Friday, May 11, 2012

(Vacation) Fashion Friday

Per Shelley's request, some photos of various things I wore on vacation.  I apologize in advance for the quality on some of these. The lighting was dim (the sun sets completely by 6:30 pm so hard to get natural light on evening shots) and well, bless Mr. Helen's heart he is not a great photographer.  But you'll get the point -  and the pink shoes I bought, finally revealed. It wasn't the #3 shoes that most of you picked. Those shoes were not as comfortable as they looked and put my foot in the position where I was walking on my neuroma.  Roz can vouch for the sort of pain that causes.  I'm also going to show you a couple of shots of Mr. Helen's fashion. It took me a few pictures to realize that he was trying to match me.  Isn't that sweet?

This dress is one of the ones I ordered from Target.  It's cotton and was perfect for our first night out to dinner when we go to a local Creole restaurant.

Basic shorts and tee.  Ready for a morning of shopping. 

Wanted you to see the cute skirt-style cover up I got to go with my bikini!  Perfect for walking from our room to the beach at the resort.  Mr. Helen took this one and said, "Daaaaaaang!  All your hard work paid off - you should see your abs!"  :D

Simple ruffled skirt/shirt combination for a dinner out at a local grill shack.

You've seen this one before - so excited to wear it again!
For dinner at a new to us Creole restaurant.

One of my two favorite outfits and one I purchased at the last minute!
The blouse is made of a silky flowy material and has a great drape on the back.
It's from the Jennifer Lopez collection at Kohl's

This photo is how I know my camera 'can' work properly.  It was taken by a professional photographer we met as we watched a sunset.  Isn't it pretty with all the colors?

You've seen this one too - just not with me wearing it.  On our actual anniversary we stayed at our resort and the restaurant there is nice but casual-ish.  But it was my anniversary so I wanted to wear a dress and this one, with it's linen component was perfect.

Technically he doesn't match but he does coordinate and this was on our actual anniversary :)

Finally, the shoes!  Because the next outfit was why I was buying them.  It was my very favorite outfit.  I felt so feminine and pretty in it.  I was glad I got to wear it at the end of the trip when I was tan too.  

Mr. Helen was trying to get me to swing so you can see how full the skirt is.  And now you can also see the issues we were having with lighting lol!

This photo demonstrates why you should squish your arm against your body.  (Fat anyone?) Also, I look shiny because we took this photo literally a minute after we got to the restaurant and this was the night of the monsoon rains. Though the restaurant staff helped us get in, there was no avoiding the water!


  1. Dang firl, you got TAN!!! Also? Super cute outfits - not only do you look great in everything, but your face and body language shows your confidence, and I love that!

    P.S. Bobby trying to match you is awesome. Shows what 20 years of marriage will bring. :)

  2. Man that looks like such a relaxing and !fun! time! My favorite is the outfit you wore to the creole restaurant.

    That's so sweet the Mr. Helen tried to match you, bless his heart!

  3. All outfits look great! What a great way to celebrate your 20th. You look even better than the "normal" you see in the mirror.

  4. We have the same taste! I loved all your outfits. And you look great! Your husband seems to not be able to take his hands off you :) Always a good sign! Happy Anniversary!!!!

  5. I'm jealous that you can still wear pretty high heels. That is really sweet how Mr. H. tried to match your outfits. Man, how do you get so tan in a week?

  6. I love all of the outfits Helen but the white dress is my favorite and it looks adorable with those hot pink shoes! How cute that Mr Helen was dressing to match your outfits! How adorable is that?

    You really do look amazing and Mr Helen is right about those abs!

  7. OMG, that's it. Going back to Paleo and your exercise routine because I want abs like that!!

    You look beautiful, amazing and best of all . . . HAPPY! I am so happy you had such a wonderful anniversary trip, even with the airline problems!

  8. You look fantastic Helen! The outfits are all beautiful on you. You must have felt incredible. Congratulations all your hard work certainly paid off.

    Happy Anniversary!! Looks like a wonderful and relaxing vacation.

  9. WOW, Helen! You look fabulous. EVERYTHING looks great on you! You are one very pretty lady, and you and Mr. Helen make a mighty handsome couple! What a great vacation!

  10. You look wonderful Helen. Love the photos, ESPECIALLY the sunset shot of you and Mr. Helen. THAT is truly frameworthy, you look great!!! Have a good weekend.

  11. Great outfit! Also, it looks like you had a really great trip! Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Helen.

  12. Girl you look SMOKING HOT!

    I love the J Lo top, it looks great on you. But my favorite is the linen dress with the pink shoes: great choice, you look so stylish and fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing, I loved every pic of it.

  13. love it all (especially the pink shoes!!) but Mr Helen's words of TRUTH made me smile the most.

  14. Fashion show!!! You look amazing, and that relaxed expression enhances all of your looks.

    I will not lie; that flowered capri outfit is still my favorite. It fits you PERFECTLY. But that colorblocked pink and orange dress is a close second.

    Sexy pink shoes, too! :)