Friday, May 18, 2012

This Week: Things that Made Me Go Huh.

I got myself out of vacation mode and mostly back on track this week... and I feel better!  I say mostly because I still wasn't 100% - and no I'm not being too hard on myself because I know I'm capable of operating at 100% on track.  Why oh why can't I remember that when I'm in the "I don't wanna!" mood?


Speaking of vacation mode.  All of a sudden around mid-week I realized that my reunion with some internet friends I met on Sparkpeople 6 years ago and a visit with Little Helen were only a week away.  Besides needing to reschedule my mani-pedi, I found my brain sliding into "I'm going to be on vacation again so I don't have to _____________(fill in the blank)."  What the heck is UP with that mental attitude?  It's almost like the one I used to have of sneaking food when Mr. Helen was out for the evening (Thank goodness I do not do that anymore!)


Someone keeps stealing Little Helen's garbage and recycling bins.  These are provided by the city she lives in so it's perplexing.  She got so annoyed with it that she spray painted big white dots on hers.  Gets home from work yesterday and there is a mangled nasty recycler sitting where hers should be.  So she strolls down the street and 3 doors down, finds hers.  Being that she is her mother's daughter, she took it back!  Being that she is her father's daughter, she did not put the nasty one 3 doors down, she simply put it on the curb.  Cracks me up when I see the genetics come out.


I had my first martini on the Patio last weekend - hurray for good weekend weather!  However at one point I went to take a sip and, huh:

Two very dead bugs of some sort, floating.  At least they died happy!


I bought some shorts and a top.  I was in a hurry and did not try them on simply picked sizes based on holding them up and looking at them .  When I got home and had time, I tried them on and they were too big - a full size too big.  Had to spend the time I should have used trying them on, exchanging them.  Whadda ya know - turns out my butt isn't as wide as I think it is.


Donna Summer.  Yesterday morning while running, Last Dance was one of the songs I listened to.  Yesterday afternoon when the news broke that she died, my stomach actually jumped a little. Did you know she had a song in the Top 100 on Billboard every single year from 1976 to 1984?  I got a kick out of the Facebook tributes too.  You could tell exactly what "side" of Donna Summer people fell on... my generation of disco lovers and those a bit younger than me talking about roller skating to her songs. She is one of the defining artists in the soundtrack of my life... gone much too young, but I guess Heaven Knows.


I made a pasta salad to be Mr. Helen's starch this week.  When I opened the box it looked like this:

Huh. It looked like someone had taken a quarter of the pasta!  But the package was secure.  So I decided I'd weigh it but when I looked at the front of the box this is what I saw:

$#@$%%^&&$^*^%!!!!!! That's what I said!  This pasta brand is not inexpensive even though I wait until it's on sale to buy it.  It never was a full pound - always 14.5 oz.  But now they've done that tomfoolery where they don't change the box size, just the amount in it.  Grrrrrrrrrr.


Finally, two things that did not make me go huh:  a fashion shot (to prove to Shelley that I know how to buy capris that fit me), plus I thought the way I layered the cotton sweater with the sleeveless top looks cute! -  and a shot of some flowers I saw on my run the other morning. Any of you gardeners know what this flower is?  Lori?


  1. Gosh Helen - you just look so great! I love the capris.

    And that flower - it's an allium (from the onion family!!). They are really cool looking.

  2. That sweater is what I've been looking at to knit, and keep getting discouragement from the store owner because of the short sleeves. I think it's so cute, and you wearing it makes me want to knit one! Nice capris, too. :)

    The pasta? Personally, I just think it makes them look bad by using the same size box. Hate it when companies make their products smaller!

    I love Little Helen's strategy with the recycle boxes.

    When I go on vacation (or out of town to visit the kids), my "rule" is that I have to go back to my normal ways of eating the second I cross back over our county line. Maybe you can tell your vacation brain that, since you have another one coming up?

  3. LOL at Shelley's county line rule. I gotta remember that one.

    Yes I love that outfit too.

    I didn't know about Donna Summer. That makes me sad. I was a fan of hers too.

    1. Oooooh Debby, it's a whole new diet! No more Sit and Knit. Now it's Shelley's County Line Diet! She could write a book!

    2. LOL...if she only weren't so lazy!

  4. I'm loving those shiny shoes. You look great! I can't believe that someone had the balls to take your daughter's recycle bin after she painted the big dots on it! One of my neighbors painted big white hand prints all over theirs.

  5. LOLing about the bugs dying happy :-)

    So yesterday morning I was getting ready to workout with my kettlebells (and now that it's warm enough, I'm doing it on the back patio) and realized that I had left them outside when it was raining the previous two days. MacArthur Park popped into my head and I started singing, "Someone left my kettlebells out in the rain...I don't think that I can take it! Because they get rusted when they get wet" (yeah it wasn't pretty LOL). Anyway, after my workout, I came back in and learned that Donna had died. My disco memories are of going to a nightclub called The Dial Tone in Danbury, underage (and back then the drinking age was 18). Lot's of Donna music to dance to!

  6. Haha! I love your sense of humor! Sounds like you're easing back into the routine! How nice you get another little vacay to see old friends and little Helen!
    I hate it when bugs ruin a perfectly good and well deserved beverage!
    Have a nice weekend, Helen!


  7. I love that last picture of you Helen!! Super cute outfit.

    Ew to the bugs in your drink, although since we have woods all around us, its not uncommon to find a moth in my wine.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Little Helen solved the problem exactly like I would do it. High five for her!

    Love the outfit and Shelley if you read my comment: knit the sweater if you want too. Do what you like and not what that person tells you.

    Usually as soon as I get back to work my vacation mode is over. My problem usually is a week or sometimes 2 before it actually starts that I start getting in vacation mode. Oh oh that means it's getting tricky soon because I leave in three weeks.

    Have a great weekend Helen.

  9. You do look adorable and those capri pants fit nicely! I hate that pasta boxes no longer have 16 ounces!

  10. hope it was a good weekend!!!
    Im looking at the last photo and thinking how like truffula trees they appear.
    and now wanting them tattooed on my leg :-)

    and yes.
    laughing at your booty remark and SIGHING at the having to return.
    why do I loathe the trudging back to return?! :)


  11. Hi Helen, you look fantastic. Love the capris!! I can't BELIEVE Little Helen's neighbor is so brazen. That's crazy!!! I hear you about Donna Summer...she was a big part of my youth. As were the Bee Gees....Robin Gibb and Donna Summer in one week. sigh. Cheers to them both with a martini (with our without bugs). Have a good week.

  12. I love your pasta discovery! Kinda funny.