Monday, March 26, 2012

Super Saturday, Serene Sunday

Saturday was busy, busy, busy but I knew ahead of time it would be.  In fact, I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening after work getting my normal chores of housekeeping and grocery shopping done because I knew by the time Saturday rolled around I wouldn't have time to do any of those things and I didn't want to feel frustrated.

First on the Saturday agenda was getting in a run prior to attending a morning baby shower.  I had promised Shelley who was running 5 miles with a hill that I would join her and run at least 5 miles.  Hills are no problem around here as pretty much anywhere I run I 'll find some sort of an incline.  I headed out and ended up deciding to run a pretty challenging out and back in an area close by my home called Quaker Hill.  It's a pretty run on a tree-lined road that has quite a bit of sidewalks but illustrate the reason why "hill" is in the name of this village.  The first real hill comes at about a mile into the run and it lasts for about 3/4 of a mile.  Not a monster but a steady incline that you get into and wonder why you chose this direction.  Kills my pace every time!
It keeps going a little bit beyond the curve there.  On the other side is level pavement followed by a beautiful full 1.25 mile downhill.  Believe it or not that's also challenging because downhills can really tear up your quads.  Plus with an out and back route, that means a full 1.25 mile UPhill on the way back.  

Whew!  When all was said and done, I had run 10K and considering that I'm still working on getting my speed back and this run was super hilly, I was really pleased with my pace. (Bonus - see the daffodil peeking through in the bottom right of photo?)

Once I got home and got cleaned up, I had to get ready to go.  Other than about 1 hour in the afternoon, once I left the house, I knew I'd be out for the day and needed to dress for all of the day's events: the baby shower, my niece's 3rd birthday party, and dinner out with friends.   While we had that gorgeous warm weather last week, it was beginning to cool down.  I don't know about you but I find it really hard to dress this time of year.  Often warmer clothing is too warm once I'm inside but it's not quite dress and sandal season yet.  I ended up wearing an outfit I had bought at TJ Maxx with some of my birthday gift cards and it turned out to the be perfect outfit to wear all day; dressy enough but not overboard and very comfortable.
I realized once I saw this picture that the style of this shirt is really similar to the one Shelley showed us last week in her Fashion Friday - great minds think alike! (Do these capri's fit better?)

The baby shower was one of the most fun I've been too in recent memory but please don't think I'm a terrible person when I say it's because I got to catch up with some friends who I haven't seen in a very long time.  

Home for about an hour then off to my niece's birthday party.  Her theme was Minnie Mouse and her mom had her dressed for the occasion - cute, cute, cute!

After the party we went straight to dinner and enjoyed time catching up with friends.  I have to admit I was feeling pretty tired by the time we got home and was glad that Sunday was a day to sleep in.

As busy as Saturday was, Sunday was restful. For the first time i n 3 weeks, I did no exercise at all - no walk, no yoga, no run, no lifiting, nothing.  I didn't even get dressed or do my hair and makeup. I hung out at home all day, watched a movie, wrote some blog posts and did a bit of cooking, but nothing too intense. A rare day of doing a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing. If the weekend had to end, this was a great way to end it.  I should be raring to go for the week, but honestly, I think I've reached the age where if I never had to get up and go to work again, it would be just fine by me!


  1. Your nice is so cute and so are you, that outfit looks smashing on you.

    And to me it's very hilly where you run, I really have no hills around here, not even a bridge to run up. Luckily most races in Holland are flat ones too. Great job on the run.

    And I love your Sunday, most of my Sunday's are like that. Some people find that boring but I love it that way.

  2. Those types of Sundays are critical sometimes. To just take a whole day off and chill.

  3. Just found your blog and enjoyed it. I also recently got into running. I am up to about 6k. The hills are always a killer. Sounds like you are doing great.

  4. I 100% approve your outfit - and yes, GMTA with the top! Those capris not only fit you much better, but you look so thin and tall!!! Honey, ditch the other is too short to not look FABULOUS all the time!

    Remember when you used to match my long runs, back when I was training for my half? And as you were an hour ahead of me, I always counted on when I finished my run, I'd check my phone for a text from you. On Saturday, the magic was back - both with my run, and seeing your text. LOVE IT. :) :) :)

    P.S. Your niece is adorable and I want her pink shoes!

  5. I'm still deep in grandchild care, but they're playing "princesses" right now, so I am taking advantage of a couple of minutes to say "hi" and I love your perseverance. You do look absolutely gread in the outfit! You did great on your run--and have a wonderful week!

  6. Love that outfit!

    Don't you find that when you take pictures of hills that they never look as bad as they do when you are looking up from the bottom? Why does it not show on film?

    1. Lori, if you can figure that out, let me know. Even with the 3 photos of the 1.25 mile climb back up it did not sufficiently portray how much I suffered LOL!

  7. Aw, your niece it so cute! Love the theme. I actually don't mind weekends like that where one day is busy and the next you have no obligations - the perfect balance!

    Oh, and I am with you on never having to go to work again - our lottery is over 300 million tomorrow - I may have to play! Happy Monday!

  8. That does sound like a fabulous weekend. Love the day of relaxation after a busy but good day. Had to go back and look at your niece's shoes after Shelley's comment! Aren't little girl shoes the cutest? I can barely resist buying them.

  9. I saw this recipe and thought of you - not sure you go to this bloggers site or not:

    They look good!

  10. Nice outfit Helen and yes, those capris fit you much better! I need a day like your Sunday - life is just super busy here right now.

    Your niece looks adorable - what a fun party for her.

  11. I like BOTH outfits....yours and your Niece's!!! Have a fantastic week Helen!!!!

  12. It was GREAT to see you and catch up :-) And my Sunday was spent pretty much the same way and in the same state of dress. It was the first day in a while that I had NOTHING on my agenda!

  13. One of the nice things of living in the Midwest: no hills!
    One of the bad things of living in the Midwest: I miss my hills.

    But I was never any good at running them, like you are!