Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10.  When I woke up last Saturday morning after our overnight stay at the inn during my birthday palooza, I decided to use one of the super fancy treadmills in the spa gym for a 5K.  It was early (in spa life anyway) 8 o'clock-ish and as I arrived at the gym and surveyed the room I thought to myself, "Of course, it's only the skinny girls down here exercising. Everyone else is sleeping in."  As I started the treadmill and began my run I realized, I was one of the skinny girls.  Or at least I was exhibiting skinny girl behavior.  That realization made me quite happy!

9.  Bought some Newton running shoes.  Experimenting to see if 'natural' running will relieve some of the nagging issues I have.  They have to be used slowly until you adapt to how to run in them and I won't be using them on the treadmill at all.  Interesting fact:  my right leg automatically runs naturally, my left leg does not.

8.  The trick to a treat day is to get right back on track.  Otherwise you spend a few days each week undoing what you did in terms of nutrition and weight loss, ultimately ending up maintaining.  I'm tired of maintenance.

7.  After I wrote the blog with the photo of my birthday gifts, another arrived... I'm so blessed to be the recipient of the beautiful scarf Shelley knitted and Paco modeled!  AND it was a wind chill of 10 the next morning so I actually got to wear it. See the hibiscus charm?  Thrilled, I am thrilled, even though this is a crappy iPhone shot!

6.  Last week Leslie commented that she didn't know turning 52 was so special.  I didn't either Leslie.  Actually the whole spa day never would have happened had it not been for gift cards my boss gave me for the last two Christmases.  For some reason I never used the one he gave me in 2010 so when he gifted me another at Christmas I had enough for Mr. Helen and I both to go... and pay for that bathing suit!  I may be the only person in the world who can claim that their vacation bathing suit was paid for by their boss LOL!

5.  Look how my birthday roses from Mr. Helen opened up.  Don't you just love when you get a batch of roses that lasts and opens like this?  My dining room has been so fragrant all week.

4.  My favorite recipe from last week is so simple it's almost crazy.  In a crockpot put 4 frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 1 cup of BBQ sauce, 1/4 cup cider vinegar, 1 tsp. red pepper flakes, 1 tsp. granulated garlic.  Cook on low for 6 hours.  You'll end up with the most delicious tender bbq chicken you've ever had!  I ate it plain and I ate it on salads.  So good!

3. I went to Kohl's to look around to see what I could spend my birthday gift card on.  I didn't end up buying anything but these signs above the hooks in the changing room amused me greatly.

2. I'm thinking about putting a tab at the top for the receipes I've shared, with links to them.  What do ya'll think?  Want it?

1.  First weigh in for my Countdown to Vacation Challenge and I lost 2 lbs.

But since that only puts me 4/10ths less than where I was at the end of January,  I'm calling February a maintenance month.

I'm pretty sure I spent last week undoing the birthday treats (see #8).  I'm also calling that the next weeks will be all downhill from here!


  1. Helen I definitely know it will be downhill from here. If someone who says something like that and actually do it to it's you!

    With all Shelley's knitting projects lately I'm not surprised she sent you a scarf for your birthday. Very sweet of her and it looks very good on you.

  2. I love your shoes! And so happy Shelley sent you one of her scarves - so cool!

    I would love a recipe page - makes it easier to find recipes rather than searching for them. :D

    Have a great day!!

  3. The crock-pot bar-b-que chicken recipe sounds delish. I love easy crock-pot dishes. I think a recipe tab would be great.
    That scale looks awesome... what brand is it?
    I love reading your blog... such motivational posts. :D

    1. Judy, that is The Zero Scale, which you can order here: http://www.thezeroscale.com/Default.asp

      They sponsored me for a challenge last November and sent me the scale at no charge in return for participating and writing about it. You can find posts about it in my blog archive from November 7 - December 19.

      I love that scale. I never know how much I weigh, just what sort of progress I'm making. It works really well for me!

  4. We are the same age! I hope my 52, in September, is as great as yours. That Shelly is a doll, just a doll. The scarf is so cute.

    Yum on the chicken, gonna try it.

  5. Great looking scarf!!! That Shelley is becoming a fine little knitter!

    Yes to the recipe tab - I have used several of yours and have hunted through posts to find them. (recall I actually emailed you about one...) They've all been great. The BBQ chix sounds really good, and I also recommend - and it's Paleo friendly - Tami's Melt In Your Mouth Turkey Italian Sausage in the crock pot. Just melt-in-your-mouth!

    Finally #8 - cheat days absolutely do yield maintaining. It's ridiculous - and pretty much my M.O. these days. Lose 4, gain 4. No gain, no loss. I'm literally praying for the tenacity to get my sh*t together.

  6. I can't believe how perfectly that scarf goes with your coat! :)

    Love the Newtons - their bright colors make me smile every time I see a pair.

    Amen to too many treat days becoming maintenance.

    It's been too long since I've shopped at Kohl's as I haven't seen those hooks...humor is necessary in a dressing room and I'm glad they're helping out, lol!

    1. As I've been shopping for shoes over the last couple weeks I noticed that some of the other shoe makers are putting out some brighter colors too. Good news for folks who can't handle the Newtons!

  7. Love the Newtons, the scarf, the roses, and "yes" you are one of the "skinny girls." Also, you're so right--cheat days are fun, but for me, if I'm looking for weight loss, it (weight loss) doesn't really happen.

    The BBQ chicken recipe looks wonderful, and I am already planning to get some chicken breasts today. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

  8. LOVE the Newtons (I'm jealous!,) love the roses opening, love how the scarf matches your coat, and YESSSSSS on the recipe tab. I use them constantly on blogs that I follow. I am trying that recipe tomorrow!

  9. Love the roses! I can just imagine how they smell.

    Must try that recipe!

    You certainly are one of the skinny girls, too.

    1. Lori, no kidding. Every time I ate that chicken last week, I thought of you!

  10. I love the scarf! And that scale! I will have to look it up, that is awesome it doesn't give you "the number". hmmm!

  11. You def look younger than 52. I'm sure you hear that all the time - if you don't, you should!
    Love the scarf, and the shoes.
    You should check out Recipage (http://www.recipage.com/) It was created by the husband of one of my favorite bloggers, and it's FREE! I use the search ALL the time

  12. Beautiful scarf - way to go Shelley!

    Love the crock pot chicken recipe and will have to try that one. Yes, please do put a recipe tab on your blog! I would love that and I am needing more low carb, higher protein recipes and I know you have lots to share!

  13. YOU GOT PACO'S SCARF????? How great is that!!!! I think you BOTH wear it well!!! Have a great week Helen. (btw, your toes look super pretty with the dark polish!!)

  14. Awww, I love everything about this post. The happiness is just radiating off of you these days!