Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday High Five!

So glad it's Friday!  This week has positively dragged for me and while I'm a fan of this time change that gives me more daylight at the end of my work day, it sure has messed with me this year.  Looking forward to next week and feeling more settled in.
This week's first high five is the birthday gift I bought myself!  I have Corelle dishes that I've had for years and years.  I love the pattern but it has been discontinued and I've had to bid on Ebay to find replacement pieces.  Deep down I've been wanting some fancier dishes to use for company - just a few place settings even.  One day just before my birthday I walked into Marshall's and fell in love...

Dinner Plate

Salad Plate


I adore them.  There were no matching soup bowls but I'll find something.  Double handed high five!

Next high five goes to Chris at A Deliberate Life.  She has been running a challenge that I've been following.  I chose not to participate because one of the rules was weighing in and ya'll know I use The Zero Scale so I don't see my actual weight.  Didn't want to start seeing it either.  She wrote a blog sort of compiling why people had not been successful and there were a couple of lines that struck a chord with me, even while making me laugh.  In talking about going "off" your designated plan and how it slows down weight she reasoned that honestly one doesn't have to do that if it keeps derailing you.  Loved how she put it:

You can still celebrate, and no one cares what you eat… I swear.
Unless you plunk a Cheerio on your plate, heave and sigh, no one will notice.

The whole "plunk a Cheerio and sigh" thing cracked me right up.  I've seen people do that and maybe have done it myself.  Perhaps to get empathy for the horrible diet I'm on?  In any case, Chris knows how to tell it like it is.  The second thought she had that struck me was this: 

…to lose [weight], you have to commit…especially the lower you are. 

So it actually takes more commitment the closer you get to goal, not less - something to think about and evaluate over the weekend.  High Five on that Chris! 

Last high five this week goes to another incredible deal I got at Macy's on the clearance rack.  I knew I was getting a good deal when the final total was $25.60 and the salesperson ringing the sale said, "That's incredible!  Did you know the jeans alone were $60 originally?"

No, no I didn't.  I knew they were on clearance so I didn't look at the original price.  I was too excited about the bling on the pockets and the fact that they were straight leg jeans.  I haven't been able to wear straight leg anything for years! So now you know just how much I like bling.  Click on the photo and you can see the detail on the jeans pockets. 

Here I am wearing the jeans and the patterned shirt last weekend when Mr. Helen and I went out.  He actually did a pretty good job taking this picture!

OK peeps, that's it - give me 5, I'm outta here for the weekend - *slap*


  1. Love the outfit and you look fabulous! Have a great weekend, Helen!

  2. The dishes are beautiful - what brand/pattern?

    I laugh at your jeans because when I was at Macy's a couple of weeks ago looking for a new pair, the salesgirl showed me some with bling on the pockets and I was all "no way, no bling for me" - and there you go, showing how fabulous the bling can be!!! You are looking mighty slim there, my friend. :)

    I appreciate what Chris said - and she's goes with eating AND drinking - most people don't notice what or how much you're having unless you make a big deal out of it. And knowing how long it took me to lost the last 20 pounds, I'd say she's also correct on that part as well. But it's worth it!

    1. 222 Fifth is the brand and Eliza is the pattern. When you come visit me we'll eat off of them :D

  3. High five! I love that dinner and salad plate - blue is my favorite color so I am always leaning towards blue dishes - even though my every day wear is Williams Sonoma diner ware which is all white. :D

    High five for Friday and looking awesome in that outfit!

  4. Those jeans are what I call Sparkle Butt pants! I love pants like that :D You are looking fantabulous!

    What a deal!

    "So it actually takes more commitment the closer you get to goal, not less ." finding this out, or have been the last couple years.

  5. Oh yeah, on the WAY MORE commitment, as well as a willingness to eat less food for the rest of your life.

    Is it just me, or do your new dishes and your new outfit go together very well? In any case, I love both of them. Especially the price tag on those clothes. Amazing.

  6. Gosh those are lovely plates - I can see why you bought them.
    I LOVE the blingy jeans - I so want some blingy jeans and really blingy belt to go with it. Not ready for them yet cause I don't want to spend money on clothes just yet....
    Sure wish that Zero scale shipped to Canada - talk to your friend over there will ya, tell him we want to benefit too :)
    Have a great weekend Helen - you look absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. You look amazing Helen! So tall and thin!!! I love finding bargains like that - it makes me so happy.

    Beautiful dishes and I am sure you can find a soup or salad bowl in white or another color to go with them.

    That cherrio story makes me laugh - I love it!

    I have always said that when I am at my happy weight I have very little "wiggle" room when it comes to my food intake and my exercise. The less you weigh the fewer calories your body needs, combine that with getting older and I really don't get as many calories! Oh well, it just means that what I eat needs to be healthy and lower calorie "most" of the time. I am okay with that because its worth it too look the way I want to look and feel the way I want to feel.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  8. If I could, I'd TRIPLE high five those plates. Gorgeous. Have a good weekend Helen!!!!

  9. A.) I love those plates. B.) Your shirt matches your plates. lol C.) You look fantastic! D.) I am also learning how little leeway there is as you close in on goal. It's a witch with a capitol B...but it's worth it. Thanks for the high five!

  10. Love your outfit, you look great! Cute bling! :)

  11. You look smoking hot in your new outfit Helen. I love it!

    And I love the new plates you bought too, makes me happy just looking at them.

  12. Im late to the soiree (and assumed youve changed outfits? :)) BUT YOU LOOK AMAZING and AMAZINGLY happy.