Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Bling!

Spring sprang hard in these parts over the weekend.  And now it's summer.  No really, we are having a freak warm up for a couple of days that will see us breaking temperature records.  You know I'm not complaining.  In fact it was so warm this morning that I was able to run in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt.  Three cheers for that.  Of course since spring is busting out all over - literally in the past couple of days we suddenly have leaves on the trees - so are my allergies.  Allergies that I never had in my life until about 2 years ago.  My nose ran faster than I did this morning so as soon as I got home I took an Allegra.  But I'm wearing a summer outfit today - woot!  Remember the cute dresses I got from Tarjay last year?  Well, they're too big.  But a couple weeks ago I jumped  to the online store and got a couple more inexpensive dresses as that's pretty much status quo for me in terms of how I dress come spring.  They didn't have the cute polka dots like last year so I got a plain navy blue. This is my first attempt at using the timer on my camera...


This type of weather changes the way we eat.  Made my first Red Potato Salad of the season for our dinner Saturday.  Oh, it tasted so good.  I always get a kick out of how much Mr. Helen likes this potato salad being that it's low fat and all.  Recipe here.

I've been cleaning out the freezer, meaning we're eating the things that are in there and I'm not stocking it as usual.  I like to take the opportunity while we are on vacation to turn it off and let it defrost really well.  I found a piece of Prime Rib in there so that's what we ended up having for dinner last night.

Probably my last 'roast' of the year as pretty much between now and cold weather we'll be mostly grilling.  Looking forward to grilling fresh summer vegetables especially.


Speaking of  fresh vegetables, I am in love with Tupperware's Fridge Smart Containers.  One of my coworkers was having a book party and convinced me to give them a try.  While they are pricey, I am sure these containers have paid for themselves already.  Like a lot of people I had slowly gone toward buying ready mixed/washed salad greens.  But I never could seem to find the right balance - either I would have so much I'd be throwing them away because they'd gone bad or I wouldn't have enough because Mr. Helen suddenly got on a salad kick.  Since I purchased these containers, I've switched back to heads of lettuce that I clean and shred and store in the container.  The large container fits 2 heads of lettuce and I kid you not when I tell you I've had it last for two weeks!  

 They work based on controlling the humidity and that is based on what you have in the container.  There is a sticker on the side that tells you how to adjust the button on the end so that you have optimal conditions for your produce.

I also purchased two of the smaller ones.  I generally have mushrooms in one of them and berries of some sort in the other.  Again, I am amazed at how long these items keep!  Best purchase of the year towards helping me save on my grocery bill.


My last spring bling item is brought to you courtesy of my sister.  We were sitting and relaxing last night when the phone rang and it was my sister telling us that her boyfriend had proposed!  He took Jacob and Gracie outside and they wrote in chalk on the sidewalk in front of her house, "Will You Marry Me?"  Then he sent the kids inside to get her to come out and answer.  All of us were in shock!  You could tell they are in love and he had started acting like someone who was going to hang around but this was still a huge surprise.  Three years ago she and the kids lost so much so to have this wonderful thing happen is beyond description. Amazing that hope and healing can come after loss like that - for us all.

Yes, Spring has definitely sprung - love is in the air!


  1. Spring allergies have also been a bigger problem for me this year--probably because of the "crazy" early warm weather and the early budding and blossoming of trees and flowers. At first I thought I had a cold, but it's become clear that allergies are go blame.

    I love the Tupperware idea. I have also gone back to buying heads of lettuce, so I am going to look into getting one or two pieces. (The packaged stuff spoils too quickly and often doesn't smell very good, even when fresh)

    Much happiness to your sister, and have a great week! (BTW, the dress looks great on you!)

  2. That's beautiful news about your sister. Congratulations to her.

    I have one of those Tupperware boxes too. I usually use it to keep my fresh strawberries fresh. I do my shopping once a week and always have trouble keeping salad fresh. I buy the ready mixed sometimes too but these don't last long either. This is a good idea.

    Weird that it's so warm in your part of the world. Here it's too cold for the time of year. I still haven't run in capri's yet, too cold. Normally I'm already wearing them for about a month now.

    I love your dress Helen, it's so stylish.

  3. Big congrats to your sister - glad she found someone so special! Exciting time for everyone, I'm sure. :)

    Thanks for the reminder on the Tupperware boxes - I meant to get some a while ago, but my CRS flared up.

    You look so tiny in that dress!!! And I love the shoes - nice work with the self-timer. Really enjoying all of your fashion posts!

    1. Just because you called me "tiny" you get to be my BIF forever!

  4. That ring is Gawgeous!!! What a fun time coming up!

    I seem to have developed allergies this year, too. First with my eyes and now my nose is like a sieve. Ick.

  5. Have to comment on the last thing first. That is so nice to hear about your sister. And I love so much that he included the kids in it. That's so important.

    That is a great dress on you. Such a flattering style.

    I am very intrigued by the Tupperware containers, especially for mushrooms and berries. I don't have that much trouble with my lettuce.

    1. Debby, with berries, I started doing the vinegar rinse I saw on Pinterest then putting them in this container and I have yet to have a berry go bad or moldy on me! Amazing.

  6. You are looking like a million bucks in that dress! Keep on doing what you're doing.

  7. Glad you're having some warm weather, sorry about the drippy business. Allergies are no fun.

    Of course you food looks delish, especially the prime rib roast! That would be a major score if I found that in my freezer!

    I have always been a Tupperware junkie. Yes, it's pricey but it works and it lasts. I still have a giant bowl I got in the late 70's! I still use it and love it! You keep clothes-I keep Tupperware! lol!

    Your sisters ring is beautiful. So nice she has found love again.

    And you look mah-velous in that dress! 2 snaps up and a Z sign!


  8. SOOOOO happy for your sister (and the kids!) You look fan freakin' tastic in that dress!!! Have a great Monday.

  9. Congrats to the lucky couple! Her ring is very similar to my daughters engagement ring! So exciting!

    Love your dress. I mostly wear dressed Spring/Summer - love how cool and comfy they are.

    Great tip about the tupperware - I will have to check that out. I bought some green reuseable plastic produce bags from QVC that really help the produce last longer but they are only good for about 8 uses.

  10. OMGosh Im such a sucker for love it erased all my jealousy at your fridge and freezer organizednessment :-)

  11. How did I miss this post yesterday?? Love the dress, even without the polka dots!

    Congrats to your sister - so glad that she's found love and happiness again!

    And I may have to look into those Tupperware things. While I know they are expensive, they last - I have a "that's a" bowl from 1989 - a giant plastic bowl with a lid that is perfect for giant pasta salads and easy to take to a party.

  12. Congrats on your sister's engagement! I love those tupperware things. I need some!! Mine are getting old and time to upgrade. Love the dress!

  13. You look like you've really dropped some serious poundage posing in that dress. Would you like to pose in my new leg hat too? I think they're somewhat slimming considering they legs are so much smaller than my actual head, when I put it over my head my brain (what is left of it) squeezed out my ears.

    Anyway, congrats to your sister. Love the ring. Would like the Tupperware too. Does it EAT the salad for us too? And still make us healthy...

  14. The dress looks terrific on you!
    Now I am intrigued by your Tupperware; do they still only do parties or can you buy it somewhere? Off to Google... :)