Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Photographic Evidence

Here's the photo travelogue you've patiently been waiting for Debby.

10. Marigot Market.  Marigot is the capital of the French side of St. Martin.  The market appeals to both tourists for the souvenir/trinket stalls and art galleries, and to locals for the fresh fish, spices, and fruits and vegetables that can be purchased there.

9.  Sights around Grand Case:  came across this guy cleaning conch on the dock. Notice the lime to the right of the photo.  That's because he was about to eat some of it.  Talk about fresh sushi!

8.  Sign at Baie Rouge.  Notice at the bottom it says "nudity prohibited."  By that they mean complete nudity because toplessness is allowed at all French side beaches!

7. Sights around Grand Case:  Lobster Tank outside a restaurant, delicious gelato & ice cream made right there, school children on a field trip

6.  There's a small regional airport in Grand Case.  You can get tiny planes to other islands.  I was lucky enough to catch one about to land when I was out taking pictures one morning.

5.  We had encounters with pets too.  The dog, whose name is Au Lait, lives at the Grand Case Beach Club.  He's a good dog and you can tell he thinks he owns the property because he sits right in the middle of the road and won't move even for cars.  One night when we were eating at the Lolo (local grill) all of a sudden this kitty jumped right onto the bench next to me.  Next thing we knew, she just climbed in my lap.  She was so warm and purry and sweet I didn't want to leave.  Mean Mr. Helen made me and said, "NO PETS!"

4. A bird's nest sitting right in a cactus. As I took this photo, the little bird actually flew out right at me.  Mr. Helen thought that was pretty funny.

3. So many gorgeous, gorgeous flowers and plants and cactus.  So much beauty all around, it was hard to decide whether to look at the water or the land.

2.  Grand Case Boulevard where all the fancy restaurants are.  In the evening, people walk up and down here and look at the restaurant menus to decide where they want to eat.  The restaurant on the left, Le Cottage, is our favorite and where we always eat our last meal.  C'est magnifique!

1.  Finally, the food!


  1. Thanks for sharing, love, love, love it. And the food: amazing. Almost licked my screen.

    Toplessness is allowed on (I think) every beach here in Holland. Personally I never done/do it because my personal opinion is you have to leave something to guess as a woman plus I don't feel comfortable topless.

  2. To me, going topless is just an invitation to a really painful sunburn...yeah, that's the only reason why I don't do it (LOLOL!).

    What a beautiful place and such fun pictures. Of course, I like the kitty one best - so sweet!

  3. Love the photos...and I love the kitty one best too! Reminds me of the cats they had at The Body Holiday in St. Lucia :-)

  4. Loved this post Helen! Especially the food pics! When Tony and I honeymooned in Key West, we always passed a dog, that had a tinier cat on top, and on top of that cat was a tiny mouse - so weird!

  5. Oh my oh my! No wonder you had a little problem getting back to 'normal' life once you landed! That was fun to see so many pics of your experience.

  6. Note to self - must go there!

    I love the kitty! When we were in Mexico, there was a restaurant on the beach and this cat just walked around as he pleased jumping on tables and stuff. The iguanas kind of did that too, which was more disturbing for some reason.

    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  7. ok I know Im not supposed to be focusing on this :-) but I LOVE HOW YOU DO THE COLLAGES!!
    is it pic monkey?
    they look pretty and not jumbly at all!

  8. OH Helen, thank you for sharing the photos with us. Looks like an amazing place. (and AWWW to the kitty)

  9. Fantastic Helen! I love the photos, thanks for sharing your trip with us.