Monday, May 7, 2012

Crash Landing

That's exactly what coming back from a nice Caribbean vacation feels like as you re-enter the real world.  I think it starts with the day we have to leave. Our vacation ended with 2 1/2 days of pretty yucky weather and of course, the day we woke up to leave it was gorgeous.  Bummer.  Would have been easier to even want to go if it was still raining.  On top of that, it's a really long day as most of the flights don't leave until late afternoon and then there's six hours of flights, transfers, and customs.  To add insult to injury, this year I was chosen for special security screening which means all the way home our bags got scanned, re-scanned, manually searched and I got a full body pat down in front of hundreds of people coming through the security line.  Even Mr. Helen said, "Wow, this is not a good day for you!"   Thankfully we'd had 2 hours to get through immigration and security again so when we finally got to our gate, I looked at my watch and informed Mr. Helen that we only had 20 minutes or so to board for our second and final flight home.  No sooner had those words come out of my mouth an announcement was made informing us that our flight was delayed due to the flight crew being over hours and we had to wait for another crew to come in from Tampa.  The delay was 1 1/2 hours.  Mr. Helen took one look at my face and said, "Please don't cry."  Believe me I wanted to because the San Juan airport is not that exciting.  Ultimately once we were on the plane everything was smooth but all that mess meant we didn't get home until after 2 a..m. and probably not to bed/sleep until 3.  Booyah - crash landing!

Then of course the whole weekend is spent doing laundry, grocery shopping, a bit of cooking (but not nearly as much as I'd normally do.)  Did my first run on Sunday morning and it was OK - not great, not bad, just an average run.  For mysterious reasons unknown to me, Mr. Helen decided to come with, which is just ridiculous because the man runs 8 minute miles on average. My run did feel good.  It felt good to move my body that way after however many days of not doing that and strolls on the beach.  HOWEVER.  (or but.  isn't there always a but?)  There I was huffing and puffing and feeling the run and the hills and he spent 5.2 miles practicing Thai Combos, knees, and cariocas, alternated with sprints and running in place while he waited for me.  If it wasn't so funny I probably would have been horrified lol!

So that's that.  I'll just leave you with some beach shots for today... including the bikini shot that you wanted Leslie :D 

Baie Rouge - a new beach for us on the recommendation of Little Helen.  We loved it and will go there often when we are in St. Martin.

The beach bar and grill at Baie Rouge.
Doesn't this sign just make you want to go to Happy Hour?
The food was delish!

Orient Beach.  This beach bar has a Buddha - and some eye candy! 
Took this one just for you Lori!

Orient is one of the few beaches that has big waves.

Mr. Helen rescued this guy who was trying to wind surf
and was so exhausted he kept going under!

OK, I'll say it:  Although I haven't made Helen Mirren status yet,
I am DAMN proud of those upper abs!

Grand Case Beach and Petite Plage which are the two beaches on either side of our resort. 
We spent most of our time here.

Looking out from Petite Plage you see Creole Rock. 
That's where we laid Nick to rest last year.

This 165' yacht anchored off the beach for most of the time we were there.  Turns out Bravo TV was filming a new reality show on it - we met one of the producers!

Sunsets are spectacular.

At least one or two more vacation posts coming including the food and fashion.  I know you can't wait!


  1. Welcome home!!! I know it must be so hard to adjust to real life...remember those Celebrity Cruise commercials? "My butler brought me tea" etc? I'm sure you are waking up wondering where the sound of the surf is!

    What lovely pictures. Just such a beautiful, peaceful area. So glad you guys got to go there for your anniversary!

    BTW, if you and HM were side-by-side, you'd win.

    1. Shelley you are much too kind about my abs but I'll take it!

  2. Welcome home sweety I missed your regular posting.

    Girl you look smoking hot in your bikini! What a great photo. All the pics are great, especially the first one, it looks like a postcard.

    Sorry that the traveling home was so horrible.

  3. Welcome home and sorry the trip home was not fun! I love the shot of you two - you guys are so cute :D

  4. Welcome home...sorry the trip home was fraught with issues, but it sounds like the whole rest of the trip was perfect :-) Can't wait to hear more. You and Mr. Helen look fabulous and relaxed and happy :-)

  5. I am not the best traveler either when it doesn't go according to plan. Hannah and I once had a connecting flight to Virginia - we left Chicago at 9:00 a.m. through Atlanta, and the flights were delayed, overbooked - we didn't get to my cousins house until 1:00 a.m.!

    YOU LOOK GORGEOUS in your bikini!! You should be so proud of yourself . . . welcome home!

  6. You look gorgeous in your biking - you should be so proud that your hard work and dedication paid off! :D

  7. OMG, BIKINI not biking :D

  8. OMG THOSE PICTURES! The color of the water! Makes me wanna be there like right now and never come back to reality. seeing as how I abhor flying though - that presents a problem. I will go by boat. :D

  9. Welcome back Helen! You rocked that bikini girl! It is so difficult to re-enter the real life routine again. Love all the photos, beautiful scenery including Mr Helen!

  10. Thanks for the pics. That's as close to the Caribbean has I will probably ever get. You look fantastic.

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  12. You look amazing and so does the vacation! You'll be back in the swing in no time!

  13. You're home!! That two weeks went by so fast, I didn't even check your blog yesterday! I love travel reports. Great pics already, and looking forward to the rest!

  14. Welcome home Helen!!!!!!! The beach looks lovely, but YOU look lovelier!! UG...glad you eventually made it home after the return trip from hell!!!

  15. Good grief - I missed this and you even mentioned my name! Looks like a wonderful amazing vacation, and you both looked wonderful and amazing. I missed you while you were only on FB! I'm looking forward to hearing more dets!

  16. Happy sigh. Gorgeous pictures, I am so unbelievably jealous. My husband hates beaches. :(