I didn't get soaking wet from the snow falling.  Saturday was also the day I wanted to run in honor of Sherry Arnold.  So I decided to go for 6 on Saturday - or rather a bit over a 10K.  To prove to you I can do two things at once:

3.  Finally on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Helen and I were able to sit down and talk about the dojo schedule changes.  I didn't want my emotions to allow any rash decisions and I also wanted his input because I originally started doing Muay Thai so that he and I could do something together.  Not to mention that he has paid for my classes for the last three years and they aren't cheap. He was also upset that it was suggested that I quit running, but he was more able to keep calm and after looking at all the options, I think we've figured out a way to get me to black belt.  Unfortunately, for the most part I will not be training with the people I've trained with for the last 3 years but at least I'll get to black belt, and then I'm done.

2.  Sunday, you would never have known it was messy weather on Saturday because the sun was bright and the skies were blue, just like on Friday.  The difference?  The temperature.  We got a blast of arctic air overnight. The temperature was rising but the wind chill was wicked!

I had determined I was going to exercise all three days of the Healthy Heart Weekend, but after 5 on Friday and 6 on Saturday, my legs needed a break so I decided to walk.  Only one way to deal with a wind chill of 6 and that is to bundle up!  I did and took off and got in a 5Kwalk.

1.  So when people say I shouldn't exercise as much as I do, or tell me to stop getting up at 4 am to do my running, my response is to ignore them.  Because I know by working out and eating healthy, I can walk through the mall and buy an outfit with skinny pants at Macy's that doesn't fit me yet and BE CONFIDENT that one day it will! Photographic proof for you, as promised. (Mr. Helen said I had to show the backside to prove it was those pants):


  1. Your early morning runners outfit could be mine. I look about the same when I go out for an early morning run.

    I think my mouth would have fallen open when the Kyoshi would have told me that. Personally I think it’s kind of rude to say that. She has no reason interfering with your way of life.

    I’m glad you and Mr. Helen found a solution so you can get your black belt. It would be a loss if you trained so hard for it and couldn’t get due to the schedule changes.

    Fantastic workout weekend Helen! Compliments.

    And girl do you look hot in your pants! I love number 10 the best: ignoring is the best thing to do. Do what’s good for you and what works for you.

  2. You look so great, Helen. I am sorry that people don't understand your commitment to running and I'm glad you've figured out a way to get to the finish line on this one. Good job.

  3. You look fantastic Helen! No wonder Mr. H was all too happy to take your picture, wink wink!

    I can't believe the emotional ignorance of the Kyoshi at the dojo telling you to stop running. Very insensitive. I'd have lost more than 'some' respect for her.

    I'm glad you mentioned the South Beach version on the egg muffins - I've heard it's great and will check it out.

  4. First of all YOUR LEGS LOOK SO SKINNY! Woot! And so sorry the woman tried to talk you out of being a runner - that is your exercise of choice and for someone to tell you to stop is just rediculous to me.

    Glad you got all your exercise in that you wanted this weekend - its back to chilly temps in our neck of the woods, just when I want it to get warmer!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs!

  5. "You run too much anyway, no one needs to run that much."

    That is one seriously messed up comment. Run Helen, run!!

  6. Wow, what a weekend! I would have been seriously upset if you had quit running!

  7. You are one fabulous woman!! You are glowing!

    Um...so yeah. That is one of the main reasons I stopped kickboxing Helen. I didn't like the "our way is the only way" attitude...it started to feel like drinking cool-aid and it bothered me. That, along with what I perceived as a "if you don't like it, too bad, someone else will come along who does like it." From what I understand, that very well may be the business model that many martial arts schools follow. And then there were some other things...not walking the talk (and that's putting it mildy), etc.

  8. Helen,
    You look so great! I am ready to get back to running a normal amount. Girl, this marathon thing is CRAZY! I'm cheering for you!! Keep up the GREAT work!

  9. You look so cute in that outfit and it's perfect for today. Happy VD! Ha!

  10. Hey, Skinny butt! Looking good. Great job on finding a way to make your exercise and life work. Sometimes that is really tough.

  11. I meant that in a good way. Just wanted to clarify. ;-)

  12. You do look amazing Helen! Sorry the lady didn't understand how important running is to you - that was very one sided of her. Great news that you and Mr Helen figured out a workable plan so you can get your black belt. You are so close!

    Love the skinny jeans and pink top! Your weight loss and fit figure are to be admired!

    Happy Valentine's Day! <3

  13. Damn girl, look at you in that first picture - you look amazing! I can see the weight loss - your legs look so thin! What a difference!!! I'm just so impressed at what you've done in the past few months...and so proud of you!

    So the running. I think it's pretty clear that this is your thing. It's a shame that the kyoshi isn't one to appreciate a well-rounded athlete, but you have to be true to yourself, and what you really love.

    And speaking of that, holy crap woman, talk about getting some mileage in over the those three days!!! You are my hero. :)

    P.S. Congrats on fitting into those skinny jeans - such a cute outfit! The pink is such a flattering color for you.

  14. Sounds like you need a new dojo.

    Helen - you are looking fantastic! So slim and trim!

  15. New here. Glad you were able to figure out a solution to the schedule problem. Good for you for hitting all three days of heart WE. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  16. You look awesome!! Keep up the good work! : )

  17. this whole whole thing MADE ME GRIN.

  18. Yes, I quite agree - you do work out :)
    You look so lovely in the pink top/jean outfit. I love it on you!
    Happy VD Helen!

  19. I think you are doing awesome and look fantastic! Keep it up and it does stink about the scheduling issue, but I know you'll make your black belt no matter what :0)

  20. Hi Helen. Glad you'll be able to get the black belt DESPITE the schedule change. And wow...I can't believe they suggested you not run. Crazy!!!! You look FANTASTIC in the photos!!! I think Mr. Helen had ulterior motives when he asked you to turn around for the photo!! :) Keep up the great work my friend, you are inspiring!!!!!!

  21. Helen,

    You look fabulous! You are certainly a roll! I hope someday to have such an exercise program. Right now, I have the sore throat and bad cold virus. It's really a bummer because I'm on vacation! I hope you are feeling better. Love the pics!

  22. I know how those schedule changes mix up your life. Every time one of us tests up a belt and change classes it causes chaos in our household. Some nights we don't get home until almost 8pm which I hate for the kids. But, we're committed to sticking with TKD so we have to juggle. It's just so frustrating. And with 3 kids and me in classes it's a nightmare. I know how you feel wanting to do 2 things at once. I hope you can figure it out. You've come so far and you are so close to black belt. No way I would quit now.

  23. Hello hello - I am a new reader and am enjoying ur blog. It is amazing that when one reads anothers blog it seems to bring a newish perspective to things messing in the head - So i read this blog post at the appropriate time when I was losing perspective. My journey is still quite a way away but can I just say you look great and also that the Muay Thai chick had no idea of what u were saying and as u said she did not listen!!! But its great that u have found a way to get ur black belt. I did have a question though and this is coz me as a novice has no idea how Muay Thai works - once u get the black belt - do u have to keep up to date by practising it frequently? As in will u have to continue some classes at the same place to be in touch wiht it all or was this an aim to get the black belt and then try something else?

    Meanwhile all the best with it all

    1. Anna, I do not have to continue classes to keep it up to date. Once one is awarded a black belt, it's yours and that's all. However, if I wanted to work towards a second degree black belt then I would need to continue classes. I am planning on doing something else after I get my first degree as I have no desire to go further than that.