Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Ten: In the Pink

1.  Pink striped pedicure socks, pink toes to match

2.  Looking for new pink shoes #1

3.  Looking for new pink shoes #2

4.  Pink Swarovski Crystal bling to wear with my vacation dresses.  Does it look like a hibiscus Shelley?

5.  Looking for pink shoes #3

6.  Looking for pink shoes #4

7.  Found three pretty pink shirts to freshen up the summer wardrobe

8.  Looking for pink shoes #5, already found a pink phone case

9.  Looking for pink shoes #6

10.  Pink nails too.  OPI Dutch Tulips - the nails not the flowers :) Hi Fran!

P.S. I did buy one pair of those shoes... can you guess which?


  1. SIX! I think you bought six - or the #3 - I can't decide because I don't know/can't remember what you are buying shoes to go with.....

  2. My vote is for pink shoes #3 (the wedges)!

  3. I think you bought the pink wedgies #3. Lookin' like you're ready for some sun and sand!

  4. Helen you're cruel. 6 pairs of pink shoes, girl what are you doing to me: I WANT THEM ALL!

    My first choice would be nr. 8, then number 3 or 9.

    Love the nail color. Now you can think of me everytime you look at the color :)
    And it reminds me (again) I need to paint my nails again soon. I can't even remember the last time I did it. Weather isn't good enough for open shoes here so I haven't done my toe nails either.

  5. OMGOSH.
    I adore this post. I was antipink. really diehard antipink. until suddenly the past few years Ive morphed into the pink.

  6. Pedicure socks??? What is this and why have I never heard of them?!? So cute - I need, I want!

    Cute necklace and yes, it does look like my blog flower!

    Love all the pink tops and that you found the Dutch OPI nail colors - so pretty.

    Shoes - that is a tough one. I'm thinking #3?

  7. I like #2. And it appears I'm the only one who likes #2. Tell, tell!

  8. I love pink! That hibiscus bling is so pretty! I'll take pink shoes #3-those were my fave!


  9. Either # 2 or 4 are my guesses. God - I'd kill myself in those heels - I'm a flats or negative heel girl myself. Must be my hippie roots. Apparently you're going to be quite the fashion maven this season!

  10. I say pair number 3. Or you bought all 6 and are teasing us. I sort of wish I could do my nails. I have to keep mine very short for typing and for guitar playing and polish makes my fingers look stubby unless they are really light colors - and what is the fun in that?

  11. I love all the pink! I saw pedicure socks for the first time yesterday, I thought what the heck are those??? Then I thought how cool! I like the 2nd and 4th pair of shoes you tried on the best. But you can't go wrong with any of them.

  12. My faves are 2, 4 or 5

  13. I absolutely LOVE this post! Pedi socks! OMG I need them!!!!!!

    Wow, Don't know which shoes you picked, em, er, eh, not #5....?!

  14. So much pink! I don't look good in pink so I never buy anything pink - kind of clashes with my auburn colored hair. I liked all of the shoes but think maybe you went with pair #3.

  15. You and shoes! You are killing me! Actually, my Born shoes I just got? Give me blisters - rats. :(

    I am going to say the shoes with the wedge - I can see you wearing those more on vacation!

    Check out this recipe:


    It looks good!

  16. I thought 3 looked hot! Love the polish...looks like you are having fun.

  17. I like #2 and #4!! Did you think like me and pick one of those?? :-)

  18. Love the pink post. And my vote is the wedge heels. (you have a neuroma...and I can't imagine being able to wear any of the other heels with that...though all are VERY hot!!!) Look forward to seeing which ones you bought. BTW...I love the necklace too!!!

  19. Love the #3wedgies. Love the pedicure socks. I need those for doing my nails because I can never do my nails until the weather is warm enough. Side note to shelley---we could totally knit some of those.

  20. For vacation? I am guessing you got #3 or #5. Pretty pink shoes all over. :)