Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Palooza, Day 1, Part 2

This is part two of my incredible birthday weekend.  For part one go here.

We headed back down to the spa area so Mr. Helen could change back into his bathrobe before we got our pedicures.  On the way we stopped in the boutique so I could try on a bathing suit I'd seen and tried on earlier.  I loved it so much and was considering it for our upcoming anniversary trip. However, I wanted to know what Mr. Helen thought because it was designer, expensive and A BIKINI!! I'm feeling really good about how I look, especially my ab area but if I was going to spend that much I wanted him to tell me go for it.  He really does have a good eye for what fits and looks good on me and he's also pretty good at telling me no but explaining why without hurting my feelings.  I'm sure we scandalized the boutique because he came in the dressing room with me as the top has a tie and I wanted him to tie it for me so I could really see how it fit.  Here's the sentence that sold me: "You look perfect in that right this minute, even without a tan.  I know how hard you're working so I can't even imagine what you'll look like in two months."  There's a long story as to why that sentence made me almost cry but suffice it to say that we've both come a long way.

We went off and had our pedicures, which was the last scheduled treatment of our day. That would be Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ on my toes.

Since it was early when we finished we decided to stop and have a cocktail in the small pub before we went back up to our suite (ok, I'm cracking myself up typing that!).  Here we are pampered and (me) unadorned, relaxed, and happy.

Once we got to the suite we sat around and just enjoyed the room before prepping to go out for dinner.  No need to be fancy because we were going casual for dinner but I semi-dressed (I clean up pretty good don't I?):

I had hankering for a burger from Bobby Flay's Burger Palace so we headed off to the casino that is just across the street and I got my burger and regular fries. It's been so long since I had a regular potato and even longer since I had fries.  For once, it was me who didn't want to share - being in a spa all day is hard work and I was hungry.  I chose the Dallas Burger (hi Texas friends), Spice crusted with cole slaw, monterey jack, BBQ sauce and pickles... I added a bit of chipotle ketchup and it was heaven! (Hmmmm I guess I was in a BBQ mode - BBQ on the toes and in the tummy.)

Oh, and I had a dark chocolate milk shake.  I never even had cake on my actual birthday but this shake made me forget about cake.

After dinner, we walked around and looked at the shops in the casino and just for fun, I tried on some bling!

Then I went to the penny slot machines and lost $5 while Mr. Helen watched players at a nearby craps table.  When I went to get him, I got a whole lesson on how to play craps because the entire time he'd been standing there the same guy had been rolling the dice which is unusual.  When I walked up, the guy got "hot" and when we tried to leave, the big rollers at the table were begging us to stay lol!  Mr. Helen finally told them that I wasn't their lucky charm I was his and he was taking me home.

We went back to the luxurious suite and they had turned the bed down and put chocolates on our pillows, plus they had replaced all the linens I had used while getting ready to go out.  I was so shocked I forgot to take photos!  I really felt like I was living the high life.  A perfect way to end a perfectly "rich" day.

Tomorrow, day two and the family extravaganza!


  1. Fabulous day Helen! One can read between the lines how much you enjoyed yourself.

    I love your bikini. I'm 43 and the last time I wore a bikini I was 16! I don't have the guts to buy one for myself.

    And again: Mr. Helen is a keeper, he says such sweet words. Maybe he can give R. some advice because he can definitely learn from him :)

  2. What a perfect day. That bikini is so pretty and I'm thrilled for you to have the body to wear it!!! Mr. H is spot on with his assessment, no doubt.

    Love that you had BBQ on your mind so much you even did your toes in it (dipped your toes? Ha!) - that burger looks great, and fries and a shake? It's like you were 16 again! Love it.

    That spa? Ahhhhhh.

  3. I love every little detail of this - from the smashing bikini (Helen Mirren ain't got nothing on you!) to the food right down to your BBQ toes!

  4. Hooray for buying the bikini!! Yes, my dear, you clean up well, but I love your smile in the picture where you are having a cocktail - I've never seen you look so happy!

  5. Ahh Mr. Helen is sooo sweet! You look great!

  6. Damn, that isn't bling, it's BLING!!

    That is a cute bikini! Wish I had the nerve to wear something like that - or feel good enough about myself to wear it. I hardly ever swim, though, so I guess it is a non issue.

    This sounds like the best birthday weekend and what a great hubby you have!

  7. Love that bikini but I love what Mr Helen said to you in the dressing room even more! I know how much those words meant to you and it brought tears to my eyes to read that.

    What a Cinderella celebration! Thank you for sharing - you really are a lucky charm!

  8. The helenpalooza weekend...well deserved and well planned!

  9. Oh my! The sparkles, the chocolate, the fries, and a bikini to top it all off! What a day! Oh, plus a husband who knows exactly what to say!

  10. I adore the picture of the two of you.


  11. Ah I love everything about this post.
    A bikini - you will look wonderful in it - good for you and be proud!

  12. Helen, you really look fantastic. What a great birthday you had. Shelley and I were talking about all of the flowers you got! Wow!! -->jealou<--

    You deserve it, lady. Happy Birthday!!

  13. You looked SO HOT in that photo! So glad you had such a great time.